Fernandez: Howard Dean can’t prove Elon Musk ‘full of hate’

by Peter Fernandez

Former Governor and failed presidential candidate, Howard Dean, let the world know what he thinks of Elon Musk last week with the WCAX news: “I think Twitter was a decent media outlet because it was a news aggregate and that’s very valuable. So who needs to go through 15-20 news articles from different places every morning, but do you think I’m gonna trust Elon Musk to lay out real journalism? No, he’s gonna lay out what he wants and there’s gonna be hate speech and crazy stuff. Cause he’s a little full of hate and has a little craziness and oh, no, I’m not interested.”  

Sounds as if he is referring to MSNBC, The View, the Squad, Nancy Pelosi and Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey.

Peter Fernandez

Twitter, as you already know, censors whomever they judge to be “full of hate and has a little craziness.” It’s about time that a billionaire, who really cares about freedom of speech, challenges this carnivorous cartel that despises our deplorable American values.   

These left-wing lords of chaos routinely blacklist minor actors of little or no consequence, like moi, but, also, sitting US Presidents, except, of course, Barak Obama or Joe Biden.  

 “Real journalism,” states Dean. You mean like the VT Digger, Barre Times Argus, 7 Daze, and the Burlington Free Press ($2.00 for that junior-sized cow pattie wrapped up in McPaper)?  

These woke editorials blacklist any by-line supportive of the police, federally enforced US borders, Israel, Pro-Life, or dare to criticize CRT or men swimming, wrestling and lifting weights as women.   

“I don’t trust billionaires,” stated a liberal acquaintance of mine. “Some make their money on the backs of others in gem mines in apartheid South Africa.” That’s what you call hyperbolic libel, the life-force of the Demon-crats. I’m sure Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and George Soros have no skeletal remains in their  private closets or gender-free employee washrooms. 

Did Elon Musk inherit his fortune? No! He worked hard and increased what monies he already possessed. 

Just a little internet probing into Colonel Errol Musk’s alleged black slaves harvesting gems in mines discounts  these lazy liberal accusations. 

But, liberals prefer to believe everything they think. Elon must be a hateful racist if his father created gainful employment for many inside South African mountains. If his father did, in fact, own a gem mine, does that make him Don Corleone, Simon Bar Sinister, or a Russian oligarch?

After the desired damage was done, Jack Dorsey admitted his blocking the Hunter Biden computer story was “a mistake.” That wasn’t candor, but a victory lap while mooning the American conservative world from his electric Saab-limo. Then, he may have attended a topless wet-toga party with Bolshevik pal, Sean Penn and other crooked Hollyweird communist cronies. He would happily do it again if it meant keeping a Republican out of office.

Suggesting that the Musks are conservative/racist proprietors of ill-gained profits is much the same as suggesting that Dorsey and Soros  are the pointy horns to HellFire, the Degenerate Luciferian Control Network. They could be, but there is no proof, which is what liberal journalism and the likes of Howie Dean do not require.

The author is a children’s book author and Vermont resident.

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  1. If you say something often enough – it will be accepted as truth; particularly by the often poorly educated & easily indoctrinated peoples.

    • This is a page lifted from Communism 101, and such was also stated by Joseph Goebbels:”It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion.”

  2. Who believes anything Howard Dean says? He has NO credibility.

    A man who displayed himself consistently as an all-knowing elitist who is above adhering to our Constitutional Republic form of Government.

  3. I’ve always called him Howard Demon. He never led, always followed. Then took credit. Big ego; arrogant. Honestly, he did not do much for our state.

  4. Now THAT’s rich! The good Dr. Dean, who would not even THINK about Med-Weed for the SICK & CHEMO patients but had NO problem w/aging boomers injecting botulinum toxins into their wrinkled brows calls Musk out for “craziness”? At least Jack Dorsey, who had a spot on Fred Ziffle (Green Acres TV show) impersonation going, is gone from Tweety but his censoring minions soldier on there. Let’s hope Musk exorcises the remainders & fumigates the place, maybe even move their HQ to Texas also, & I don’t mean anywhere NEAR Austin either.

    • Do you think ‘I have a scream Dean’ should get investors to sell Twitter short? I bet not. Who cares what Dean cares about regardless of his reason?

  5. The “Dr. Dean” who would NOT allow Med-Weed for Chemo & Sick people yet had NO problem with aging Boomers injecting botulinum toxins into their wrinkled brows calling Musk out for “craziness”? Now THAT’s rich! Let’s hope Musk exorcises Tweety’s HQ and moves it to Texas, and I don’t mean Austin either, maybe El Paso, San Antonio, Victoria, and then say it’s for the tax breaks.

  6. Howard Dean is straight from the Capital Of Panem from the Hunger games. Nobody cares what he thinks besides other Elitists. Of course he’s offended by anyone that levels the playing field for all citizens. If it were up to Howard Dean, we’d all be residents of Districts in his dystopian world while he yuks it up with the other ruling class elitists at our expense. Just fade away Howard.

  7. “who needs to go through 15-20 news articles from different places every morning”

    This is the part of the article that got me… His literal laziness and those of the Dems/Progs in general are what allow these lies that we have been dealing with to continue.

  8. Wasn’t it Howard Dweeb who started the fiscal indebtedness of the retirement funds, now somewhere short of $5 Billion? His magical presidential run started by shifting state money around to make it look like he balanced the state’s budget and was a fiscal genius so people would appoint him to the position of president, YEEEEEEHA. The screech heard heard round the world thankfully ended that dream (nightmare of us). Good thing uncle Joe (The Big Guy) forgot about The Howard or he would be running some other part of the federal government into the ground. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

  9. New Hampshire’s motto is: “Live Free or Die.” Vermont’s motto when Dean was governor should have been: “Live Free or Dean.”

  10. I am sorry but Dean is a washed up leftover has been from years gone by. Trust nothing he bleats.

  11. It sounds like hyperbole/rhetoric/ad hominem condemnation. Musk, whatever kind of personality he may be, intends to lower restrictions, not increase them.

  12. The DNC must be getting desparate if they have to march out Doctor Dean to take on the Musk “situation.” Ask Howard what he thinks of the Durham investigation? How did it feel when his own party set him up and threw him under the bus. Ask him why his State House portrait makes him look like a dork in an LL Bean catalog ad?

  13. Howard Dean? You mean the irrelevant grifter that languished as Vermont governor for too long because Dick Snelling had a heart attack? The same elitist that used Vermont’s judiciary to codify his agenda of gay marriage and school tax “reform”?
    His record in Vermont politics is way less than mediocre, his rhetoric was stale 25 years ago but some people find him relevant? Good grief.

    • Sure! If you put him in today’s world of politics, he would be great! He has had lots of practice distorting truth, controlling people with fear and behaving like a dictator. He and his special ability to scream like a lunatic would fit right in!

      Right now he would be a great help to the pro-abortion crowd! Don’t you know he’s a doctor?

      He would be especially relevant as a mainstream news anchor or maybe on that truth police board with Mary Poppins?

  14. stop listening to the likes of Howard Dean…. he is irrelevant in all political matters, his time has come and gone.

  15. No one is full of more hate than Howard Dean. Howard Dean lies every time he opens his mouth, why anyone listens to a word he says is being me.