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VT Headlines: Understaffed police force has Vt. town turning to private security for help

VT DiggerRutland is gathering social service providers that can help homeless people – VTDigger
VT DiggerAt Peoples Academy, allegations of ‘systemic’ racist bullying – VTDigger
NBC 5Vermont leaders meet in Springfield to discuss public safety improvements
Newport DispatchOwn a piece of Jay Peak history as iconic ski lift chair goes up for sale – Newport Dispatch
WCAXBurlington eyes bigger fines to stop departing students from trashing city streets
WCAXPlane makes emergency landing at Burlington airport
WCAXUnderstaffed police force has Vt. town turning to private security for help
WCAXHow one Vt. community is going on the offensive against opioid overdoses
NBC 5Dartmouth Health cutting 75 jobs
WCAXSt. Johnsbury man heads to Guam to assist typhoon relief efforts
WCAXInternational experts discuss clean water efforts in Missisquoi Bay
WCAXPlattsburgh Airport one step closer to port of entry designation

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  1. Brattleboro is just reaping what it has sewn. I really doubt that hiring “security” as apposed to sworn law enforcement is the answer. The duplicitous dirtbags that claim defunding, and depleting police departments is the answer to rising crime, (it’s still on the rise) are so disingenuous that they deny what is happening right in plain sight, right in front of everybody. It reminds me of t he scene in the Wizard of Oz where To To pulls the curtain back revealing the “Wizard”, the difference being that lefties are not as smart as Dorothy and Co. Even after seeing the “Humbug” they still don’t believe what their very own eyes have shown them. Pitiful…..

  2. Couldn’t happen to a better place. I go out of my way not to shop, dine or otherwise visit there. Let Brattleboro become Vermont’s PTL. Then hold it up to the light for every other community to learn from.