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VT Headlines: Burlington beaches are closing due to cyanobacteria outbreaks

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WCAXFireworks crew accidentally torches their truck
WCAXCenterpoint, which educates and counsels hundreds of teens, is poised to close
WCAXHartford bridge project prompts detour
NBC 5Drug use in downtown Burlington persisting, city shares how tourists and residents are being kept safe
NBC 5Burlington beaches are closing due to cyanobacteria outbreaks
NBC 5Berry crop at Wellwood Orchards need to do well with apple-less fall
NBC 5Two trucks stuck in the Notch this week brings a close to Stowe ‘Stuck Truck Raffle’ 2023
WCAXVt. museum remembers famous abolitionist’s speech on meaning of 4th of July
Seven DaysNew Engineering Program to Buy Five Vermont College of Fine Arts Buildings
WCAXQuestions of safety and sustainability at Vt. swimming holes
WCAXJanice Peaslee Bridge closed for construction
WCAXVermonters struggle with beaver-related property damage

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  1. Reports out of Michigan that beaches on their great lake were closed this week. As the ice caps continue to build and volcanoes blowing off this summer, the deception of a warming climate will be used for more taxation and loss of public recreation areas. The planet can shake us off like fleas. Their lies and manufactured chemical depopulation activities will not change that fact. My bet is the liars and deceivers will be shaken off first.

  2. 7 million for EV charging stations for 1% of drivers while our Great Lake continues to die.