Bill would allow STD treatment for 12-year-olds without parental consent

Parents informed only if child is hospitalized

by Tim Page

A Senate bill introduced on April 27 would allow 12-year-olds to request medical care to prevent STDs, without parental consent.

Sen. Ginny Lyons

would “allow a minor 12 years of age or older to consent to medical care for the prevention of a sexually transmitted infection,” which would further remove parents from direct involvement in the health and wellbeing of their children.

The bill would require informing parents only if hospitalization is needed: “The physician shall notify the parent, parents, or legal guardian of the minor if the condition of the minor child requires immediate hospitalization for treatment of the sexually transmitted infection.”

The bill would also ”require the Green Mountain Care Board to review health care contracts and fee schedules between health plans and health care providers to increase transparency in health care,” “increase primary care payments and spending and provide an exemption from prior authorization requirements,” and “adjust the age at which an individual’s colorectal cancer screenings are covered by health insurance.” In addition it “makes certain temporary prohibitions on pharmacy benefit managers permanent,” “modifies the nomination and appointment process for members of the Green Mountain Care Board,” “adds new filing and reporting requirements for health insurers,” and “would require the Department of Financial Regulation to submit an analysis to the Green Mountain Care Board regarding hospital budget proposals.”

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Virginia Lyons (D-Chittenden Southeast) and was referred to the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare, which she chairs.

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  1. So, let me understand this. A minor is having sex, contracts something, and the state doesn’t think the parents should know? Yet the think you should be 18 to wed. Way to promote underage sex. Stay away from our children!!!!!!! Schools should be teaching reading, writing (yes, writing), and arithmetic. Children nowadays probably never heard of arithmetic. Maybe less time on IPads, computers, and phones in school and they wouldn’t be so far behind. Oh, but teachers would have to know this stuff too. These politicians and creepy.

  2. More ‘Doublespeak’. Another paradoxical oxymoron.

    “The bill was sponsored by Sen. Virginia Lyons (D-Chittenden Southeast) and was referred to the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare, which she chairs.”

    So much for ‘health and welfare’.

  3. Not to mention they would be transported to a clinic by another adult? I hope parents start homeschooling and these corrupt systems go bankrupt. Parents need to start voting down all school budgets and any other budgets until they are cleaned up.

  4. Why don’t we just start handing them over to the State at birth? For those who are raped, parents will never need to know. It’s great for those predators who may be caring enough to direct the victim to treatment. Thanks, Virginia. Unfortunately – if we are hiring these folks to write laws, that’s what they’re going to do and maybe all of the good ones are already taken.

  5. Insanity thy name is Vermont Democrat. If it is illegal for people to marry until they are 18, how is it now rational for for them to be treated for sexual diseases without a parental by your leave.

  6. Thinking back to my law enforcement days I remember that MANY sex offenders who victimize child were relatives, family friends etc. could treating a 12 year old for an STD without notifying mom or dad help conceal a criminal act? Hoping that there is language in the bill mandating 12 year olds treated for STD’s are reported to DCF and law enforcement.

    • I seem to recall that sex at 12 years old is also statutory rape. Does this law still exist? Not telling parents is totally wrong. I am sure that they are hoping (planning) that the state will pay for the STD treatment since they won’tP be telling the parents’ insurance company about it.

  7. So a 12 year-old can’t buy alcohol, cigarettes, get a tattoo, drive, or sign a contract, but on my insurance they can receive treatment for an STD without my knowledge.

    Hell no.

    • Who will be paying for the medical treatment? Our tax dollars through the state? The parents being billed through their insurance (if they have insurance)? Would the bill state “undisclosed medical procedures?”

  8. In my opinion, Vermonters have elected sick and disturbed legislators. The answer must be that Vermonters are okay with being governed by the the sicko’s. I am not.

    • The state voted in legislatures that are doing the bidding of the United Nations. The comprehensive sex education guidelines and children being allowed to have sex with adults are all representative of the the United Nations belief that not allowing children to be sexually active is discriminatory The U.S is a signatory on the United Nations treaty for children’s rights. These policies are propagated through the NEA through a partnership with UNESCO, a UN entity.

