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VT Headlines: Burlington Progs release policing plan / VT Childcare fix $645 mil

VT DiggerAnne Lezak stepping down as Vermont Democratic Party chair
VT DiggerBurlington man dies at hospital after attempting suicide in prison, police say
Mountain TimesKillington Cup to return under one-year deal
WCAXSenator Sanders gives speech on state of working middle class
WCAXSt. Joseph’s Orphanage memorial to honor former residents
NBC 5South Burlington Police looking for armed robbery suspect
WCAXGroup in NH faces civil rights penalties for race-motivated banner
WCAXReport: fully-funded Vt. child care carries $645M price tag
WCAXBurlington Progs respond to mayor’s tough-on-crime plan

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  1. Fully funded child care: Questions 1) how will this affect current day care operators a) will prices go up b) injury liability c) insurance d) max number of kids? 2) under health emergency scenario, will the fully funded day care operators have virus inoculation control and masking control? 3) how will state mandated abuse issues be handled? 4) how will diversity, equity and inclusion be handled; equal numbers of all in each daycare? How will religious freedom be handled? Transgender reporting guidelines; will there be any and will parents be involved? And, in rare cases, what about possible pregnancy and new constitutional right to reproductive autonomy? Who decides? What about climate guideline requirements for these day care operations?