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College student accused of mass terror plot at college released to Vermont family

A college student accused of planning domestic terrorism at a private college in Minnesota has been released to his Vermont family – but only because Vermont police say they will ensure he has no access to guns at home.
NBC 5First women Eagle Scouts in Vermont among Scouts honored Thursday for achievement
WCAX27 abandoned cats captured at Monkton park, more still on the loose
WCAXJudge approves release of Vt. student accused of planning attack at college
WCAXWCAX Investigates: The demise of Burlington High School
WCAXWCAX Investigates: The demise of Burlington High School – Pt. 2
VT DiggerFinal Reading: Taylor Small speaks out against the silencing of Zooey Zephyr, a friend and fellow transgender lawmaker
NBC 5Bears spotted in Williston: Vermont Fish & Wildlife receive reports of animals in trash
WCAXMaple Festival kicks off in St. Albans
WCAXPolice arrest Brandon man wanted for Delaware murder

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  1. So he goes “free” after planning to kill people while some Jan 6th defendants who were non-violent remain locked up without a trial still. More stupidity.

  2. As to Taylor Small’s boorish grandstanding, several media sources report that Zooey Zephyr spoke in graphically violent terms about her legislative peers on the floor of the Montana House. Further, it is reported that Zooey, together with others, disrupted proceedings.

    The Montana House decided that in order to maintain decorum and enable the conduct of its business, it was necessary to ask Zooey out of the House. Taylor Small should mind their own business. So should Vermont Digger.