Voter without mask denied entry to polls

To the editor:

I went to vote today and was refused admittance into the voting area because I cannot wear a mask for medical reasons (I wouldn’t wear one anyway). The Brighton Town Clerk was at a table near the door and she signed me in and went and got the ballots for me. I took them to the stairs of the town hall, filled the sheet in I wanted, and returned the ballots to the clerk. I watched her put them in the correct box.

I asked the town clerk when the people here would be getting a rebate for the school, library and town hall closures. She said the town had already received $7,800 from the local school and $12,000 from the North Country Union. Brighton holds classes locally until the 8th grade. She stated that this money would be indicated on a revised tax bill or taken off next year’s taxes. The clerk said there was no word of rebate from the state as yet. She also told me that the local school and the library would be opened around September 10th. Under what conditions I am not sure.

It is very hot here today and the town clerk was sitting near the open door to the parking lot and was about to pass out because of the heat and the mask. Her face was very red and she was breathing heavily. I felt sorry for her and told her the mask was hurting her. She said she knew.

Kathleen Nelson

Island Pond

Brighton (better known by its village, Island Pond) is located in Essex County. Graphic credit Town of Brighton website.

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  1. Nice to meet you Guy a few weeks ago in Montpelier! Keep up the great reporting!
    Bob Fitzgerald
    Georgia, Vt.

  2. Was treated the same in ryegate only while I filled out my ballot with my wife watched one of the officials inside up by booths carrying on conversation the whole time with their mask pulled down below their chin I guess election officials can’t spread Covid

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