Video: New bills would allow non-citizen, ranked choice voting in the Queen City

by Timothy Page

Four House bills introduced on April 4 would make numerous changes to Burlington’s voting regulations.

H.509 would “amend the charter of the City of Burlington to authorize City residents who are not U.S. citizens to vote in City and Burlington School District elections.”

H.508 would “amend the charter of the City of Burlington to authorize the election of Mayor, school commissioners, and ward election officers by a system of ranked choice voting.”

H.507 would amend the procedures for selecting voting sites within the City.

H.506 would set new voting boundaries, and possibly either remedy or worsen gerrymandering issues in Burlington, as it would “establish new district and ward boundaries for purposes of City elections.”

The bills were all sponsored by Rep. Emma Mulvaney-Stanak (P/D – Burlington) and all referred to the House Committee on Government Operations and Military Affairs.

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  1. So is someone going to be delivering ballots to the homeless folk that are “camping” around town ? No problem here ! How about the illegals passing through town on their way from the northern boarder to points unknown ? Again, no problem here ! Hey Vladimer (Putin), wanna vote in an election in the U.S. ?

  2. I used to say decades ago that the Founding Fathers were turning in their graves, but honestly, I’m betting that they’re instead astonished that their warnings & predictions of the downfall of this Constitutional Republic didn’t happen over 100 years ago or more.

    Still, the knowledge that our fathers, grandfathers, siblings, friends – all risked life & limb for what turned out to be NOTHING, is tragic. America died today after a fairly brief illness. Amerika was born. Millions, especially internationally, are celebratory & joyous to learn of her passing.

  3. First rule of order…vote Emma Mulvaney Stanak out of office,dig deep in all her activities and expose any wrongdoing found and lastly follow the money that supports her.I’d bet it is from mostly outside of Vermont.

    • She has been well groomed by her parents. Her mother is chair of the Barre diversity committee. Like Barre needs a diversity committee? Her mother is of the raging grandmothers who used to sit in the capitol building being activists for whatever rage they could muster. Her father Ed Stanick, state employee of Act 250 commission and also a leftist activist. This is what’s happened while everyone who loves Vermont as it was, was asleep. It is an infestation like lice that drives the host nuts. The problem here is we can’t find an antidote to the problem. While they run all over us, we just complain because the republican party leadership is part of the problem. Does the term RINO ring any bells? Weak republican leaders, not all but the majority have let the Vermont republicans down by creating shell of a once vibrant majority party. The Dem/progs have a mission, Vermont republicans have remission, so sad and disappointing. Time to move!

      • Yea that isn’t why we fail. We can’t get enough center and center right candidates who can win elections to run. Radical right candidates that speak in extreme terms and with intolerance do not win. When they do win they are out of office quick. Being rational doesn’t mean being weak. It means understanding we got here over many decades and it won’t be undone overnight. I heard a good rule not long ago – don’t let your crazy distract from their crazy. Do everything right over and over and let their radicalism defeat itself. Sorry but that is reality.

  4. I will not go into Burlington. This is wrong on so many levels! When is Burlington going to show up!!! In mass! It’s going to take mass demonstrations to bring back the city and turn things around. They are taking advantage of your silence Burlington!! Voters you have a larger voice ! Use it!!!

  5. Non citizens aren’t allowed to vote end of story. What is wrong with the law makers? Allowing non citizens to vote, decriminalize prostitution because they think it will stop sex trafficking 😂 and excluding private schools from tuition money because they don’t want to support transgenderism. This is not Vermont anymore it’s the land of the mentally ill and those who pander to them.

  6. No wonder LL Bean and Burton have escaped the madness of burlington. I will not go to burlington until sanity returns which won’t be in my lifetime sadly.

  7. I am against this. I have always considered the right to vote as a carrot to incentivize immigrants to become citizens.

  8. Just when you thought the final nail in the coffin for Burlington was achieved, you get this story. It’s an endless parade of autocratic rule and mob mentality from a once great city. Evidently, the citizens of Burlington don’t seem to mind to be stripped of their means to survive economically, stripped of their safety and to have lose more property rights over time. There is no way I patronize this city in any form or fashion. I’ll continue to encourage my friends and family to do the same.

  9. The idea is simply unconstitutional. VT has a state-wide education tax. Voting in local elections, means that illegals in Burlington can vote to raise taxes on all the people in Vermont. Where are the real Americans that once lived in Vermont?

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