1,679 utility customers still without power

GMP workers restoring power, one downed line at a time.

By Guy Page

Repair crews have reduced the number of Vermont utility customers still without power to 1679, down from a peak of about 74,000 Friday morning as heavy winds, ice, snow and rain combined to bring down power lines across the state. 

Washington Electric Co-op, which serves customers mostly in Washington and Orange counties, has the highest number of customers still without power as of Tuesday 11:30 AM. 

As of 11:37 AM this morning, Washington Electric had 1,328 outages, according to Four of the five Vermont towns with the highest number of outages are WEC towns: East Montpelier (272), Middlesex (128), Williamstown (105), and Topsham (97). The Franklin County town of Bakersfield, served by Vermont Electric Co-op, is third with 113.

VEC had 331 outages, and Green Mountain Power 31. All other utility outages were in single-digits.

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  1. Many thanks to all of the people who are working so hard through awful conditions to restore our power. We would be in sad shape without them.

  2. Well getting power is great, but what about the problems created by all this, that the power company refuses to acknowledge that it is THEIR problem Before the power outage all was fine. NOW the power in my house is flickering with low voltage all over the place. I have lost a TV, multiple lightbulbs and multiple fans constant regular reset of my furnace and am waiting for “what else” will die. Had generator connected for 3 days and no flickers, no problems shy of needing gas. No load or with a load, 120 or 240 happens not regularly but sporadically.
    Contacted neighbors and guess what, they have the same problem . Power company was NOT happy that I surveyed them ( they said no one else has called or complained) and as they were out here yesterday and replaced a line to the house they are now saying I need to install a smart meter to track flux in power. I actually think they must think I am stupid. They also said I need an electrician (find me one who is not booked until Feb.) to replace a wire I have had NO problems on and when they checked the meter box there were no issues.

    For shame on the power company who in their haste did SOMETHING that was wrong and are not taking responsibility for it.

  3. “Back up” used to the be watchword in Vermont – backup heat, and stoves (and telephones) that did not require electricity to operate: backup heat: wood stove; backup cooking: woodstove. Backup light: candles, hurricane lamps.

    Now the middle man is making money hand over fist as we have been captured and sold a bunch of snake oil – and given up our Vermont independence, and ability to get through storms (a fact of life in New England for thousands of years and yet to come).

    Next, they’ll do away with winter altogether, and weather except as dialed in.