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VT Headlines: NY, NH, VT Target stores evacuated Sat. night following hoax bomb threat

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WCAXHumane Society of Chittenden County is considering expansion
WCAXVermont to get $46.4M in opioid settlement
WCAXGeorgia man identified in deadly Milton fishing accident
NBC 5Vermont man charged after allegedly firing shots in Waterbury
WCAXFeature story wins New England Emmy Award for WCAX
WCAXAppliance vouchers available for low-income Vt. residents
WCAXVt. officials explain consequences of budget veto session
NBC 5NY, NH, VT Target stores evacuated Saturday night following hoax bomb threat
WCAXMorristown will vote on budget for a third time
WCAXFederal grants helping to train, keep mental health counselors in Vermont
WCAXNew York sends team to help fight wildfires in Quebec
Epoch TimesQuebec Minister’s Cancellation of Event Citing ‘Anti-Abortion’ Stance Discriminatory: Christian Group

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  1. EXACTLY what I was going to write, S.Lowry!

    Genuine conservatives are generally law-respecting citizens not taken by radical, extremist actions – hence, apparently, NONE of those who entered the US Capital on January 6 were armed with weapons or fired weapons.

    This was done to make conservatives & their traditional, religious, & moral perspectives appear as the left actually does: violent, dangerous, and unstable.

    My only disagreement is that the hoaxers will be found. The hoaxers will either not be “found” or their identities won’t be released – as it won’t fit the narrative.

  2. I am beyond glad at the number of people that concur that ‘the right can do no wrong’, and that in any instance where it might have been ‘the right’ it is just ‘the left’ acting out to discredit ‘the right’.

    I am even more gladdened when these accusations against ‘the left’ lack anything like evidence, as that would just detract from the main point. Which is they ‘the left’ is evil and ‘the right’ is righteous.

    I mean, right is right in the word ‘righteous’ – right?

    • LACK evidence?? The statements above are conclusions based upon the two years of massive violence & murder by BLM “peaceful protesters”, LGBTQ groups & “Antifa” momma’s boy radical rebels-without-a-cause armed with bricks which led to the deaths of dozens of people & caused over two BILLION in damage to: FEDERAL buildings & private businesses & property.

      Or……the leftist lunatics who defaced & damaged ELECTED legislator’s homes in Vermont last week because these public officials DARED to not vote in line with YOUR agenda…etc.

      Oh, and by the way – right is also in the verbiage “self-righteous” which describes a group of people or a person who believes they are so “virtuous” that they can dictate to everyone else.

      Males can never become females or vice versa. REALITY. TRUTH. SCIENCE. DNA. END OF STORY.

      Leftists did this. No right or righteousness involved. Ever.

    • The demand for hate far exceeds the supply, as evidenced by the long list of exactly such false flag terrorism from the left. You might also ask cui bono, because it sure isn’t those of us who aren’t really even on the right, unless you compare it to the left, which has gone full blown violent race & gender communist over the past two decades. These tactics, like bomb threats and swatting, are used by the left FAR more than from the right. Sometimes it’s not even meant to be a false flag, misdirect or hoax. It’s just a genuine threat and the media & general public misunderstand it, such as this recent case. Straight up lefty violent bomb threat over Target removing pedophilic gender bending clothes for kids, because normal people think it’s predatory grooming. Which it is.


    • The difference being who is more vocal and who is silent while both collect the spoils from their plans. When will Nancy Pelosi’s movie come out that her daughter was filming in the halls that fateful day everyone seems confused about? Why was Lindsay Graham laughing about dead soldiers. When the populace stops dividing each other with left or right scripted talking points from the Master of Puppets, perhaps the Symphony of Destruction will stop playing out according to their plans.

  3. I ask again – where is the evidence that ‘leftists’ made the hoax calls to Target? Not denying they might have, also not denying that Morocco Mole may have made the calls, but a lack of evidence means that any such comments are speculation.

    • I state again – It will turn out to be the left.

      It always does. This is Trannyfa 101.

      Yes, that’s speculation.

      Backed by the past 5-6 years of the left doing exactly this, with increasing hysteria. Actually longer… the first time I was aware of Antifa threatening businesses with violence was 2005. Riots, assault and arson on rampage in DC during Trump’s inauguration. But by 2020, we have a whole Summer of riots. Sieging the White House for a full week, injuring 60 Secret Service agents and forcing Trump into the safe room. Rioting, looting and burning… billions in damage, 30-40 dead. Heard of Jane’s Revenge, or the John Brown’s clubs? More leftist terrorists. Oh, but mUh JaN 6…. 🤪

      You could also read the article I posted. 😄

      • Don’t forget CNN’s reporter, “mostly quiet, peaceful protests” in front of a raging fire burning in the background. The Chaz standoff in downtown Seattle – a quiet, peaceful, protest. Portland, Oregon burning and looting in 2020 has morphed into a living nightmare of drug overdoses, violent assaults, and rampant homelessness. The evidence does speak for itself.