  9. Ok folks, are you picking up on this? We’ve created a legislative ethos where our “Representatives” actually believe that they are charged with manipulating our lives at this creepy level of intrusiveness. What day is it I’m supposed to change my socks? and when will you get us the “when to go to bed” rules? This pursuit of happiness thing is such a burden that we need you to manage us?Maybe you could consider restraining yourselves. Check with us to see if we’ve got a consensus for what ever your considering and we’ll let you know if we need something. Consider auditing the laws you’ve passed for impact and start repealing unsuccessful laws.

    • Merriam-Webster defines Totalitarianism:
      1: centralized control by an autocratic authority
      2: the political concept that the citizen should be totally subject to an absolute state authority

      I’ll leave it to the reader to decide if this Vermont legislature has crossed that line.

      • Fruit of the poison tree.
        They have crossed dozens of lines since these transplants, starting with Bernie and his comrades, came here with their Marxist university diplomas and proceeded to tell us that government could solve all our problems (that they invent and only make worse). Gullible Vermonters have been bamboozled by these dictator wannabees for way too long.
        This person with first hand experience has to say about what is going on in our country:

  10. These people are seriously deranged & evil. Again, IMO, this entire state needs exorcisms. I’m serious.

  11. BTW, this bill will do NOTHING but protect child molesters and sex traffickers as well as the newly popularized “minor-attracted” persons……..all of which these psychotic legislators advocate for – promiscuity, prostitution, etc.

  12. CDC is ready with their “prevention” and guess what? Oh yeah. More shots. https://www.cdc.gov/std/prevention/default.htm) Behind parents backs no less?!

    Meanwhile, parents and next of kin are forced to go through the “vaccine court” before they can (go bankrupt trying to) sue Merck et al… https://www.aboutlawsuits.com/gardasil-lawsuits-to-be-selected-for-bellwether-pool/

    Big Pharma is after the kids.
    Let’s URGE the Committee to make some adjustments to the bill.

    1) Perhaps the Chair might remove the offensive Sections from the bill (1107, 1108) https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2024/S.151? altogether.

    2) Parents should be providing prior, written, informed consent – and there should be added: “Any person who injects a minor with any biologic or pharmaceutical preparation shall be subject to mandatory 2 yrs in jail”.

    3) Ingredients, side effect disclosures should also be required.

    4) Requirement to reference and check VAERS, https://openvaers.com and report there. This is required, by Federal and Vermont law https://vaers.hhs.gov/images/thumbnail_Imgs/helpfullinkfour.jpg.

  13. My God. What will they promote next? The State House has become a loony bin!

  14. The bill covers ‘preventative services’ as well as ‘treatment’ and seems obviously designed, in a sneaky way, to allow for HPV vaccination of children without parent consent or knowledge.

    (a) A minor 12 years of age or older may consent to medical care by a licensed physician related to the prevention of a sexually transmitted infection.”

  15. This “law” to allow minor consent to treatment without parental knowledge violates the principle of informed consent and is unethical on it’s face. It’s proposed language, replacing the phrase “venereal disease” with “sexually transmitted disease” is a thinly veiled, Pharma inspired, ploy to permit/promote HPV vaccination…. or whatever vaccine Pharma can dream up in the future… say a vaccine to prevent gonorrhea, syphillis, chlamydia, etc.?
    Children and young teens are in no position to be able to give genuine consent to any vaccine, let alone the current HPV vaccine, which is one of the most harmful dangerous vaccines ever introduced. Reading the recently published “HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed”, by Mary Holland, should be required reading for anyone that doubts this.
    If our legislators or public health policy makers truly feel that this is a such a great idea, so certain that Merck’s Guardasil is safe, they should also be held legally accountable in a court of law should injury or death result. The HPV vaccine is not safe, not effective, not necessary, and violates both medical ethics and parental rights. Section 1108 of this bill should be deleted in its entirety.

