40 day pro-life prayer vigil comes to Burlington

A pro-life prayer event to date seen only in Barre and Rutland will be held next month in Burlington, the state’s largest city and home to abortion providers.

“40 Days for Life – the nation’s most innovative, peaceful prayer outreach – is  coming to (Burlington),” said John Averill, who is coordinating the local campaign. “We are eager to  join together with people of faith and conscience from over a 1000 cities from coast to coast – and  beyond – to pray for an end to abortion.”

40 Days for Life runs February 22 – April 2. “Abortion takes a tremendous toll in our city, but many  people aren’t even aware of it. We will share the facts with as many people as possible during the 40-day  campaign,” Averill said. 

The campaign will feature a peaceful 40-day prayer vigil in the public right-of-way outside Planned  Parenthood at 173 St. Paul Street. All prayer vigil participants are asked to sign a statement of peace, pledging to conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner at all times, Averill said. 

40 Days for Life is a peaceful, highly-focused, non-denominational initiative that focuses on 40 days of  prayer and fasting, peaceful vigil at abortion facilities, and grassroots educational outreach. The 40-day time frame is drawn from examples throughout Biblical history.  

“40 Days for Life has consistently generated proven life-saving results,” said Shawn Carney, 40 Days  for Life’s president. “During 30 internationally coordinated campaigns, over 8000 communities have  taken part. The efforts of over 1,000,000 people of faith helped have made a tremendous difference.” 

Carney said numerous cities reported a significant drop in abortions: “over 20,000 mothers have chosen life for their children; more than 200 abortion workers have quit their jobs; and over 100 abortion centers where 40 Days for Life vigils have been held have gone out of business.” 

Averill added, “We’ve seen what 40 Days for Life has accomplished elsewhere. We can’t wait to begin. It is our prayer that this campaign will help mark the beginning of the end of abortion in Burlington.”  
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  1. A message to the participants: Since you are challenging the marxist status-quo in Vermont and your opponents claim the moral high ground and regard your freedom of expression as an aggression, you had better be careful where you park your cars.

  2. I notice that many so-called “pro life” individuals are far from consistent in their pro-life stance. For example, many “pro-lifers” support the death penalty, and wave the flag enthusiastically when the US is involved in wars of choice like Vietnam, the invasion and occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Three million Vietnamese and more than 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians died in Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of ill conceived wars by the US government. If you are truly pro-life, a consistent stand on the issue would be greatly appreciated by many of us.

    • The word “many” is statistically meaningless and “many” ideological associations are based on common stereotypes. I could also state that “many” pro-choice individuals are fine with public or private vaccine mandates, feel that it should be the government’s business to spend public resources to attempt reduce suicides and drug overdoses and are ok with further restrictions on gun rights. I am pro-choice, anti-death penalty and pro-2nd Amendment. If you are going to allow people to make life and death decisions about themselves, a life in their uterus, or by choosing to take the life of a home intruder in the case of imminent threat, we should be consistent in our laws and policies.

  3. Can’t god just end abortion if it’s so evil? Are people needed to convince god by begging for 40 days?

  4. I suspect those of us praying for the end of some evil are thinking not so much of “convincing” God doing it for us. We’re seeking to make ourselves instrumental in doing His/Her will.