VETO VICTORIES: House sustains veto of Clean Heat Standard, ‘just cause’ evictions

by Guy Page

The Vermont House today sustained Gov. Phil Scott’s vetoes of the Clean Heat Standard and the City of Burlington’s charter change requiring landlords show ‘just cause’ for evicting tenants.

The vote for both was 99-51 – one short of the 100 needed to override the veto. 

Democrats Nelson Brownell of Pownal and Thomas Bock of Chester voted to sustain the Clean Heat Standard veto.

“A policy this life-changing needs to be developed in collaboration and cooperation,” Rep. Sally Achey (R-Middleton Springs), a member of the House Energy and Technology Committee that developed the bill, said after the vote. For example, few lawmakers recognized that the IT challenge alone of monitoring and managing a thermal heat credit system among many small businesses.

Scott was succinct in his noontime press conference today: “It needs to come back” with better planning by the Legislature, he said.

Scott’s H708 ‘just cause’ veto was about providing more rental housing, not less.

“We must not add policies that will remove much-needed housing units from the market,” Scott’s veto letter to the House of Representatives said. “By eliminating a property owner’s ability to end a lease agreement at the time of the mutually agreed upon end date within a lease, this ‘just cause eviction’ law effectively creates the potential for perpetual tenancy, undermining private property rights and a foundational principle of choosing to rent your property.”

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  1. Congratulations and thank you to Democrat Representatives Nelson Brownell and Thomas Bock who voted to sustain the Clean Heat Standard veto…….They put common sense and the interests of all Vermonters ahead of legislation that no one understood or could explain……..They put the interests of all Vermonters ahead of those of special interest groups that have pushed climate change legislation forward for their own economic benefit……They did the right thing…..They voted for all the people.

    And special recognition to those individuals who made a huge difference by continuing to write and to educate Vermonters about the enormous problems and costs associated with climate change legislation: John McClaughry, Rob Roper, David Flemming, Annette Smith, John Klar, Willem Post and all the commenters that added to the discussion.

    And of course thanks to Governor Scott who had the perseverance and good old Vermont plain common sense to veto the climate change bill twice……He protected the interests of all Vermonters.

    • And all of the above would likely not have happened if Guy Page and his Vermont Daily Chronicle were not available…..A platform that gives voice to all Vermonters who were previously silenced…….Guy, you have made the difference for all of Vermont and its a Big Deal!

    • The VTDigger has reported that Rep. Thomas Bock voted to sustain the Governor’s veto of the clean heat standard after hearing from his constituents……..How refreshing is that?……..An elected representative actually listening to what the voters and tax payers have to say……..Chester is lucky to have Rep. Bock listening to them……A example that our other representatives need to follow.

  2. Immense gratitude to Guy Page: INDEED SPRINGTIME IN VERMONT !!! You delivered !!
    Written a year ago, April 22, 2021 :” Just in time!”

    “Vermont needs Vermont Daily like an anemic patient needs a blood transfusion. It is frustrating to be a Vermonter today.

    Montpelier is like a mill – run by activists and lobbyists of all sorts who grind into oblivion those who do not fit their political agenda. To the Democrat/Progressive majority, taxpayers are an inexhaustible supply of money for their schemes.

    Now Vermont Daily and True North gives Vermonters another choice than the “mainstream media” reporting of VTDigger, Seven Days or WCAX, whose sympathetic bias to the power structure is evident in the slant they give to the news as well as the news and opinions they choose to ignore. Adding insult to injury, VTDigger and Seven Days eliminated reader comments thereby squelching all but their point of view.

    Vermont Daily Publisher Guy Page is determined to give his readers a “bigger picture “of what is going on in Vermont. Now we know that a new VTDigger editor tweets about affluent neighborhoods full of “rich boring white people;” that Elizabeth Cady, opposed to the national Black Lives Matter movement’s Marxist roots, won her race for school board in Essex; and that H39, a bill that proposed to require that Climate Council members with connection to the renewable industry need to declare their conflict of interest, is still languishing in the Energy and Technology Committee.

    And in a victory to free speech, readers ‘ comments on articles are allowed and lively debate is encouraged. Springtime in Vermont! ”

  3. Yes Agreed 1000% THANK YOU Guy Page for offering us all a true unbias report on so many issues that …well alot of people do not even know are taking place…….

  4. No matter WHAT one thinks of “RINO” Phil Scott he really did the right thing here on BOTH bills, and if WE can get MORE people paying attention (Thanks Guy!) AND get them to the polls maybe we could restore sanity here. If nothing else the Biden-Flation IS waking up the slumbering “silent majority” and with Leahy leaving there’s gonna be a LOT FEWER “grants” (Gov.’t Teats) to support the hordes of Lib Flatlanders & their “non-profits” too..Maybe they’ll “migrate” south again? Hope springs eternal!

  5. This was Ben Walsh introductory paragraph in an article posted in the Digger in January 2022 https://vtdigger.org/2022/01/27/ben-edgerly-walsh-a-2022-blueprint-for-bold-equitable-essential-climate-progress/: “Leadership in the Vermont House and Senate, as well as the governor, have identified climate action as a key priority this year. They have recognized that Vermont has both a legal and moral obligation to cut climate pollution in an equitable way, and at a pace that recognizes the scale and severity of the climate emergency.”

    Somehow as Vermonters, we are grateful that 5 months later the Governor and two brave Democratic legislators have identified the survival of their constituents as both a legal and a moral obligation.
    Thank you Governor Scott and Representatives Nelson Brownell and Thomas Bock !

  6. Great news. But remember……99 representatives voted to override the veto. 99 who think its good policy to vote an unelected and unaccountable body to have total authority to go ahead and do “clean heat”, and with honestly no idea of real feasibility and cost. Folks, Thank you, thank you Governor Scott and the reps who voted for the well being of Vermonters and against a scheme that would strangle to death an untold number of businesses, households and livelihoods. it is REALLY TIME to “UNELECT THE 99!” – the wreckless ideologues who think this, along with other hair-brained flotsam trhat has swirled in Montpelier this season, are good for Vermont. “UNELECT THE 99!” November, 2022.

  7. As an old, non-Marxist socialist, I’m appalled at the idea that a person who labors to provide housing should be required to relinquish all control. Being a landlord is a job, as any other genuine free enterprise. Some landlords are negligent and dishonest. This should be properly addressed. To remove every property owner’s right to rent and responsibly manage is more blatant fascism.
    Where should poor people go to find other housing? That is an important question. To simply take all control out of the hands of the person renting out the property evades the issue. It isn’t an individual property owner’s responsibility to alleviate the housing shortage.

  8. I am withholding any kudos to Gov Scott or the two Dems. Considering the damage all ready done and the fall out of their dispicible, crooked syndicate is yet to be fully realized. Vermont is still in free fall and the climate freaks of misery are not finished with their pocket picking by a long shot.

  9. Congrats are certainly due to Democrat Reps. Nelson Brownell and Thomas Bock, but why are all of you so casually overlooking the fact that another enlightened Democrat Rep., Linda Joy Sullivan
    of Dorset, ALSO voted to sustain the Governor’s veto of the Clean Heat Standard. She had the guts
    to part from her Party on this issue, but didn’t receive the credit. Shame on so many of you!

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