Vote Benning for Lt. Gov., former challenger Greg Thayer asks supporters

Grateful for write-in efforts, but says defeating Zuckerman more important

By Guy Page

Greg Thayer of Rutland, who lost the GOP nomination to Joe Benning in August, doesn’t want supporters to write in his name in Tuesday’s general election.

A write-in movement has been circulating on social media. Thayer said in a Nov. 3 email to supporters he is grateful but thinks it’s more important to help Benning defeat Zuckerman.

“If we fail to do this out of resentment, we can be sure that the leftist candidates on the November ballot will take Montpelier by storm and make our Green Mountain State a bastion of Marxism,” Thayer said. 

“Hearing from many of you that they are planning to write me in as Lt. Governor candidate on the general election ballot on Nov. 8 is very humbling,” Thayer said. “I will not denounce your constitutional right to do that or your protected free speech.”

“Everyone knows that I disagree with Sen. Benning on some issues. He is better than (far) leftist David Zuckerman who is working to take away all of your rights and make you a legal pawn to the government,” Thayer continued. 

Benning won the primary by a 55%-45% margin. 

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  1. I m not a fan of Thayer, but it is admirable that he did this to oppose a greater common enemy. Imagine if Erica Redic didn t try to help Becca Balint win, by stealing votes from Liam Madden? Sometimes you have to see the bigger picture to get a goal accomplished. .

    • Imagine if Liam Madden didn’t try to help Becca Balint win, by stealing votes from Erica Redic. Or vice versa.

      Imagine that Erica Redic might have a better chance to win because Madden and Balint split the progressive vote.

      It’s not the size of the picture that counts, Mr. Branley, but the direction from which one looks at it.

    • Imagine if I cast my vote and was still able to look at myself in the mirror afterwards. I have long given up on the lesser of two evils BS, I am also a small fraction away from giving up on the two party system…which is fast becoming the heads l win, tails you lose party system.

  2. I was going to write in Thayer. I’m quite disgusted by the RINO/Leftist Benning. I still might.

    Not sure why any Republican would care what radical lesbian feminists vote for.

  3. How dcan anyone justify writing-in Thayer, who now recommends that they vote for Joe Benning, who in turn supports Article 22?

    Is it as simple as believing the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

  4. Patriots!

    When we met with Greg Thayer to move forward with his write in campaign it was because we knew that not all Democrats would vote for David Zuckerman and we also knew that not all Republicans would vote for Joe Benning not only because of his support for Article 22, which supports the slaughter of the unborn, the mutilation of our children and the destruction of the family unit but because he voted for and supports the Marxist agenda of Joe Biden along with our governor, Phil Scott.

    Joe Benning also denounced election fraud and did his best to destroy President Trump and the people that support him.

    Joe Benning does not hesitate to call us white supremacists, insurrectionists and racists. He also helps to add to the Marxist narrative that we are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

    Greg and his supporters felt we had more to offer to the voters in the state of Vermont.

    Greg is a conservative republican and offers a middle of the road approach that should be acceptable to both sides of the aisle.

    We should not be forced to choose the LESSER of TWO EVILS as we have been forced to do through many of our elections.

    When we discussed this with Greg Thayer, we all decided he was the best option for Vermont.

    We still feel that if people would just get out and vote for Greg instead of destroying all hope for the State of Vermont, we could end up with at least one seat that would be beneficial for Vermonters.

    Sadly, Greg has had many of the sell outs in the Republican party begging him to endorse Joe Benning and stop his write in campaign.

    These are the same republicans who treated him like dog poop on their shoes all during the primary when they did absolutely nothing to show support for him.

    We are still fighting to elect real representation to Vermont.

    You can be a part of success or just continue to vote for the destruction of Vermont at the hand of people like Joe Benning whose only goal is money and power.

    You get to choose your future!

  5. Hello Fellow Vermonters:

    I did not endorse Joe Benning!

    I submitted an OPED piece to True North Reports (on 11/3/2022) editor published my writing, my words. Here on VDC, Mr. Page wrote an article. I did not talk to any reporter directly.

    My piece is about thanking you, the People, “We The People!” for your support and wanting to write my name in on election day. Further, I said I will not denounce your Constitutional Right to do that, it’s your Free Speech right to do this. It’s your vote, not the governments.

    Further, I did not ask for this write-in or the website, I tried to defuse it. I did not promote it nor ask people to write me in.

    I want people to vote. I want conservative Republicans to win! I am working hard for candidates around Vermont and especially here in Rutland county. I have worked hard to Defeat Prop 5 / Article 22 and I spent my own money and resources.

    I have endorsed Gerald MALLOY for U.S. Senate and three Constitutional offices here in Vermont; Michael Tagliavia for Attorney General; H.Brooke Page for Secretary of State; and Richard Morton for State Auditor. That’s it. Period!

    Thank you all, God bless you. Vote and get your family, friends, & co-workers to vote for Conservative candidates.

    Gregory Thayer, MBA

    • Had the pleasure of writing you in and voting for you this morning. Appreciate all you have done, for standing on the bridge when the little socialist canadian was harrassing the truckers…….voted for a conservative candidate for Lt. Gov. 🙂

    • Mr. Thayer: Guy Page quoted you as saying “Everyone knows that I disagree with Sen. Benning on some issues. He is better than (far) leftist David Zuckerman who is working to take away all of your rights and make you a legal pawn to the government.”

      Did you say that? If you did, Is that not an endorsement?

  6. 51% coincidence?

    We were played once again, by our own team, like a cheap fiddle.

    Guess what the moderate republican plan doesn’t work!
    Guess what the red meat republican plan doesn’t work!

    We have to be wiser than snakes and more innocent than doves.
    We have to use their words, might and direction against themselves.

    There is a plan that works, based upon truth and love, one need not give up their convictions, one only has to see the larger game being played, it’s ok we’ve already won, we only need to choose the winning side.


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