Vernon man charged with murdering mother on the high seas

Nathan Carman, 28, of Vernon was arrested on May 10 for the 2016 murder of his mother, Linda Carman, on the high seas, and related frauds to obtain family and insurance funds. Carman will be arraigned in U.S. District Court today, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

According to the unsealed indictment, in 2013, Nathan Carman shot and killed his grandfather John Chakalos at Chakalos’s home in Windsor, Connecticut, and, in 2016, killed his mother Linda Carman and sunk his boat during a supposed fishing trip off the coast of Rhode Island. The indictment alleges that both killings were part of a scheme to obtain money and property from the estate of John Chakalos and related family trusts. The indictment further alleges Carman attempted to defraud the company that insured his fishing boat.

If convicted of murder on the high seas, Carman faces mandatory life imprisonment. The fraud charges each carry a potential penalty of up to 30 years of imprisonment.

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  1. Sad, sordid story. Greed and avarice. Just like the folks in the US Congress.

    The twist here though was a child murdering a mother – generally, according to democrats, it’s mothers who should be doing the murdering of the child. As often as possible.