Storm outages peaked at 73K Friday, now below 5000

Workers extract a temporary garage hurled by 50-70 MPH winds into this power line in Charlotte GMP photos.

by Guy Page

4,861 utility customers were still without power as of 11 AM this morning, according to The outages peaked at 73,687 at noon Friday.

As predicted by state emergency authorities, the Thursday-Saturday storm brought high winds, snow, rain and a deep freeze. Power lines were felled by tree limbs, high winds, ice, and, in Charlotte, even windblown garages (see photo above).

To date, Vermont state police have not reported any traffic fatalities due to the storm.¬†Unlike other regions of the U.S., no requests for power conservation were issued by utility or power grid authorities. A power “caution” announced by ISO-New England, the regional grid operator, was lifted Saturday.

The top 22 towns with utility customers without power as of 11 AM are:

East Montpelier, 297

GMP photo

Middlesex, 249

Salisbury, 239

Williamstown, 238

Worcester, 228

Bakersfield, 204

Chelsea. 194

Essex 187

Starksboro, 167

Barre Town, 154

Fairfield, 150

Leicester, 130

Hinesburg, 128

Orange, 117

Washington, 115

Sudbury, 113

Corinth, 111

Plainfield, 111

Alburgh, 110

Marshfield, Richmond, Topsham, 97

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  1. Many thanks to the folks who brave horrible conditions and very long hours to restore the electric grid that we all rely on.

  2. Maybe it puts lives at risk to use a light weight
    tent for a carport in Vermont

  3. The Public Service Commission needs to post outages AND the cause for each. I requested this info some years ago and, 1 year later, they responded: No Can Do. Now, that’s just not right.

  4. I am so appreciative of all the people involved in braving the weather conditions during our recent power outage to restore our power.
    Thanks to you and your families

  5. Much appreciation to the lineworkers and emergency crews! They worked very hard to restore power over the holiday and continue the difficult task in the cold and snow. I read an article December 24, 2022: “ISO New England warned it has “insufficient reserve supplies” and asked members to “voluntarily curtail power” amid grid strain.
    According to Bloomberg, the grid operator declared an energy emergency level 1 and requested utilities to reduce electricity consumption. “We have declared a power caution for the region, and is calling upon reserve resources due to the unexpected loss of generation and imports,” spokesman Matthew Kakley said in an emailed statement. Power demand soars above forecast, and supplies are tight. Power prices average more than $2,000 per megawatt hour across the grid. About 70% of the power generation mix is oil, nuclear, and natural gas, while unreliable renewables barely account for 6%.” So, Vermont plastered solar panels all over the State and desecrated mountain ridges with giant wind turbines. Yet, after all that it totals 6% unreliable power on the New England grid? Thank you Mother Nature for exposing the megawatt lies and deception of our government and climate shysters. Disband the climate council now and don’t say another word about EV’s or install another charge station anywhere. Stop stealing our money to prop up lies and deceit.