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VT Headlines: Census data says we’re earning more, but experts not so sure

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  1. Of course, we’re earning ‘more’. But is that ‘better’? The purchasing power of each dollar earned is declining faster than earnings growth.

    Do fewer people live in poverty? Yes. But that’s because the designated poverty earnings haven’t kept up with inflation.

    Vermont’s poverty rate peaked at 12.3% in 2010. It’s now 10.3%.

    But for a family of four, poverty means living on less than $24,000, and for a family of three, under $21,000.

    The average Cost of Living in Vermont is $47,397 per year. For a family of four living in Burlington, you’ll need to make around $107,767 annually to live comfortably.

    So, for everyone who thinks Vermont’s poverty rate is declining, please explain why the number of families qualifying for free/reduced-price lunches in our schools increased from 23.5% in 2000 to 36.4% in 2019.