VT Headlines: Philly woman arrested for Esox gunfire

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  1. Hey Sen. Baruth, instead of going along with the Burlington City Council’s proposal to ban firearms in bars, how about just banning people from Philadelphia…?

    • I thought only redneck, racist/fascist/nationalist Trumpers carried guns to bars and shot them off. There must have been a mistake from the ONE media outlet that showed the culprits picture – or maybe the pic was way underexposed due to some quanon shenanigans.
      If the Burlington health authorities, city council and senators get their way of banning all guns on Church St, will they please give exemptions to our dear BIPOCers? Maybe all the seized white weapons can be repurposed to promote diversity!

  2. Well at least being a woman she adds a bit of “diversity” to the otherwise non-diverse lineup of those who have been shooting guns and sometimes each other in Burlington these days.

    Sad really as I have fond memories of spending time in Burlington back in the past. I avoid it now- went up there for 2 events recently, parked at the venue and left for home immediately afterwards. Way to go Burlington! But their ever so woke city council is fixated on defending the police, employing a huge “diversity staff”,and demonizing Israel instead of doing something about what Burlington has become. It’s not headed in a good direction; will likely follow the path trod by far too many cities that were once good places to live, work and visit but are now dangerous crime ridden shadows of their former selves such as Philly, Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, NYC, New Orleans and so many others.

  3. Ah typo- should say “defunding” not “defending “ the police. 🤣 Hell will freeze over before the Burlington city council defends the police I’d imagine!

  4. Too bad the Burlington City council never thought to ban firearms in the bars downtown. This would have never happened.

  5. If she drove that weapon through PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA or any combination of them, she also broke a litany of federal firearm transportation laws in addition to any state laws. She probably can’t legally possess in the first place if we’re making assumptions here…
    But if that Burlington firearm ban in the bars had been in effect, this whole thing could have been avoided!

  6. “Nishea,” huh? Isn’t that an Amish name?

    Import violent criminals, encourage violent crime, and legislate against the victims.

    It’s a real pattern, folks.

    • We Vermont taxpayers put people who “claim to be homeless” up in hotels based simply on the honor system. A deal like that isn’t going to attract the most honest and decent elements of society and the word has gotten around so people come from far and wide to take advantage. We voted for this.