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VT Headlines: EPA and state leaders announce new Solar For All Program

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NBC 5Burlington residents share concerns over the Elmwood Avenue pods
NBC 5Former Patriots quarterback Mallett, 35, drowns at Florida beach
WCAXFormer Orange County Sheriff faces scrutiny over shoddy accounting
NBC 5Lake Monsters fans consumed 8,200 hot dogs during 5-2 win
WCAXMorrisville gets new energy-efficient, affordable apartments
WCAXEPA and state leaders announce new Solar For All Program
WCAXReady-to-drink cocktails hit grocery store shelves
WCAXGreen Mountain Power wind turbine tour happening in Lowell
WCAXAnnual spiny softshell turtle release underway

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  1. Psychos, truly. But, Communist China is happy as can be, because they build most of these & profit from them. So that’s great for the Communists elected & appointed to office here too! Hooray!!!

    Meanwhile, Communist China continues to build their new coal plants to the tune of one every week!!!! But Vermont is going to again “save the world”!!! As Bugs says: What a bunch of maroons!!!!

    These policies one after the next are all meant to create poorer Americans who will be satisfied to live in more meager “affordable housing” high-density tenements which will eventually replace the rural environs of Vermont – all in the name of “climate change” and “combatting racism.”

    Meanwhile, many of those even here have sadly bought into the “affordable housing” call to action by Democrats & “progressives” – not apparently knowing all you were falling for. Try looking up the Obama/Biden equitable “fair” housing dictates that Vermont has implemented. Again, FREE MARKETS establish housing prices – the government should NOT be!!!

    But you asked for it, you GOT it. Think you’re safe because you live in a Rural/Residential district? WRONGO! High-density housing is going in everywhere. Think you can complain that it will alter the character & crime rates in Vermont? WRONGO. It can & it shall, but those reasonable statements are now racist and cannot be used to thwart high-density low-income projects going into all communities!!!

    I’m out. Just: NO.

  2. I cannot wait to see how all these solar panels on viable farm land is going to destroy the same land. Science, you know the REAL science, says those panels leech toxins into the soil. Much like the plastic companies of yesteryear here in VT .

    Just ask the folks in the southern part of the state and their, what it is PCB problems. all from Corp America making our lives better. NOT.

    How much does the Power companies steal from people after the cut off of having to pay for electric that they make? Yes they do and the VT legislators let them by making laws that support that behavior. How long to pay for them? Where is the science to say I am wrong?

  3. Lets do this right. People who demand solar power, should their power cut off when the sun doesn’t shine and there isn’t enough solar power to meet the demand. — then the nuts will learn the limits of technology, or at least their own brains.

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