  16. Who are the players involved here: State of Vermont, Green Mountain Care Board, health care providers, and health insurers. Aside the unethical and illegal treatment of minors, Ginny packed the bill full of regulatory mish-mash ensuring bureacratic money-sucking for data gathering and harvesting. Appears to be another law making collusion between government, NGO’s, and private corporations legitimate.

  17. Remember planned parenthood financed the democrats to subsidize their elections/re-elections and pp runs UVMMC and probably CVMC as well so whatever they want goes. They wanted article 22 to go thru-it did so children can change their gender without a parents consent. For years now planned parenthood has been giving out free condoms to sixth graders -it stands to reason they are pushing children to be promiscuous and need either std treatments and/or abortions. These democrats don’t care about your children or about the psychological damage it will do to them. They only care about power and control.
    Ann Donahue a state representative in Northfield who was co-chair of health care tried desperately to debate any and all Dems who we’re supposedly sponsoring article 22 back before last November but they all canceled at the last minute. They knew article 22 was lousy but because they didn’t speak about it-it passed!!! And Ann lost her Committee co chair assignment!!! Nobody was willing to discuss it but planned parenthood wants to publicize they not only will do abortions at any stage of a pregnancy but also will do transgender reassignment treatments, surgeries, and reversals on anyone instate and out of state-come to Vermont!!! What a moniker-come to Vermont for all your reproductive needs!! You’ll leave probably needing mental health therapy for the rest of your life-(shortened most probably).

  18. I’m sorry but if a 12 year old is having sex, the parents absolutely need to know. This is absurd – what is happening to Vermont??????

  19. It is already law that 12 year-olds can seek treatment for STI’s. (See 18 vsa sec 4226) Note this language refers to consent for “prevention” of STI’s, i.e. they will be able to consent for the HPV vaccine.

    • Ms. Toborg: Thank you for pointing out 18 V.S.A. § 4226. It is yet another example of our legislated dystopia.

      “(2) Consent under this section shall not be subject to disaffirmance due to minority of the person consenting. The consent of the parent or legal guardian of a minor consenting under this section shall not be necessary to authorize care as described in this subsection.
      (b) The parent, parents, or legal guardian shall be notified by the physician if the condition of a minor child requires immediate hospitalization as the result of drug usage, alcoholism, or for the treatment of a venereal disease.”

      That it ‘is already law’ emphasizes the ignorance of Vermonters in this regard (me included), not the moral justification or efficacy of its language. In other words, this law may mean well. But it, too, is poorly worded and should be amended.

      Example: “(a)(1) If a minor 12 years of age or older is suspected to be ……..”.

      Suspected by who? Anyone? 18 V.S.A. § 4226 does not specify.

      18 V.S.A. § 4226 was added to VT Statutes 50 years ago and wasn’t amended until 2017. Furthermore, the legislation amending the law was one of many changes proposed and passed by Vermont’s progressive legislators under the collective anosmic noses of the electorate that year. After all, there were 1772 bills introduced by the VT legislature in 2017 in what amounts to an ongoing denial of service attack (i.e., a flood of legislation to the extent that no one person can assimilate or respond within a reasonable time frame).

      Lord only knows how many of these insidious, albeit well intentioned, laws exist. As the saying goes: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  20. What ever happened to “You’re an adult at 18”? This woke agenda needs to stop! It is doing more hurt than good. I do not need my young child making decisions on STD controls, birth control or abortions! At 12, 13, 14, 15, they are still minors and need to be treated as such! I would never give permission for my young child to have any of the procedures without mine or my wifes consent and talking abut t first! I am so tired of these were going to stick it to you politicians. All of them think they know better than we as parents do! But wait, the laws they make don’t apply to them, so why do they have to worry? At 12 years old now, a parent cannot even go in the same room when taking the child for medical treatment! This is just so absurd!
    Drain the swamp in Montpelier and start over!

  21. They are working admirably to destroy what few intact families there are left in VT. What about the illegals being bussed in in the dead of night? What? NOT THEM????
    Wake up Vermont: THEY WANT US ALL TO DIE. ALONE.