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VT Headlines: Drug use, overdoses becoming more public in Burlington

VT DiggerAt Vermont’s flagship public university, growing out-of-state enrollment prompts questions about its mission
WCAXHardwick man struck and killed by driver
NBC 5Vermont 12-year-old teaches her dog to ride a scooter
VT DiggerIt’s been a wet, hazy summer in Vermont. What does that mean for fall foliage?
WCAXWCAX Investigates: Vermont’s unregulated pet rescues leads to patchwork in animal care
WCAXWill Fair Haven officer involved in fatal shooting face charges from AG?
NBC 525th Battle of Plattsburgh commemoration kicks off amid downtown construction
NBC 5Drug use, overdoses becoming more public in Burlington

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  1. “Drug use, overdoses becoming more public in Burlington”. Ya did not need to be Nostradamus to see that coming ! Build it and they will come !

  2. You can’t help those addictted unless THEY want to be helped. I somehow feel this Narcan allows an addict to continue their ways knowing that they will be saved. What convinced me to change my alcoholic ways was an event that made me realize that I could kill someone, maybe even myself, if I didn’t change