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VT Headlines: Pandemic housing supports ending soon

Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay
VT DiggerNearly three-quarters of Vermont’s school districts are under scrutiny for special education. What’s going wrong?
WCAXThomas named next president of Sterling College
NBC 5Homeless shelter staff take “pause” after co-worker killed
WCAXPandemic housing grants program winding down
WCAXColchester Fire Dept. confronts Town about staffing shortages
NBC 5Burlington police patrols, response plan prepared for summer
VT DiggerAs more Vermonters raise backyard chickens, health officials explain how to minimize health risks
WCAXKingdom support group helps people mourning pet loss
WCAXBurlington to offer small business grant

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  1. So, they’ll alter the title from “pandemic” housing to “eternal” housing – and continue the program. Dependency on government is of absolute necessity in order to achieve their ultimate goal, correct Comrades?