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Gov. Phil Scott announces $7 million in funding available for electric vehicle charging stations

Program will make electric transportation more equitable and accessible for Vermonters.

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Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) today announced the launch of the Vermont Community Electric Vehicle Chargers Incentive Program. This program aims to increase access to electric charging opportunities for Vermonters at locations such as workplaces, multiunit homes and public areas. Green Mountain Power (GMP) will administer this statewide grant program and interested parties can submit pre-applications through the program’s website starting July 6.

“To meet our carbon emissions goals, we have to make it easier for Vermonters and visitors to convert to cleaner energy. That’s why EV infrastructure has been an area of focus for my administration and partners throughout the state. In fact, Vermont leads the nation in the number of public charging stations per capita,” said Governor Scott. This program will help us increase equity in our electrification efforts, particularly in locations where charging solutions are not as straightforward as in single-family, owner-occupied homes.”

“GMP is proud to partner with the state to deploy these resources as quickly as we can to speed the transition to electric vehicles for more Vermonters all across the state,” said Mari McClure, GMP President and CEO. “A robust and widespread charging network is essential infrastructure to help us reach our carbon emissions reduction goals. By working together, we can continue to lead the nation in clean energy by continuing to reduce carbon emissions from transportation.”

This new program builds upon the success of the Multiunit EV Charging Pilot program, which was introduced in spring 2022. The program is supporting the installation of 84 new Level 2 charging ports at 37 different locations across eight counties. Once this work is completed, the program will serve to eliminate the barriers to at-home charging for EV ownership in 6,230 affordable multifamily homes.

Incentives will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants. Pre-approved electrical contractors and local electric utilities will also offer technical assistance to help applicants who may have limited experience with EV charging. To ensure fair distribution, there will be caps on the total incentives issued per applicant, per site, and per county.

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  1. Oh puhleeeese….

    Even with the giveaway rebates from state and feds, a new EV runs $30-50K minimum.

    Finance that for four or five years with a $3000 down payment at prevailing interest rates and presto……

    $700 to $900 monthly

    Try that out on your typical Vermont wages?

    Where do these people get their information and ideas? Who do they think they are?
    In what world do they think that any normal person could afford all of their gizmos and pie in the sky fevered EV dreams?

    • They get their marching orders from the United Nations 2030 Agenda and it’s partner, the World Economic Forum.

    • the current average cost of a gas powered vehicle, just over 48k. The current average for these wonderful battery beast fire pits (aka, EVs) over 61k. So….that won’t happen on my wages. Especially since the Vermont legislature has seen fit for me to help pay for childcare for people making over 170k.

  2. Hey Phil, what’s the rate of return for using taxpayer dollars on the funding
    of this boondoggle, since it’s only 1% of the vehicles that would use this, and
    wouldn’t the $7M, be used better repairing the current roads that are in disarray……..

    • Phlipper Phil just wants to be sure of finding charging station for his pickumup truck

  3. What a joke. The weight of the electric vehicles will damage roads for sure not to mention the electric magnetic frequencies your being bombarded with while using one. Lets do something simple like fix the terrible roads and bridges we have to commute on!

  4. In two days, $15 Million for a bike trail and now $7 million for EV charging stations? $22 Million could build a lot of affordable housing and provide rehabilitation services to drug addicts don’t ya think? Treasonous, traitorous, stone-cold, soulless despots – woe onto all of them.

  5. In the name of equity could we get free gas stations to fill our vehicles?

  6. I wonder what happened to the charging units in Springfield. The “State” (WE) payed somewhere around $600,000 for the Park and Ride that included at least 2 EV charging stations. A few years ago they up and disappeared. Could it be because someone was living in an RV at the back of the parking lot near the river and were using the electricity for free?

  7. the EV charging station should be put up by the private sector

  8. How bout you fill the billion potholes that surround the state capitol city??? Can’t do that, but want us to believe you can fix “global warming”? Give me a break from all this nonsense!

  9. We haven’t heard much or seen that great Ford F150 Lightning truck that the Gov was using to get around the state in. In fact that truck was a dud and Ford has stopped selling it. The one he had to leave at a charging station because it didn’t have enough juice to get him to his destination on time. Of course the Gov has a State Trooper following in a real motor vehicle for emergencies.

    If you trust the safety of your family to an EV in Vermont, you are an idiot. Winter and EVs are a prescription for disaster as the Gov learned first hand but it wasn’t his money that bought the $60,000.00 truck, it was ours. All this wasted money on vehicles and charging stations that will not happen. The people do not want them as their only vehicle. If they are the coming thing, why does the government have to build the network and force people into them with incentives paid for by the taxpayers? Ha?

    • I believe the word is “kickback.” The leadership doesn’t care about driving or owning EV’s – they care about the the jingle, jangle, jingle hitting their bank accounts – the reward for creating lawfare against the People and lying through their teeth on behalf of their Masters.