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VT Headlines: Former St. Michaels dorms to become housing

Photo by Mfwills, via Wikimedia Commons
WCAXSecond round of grants available from Montpelier Strong Recovery Fund
WCAXFormer St. Michaels dorms to become housing
WCAXSenator Hassan holds house of worship safety roundtable
WCAXBusinesses begin receiving BEGAP grants
Seven DaysStuck in Vermont: Restoring the East Monitor Barn in Richmond With Eliot Lothrop
WCAXARPA could help flood recovery funding efforts

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  1. VERY glad I left Colchester! I saw the proverbial handwriting on the wall & we vamoosed! As lovely of a town as it was, it obviously either bought into the lunacy of housing ever-increasing out-of-state, drug-dependent, and mentally ill people who are perpetually living off the dole, or the state forced them to.

    Be prepared for Burlington-style crime, violence, & chronic drug dealing & O.D.’ing, Colchesterites. You wanted to pride yourself on being “liberals” and adoring government intervention? You GOT it!!! Colchester will, from this point forward, NEVER be the same.

    The FREE market determines housing prices. One WORKS toward living where they can and forgoing areas where it may be “unaffordable”. That was always life in these United States – a free enterprise system, NOT a socialist state.

    But Vermonters largely bought into the progressive, “equity” ideology as it was presented so convincingly and after all, who wouldn’t really want more “affordable” home options? The answer? Americans. Who WORK for a living. Who CHOOSE not to get involved in illegal drug use. Who know it often takes many years to save for a home. Who choose trade school or college & beyond to be better suited to make a good living. Who are law-abiding. Who does NOT want socialism ever encroaching into their daily lives, that’s who!

    Poor Colchester. Another set-up for a big fail in Vermont. Housing hundreds of low-income and homeless folks in a dormitory-style setting. What could EVER go wrong???

  2. I’m not eligible to receive BEGAP, because I am refusing to return to my former residence/studio space in a weather warfare zone. Equity my arse.

  3. There is plenty of recent documentation, in Rutland alone during the last two years that supports MS. Gaffney’s writing here. It is not pretty, my friends, and will take much longer to correct, than to get into this rut,much effort to protect the taxpayers and families beyond normal experience, and on and on. If constant on-going criminal activity is what is wanted, that will happen.