Police Reports

Father shoots son in turkey hunting accident

Vermont State Game Wardens are investigating a hunting-related shooting incident that occurred on private property off Quarry Road in Hartford on May 8.   

An investigation was conducted alongside detectives from the Vermont State Police.  Through interviews and scene processing it was determined that a 14-year-old juvenile was hunting with his father on the north side of Quarry Road.  The juvenile had shot and wounded a turkey which resulted in the juvenile and his father splitting up to attempt to locate it.  The juvenile’s father was attempting to shoot the wounded turkey and shot the juvenile. 

The father transported the juvenile to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center where he was treated for serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. 

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  1. THANK GOD this little boy is going to be OK.

    I’ve never hunted in my life & don’t have intentions of doing so, but I appear to somehow know more about hunting safety than some actual hunters – the first being is to be 100% certain of the identity of your target before ever firing a shot.

  2. Best wishes for the son, and the father, over this horrid mistake.