Smokies, game wardens nab armed robbery suspect

Burlington Police Dept. photo of Eric Edson

Eric Edson is expected to be arraigned today Friday, Sept. 8 on more than a dozen charges arising from an armed robbery in Burlington and his multi-modal attempts to evade capture since Aug. 30.

State police say Edson, 52, was arrested Thursday, September 7 in the Franklin County town of Georgia on a Burlington Police Department warrant. He faces felony charges of Assault and robbery with a weapon, Grand larceny, and Eluding law enforcement – negligent operation.

The warrant also included the following misdemeanors: Unauthorized use of a boat – two counts, Careless and negligent operation of a vessel – three counts, Reckless or grossly negligent operation of a vehicle – two counts, and Simple assault on a protected professional – three counts.

In addition, Edson also is facing a misdemeanor charge in Lamoille County of retail theft.

Alleged armed robber Eric Edson seen in surveillance photos. He will be arraigned today.

Edson was transported to the hospital after his arrest in the town of Georgia for evaluation of injuries he apparently sustained while he was at large. After his discharge, he was jailed without bail on a warrant from the Vermont Department of Corrections for violating conditions of release associated with numerous underlying charges including burglary and possession of stolen property. The Burlington warrant carries a bail amount of $25,000.

Edson, who police say is a repeat felon, reportedly fled Burlington by bicycle and sailboat. He was apprehended after a foot chase through the woods in Georgia.

The arrest occurred after troopers and wardens, responding to a tip, saw Edson at about 1 p.m. in a kayak on the Lamoille River. Edson landed the kayak, which is believed to have been stolen, on the northern riverbank near Vermont Route 104A. He then fled from law enforcement on foot, jumped into the river and swam to the southern shore near Georgia Mountain Road. Troopers and wardens arrested him at that time.

Edson requested a medical evaluation, and fire and rescue crews were called to the scene.

Surveillance footage showed Edson on Goose Pond Road in Fairfax on Wednesday. One image shows him approaching the door of a residence. The second shows him operating a stolen dump truck. Edson subsequently abandoned the truck, which the state police have located and seized as part of the ongoing investigation. He was also seen operating a full-size John Deere tractor in the Fairfax/Cambridge area.

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