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  1. Sad but true. Nice work “JB”. Finally a real alternative to Danziger political cartoons carried by the VTDigger, Russian Herald etc. Fortunately, most conservatives can mix politics and humor/satire without having to visit a therapist to interpret their feewings. Even the long-time cartoonist for the SevenDays was recently criticized by readers in their comment pages for his “sexist/ageist” slant on the primary race for US House where the female candidates were in child seats being driven around in a car by Madeleine Kunin. Leftists can’t take a joke, and the reader’s comment section of the SevenDays has for years been a full-on exhibition of extreme virtue signaling. The Vermont Left plays host to world-class virtue signalers, and the best and “brightest” among them challenge themselves by finding political incorrectness and insensitivity even in the pages of the SevenDays.
    I can’t find anything sexist or misogynist about this cartoon, but maybe some of Vermont’s champion left wing virtue signalers can. The best of them can point their long, bony fingers of indignation at a rock, or a barn or the sky and declare it racist or homophobic.

  2. YOU SAID IT. They look down upon reality and conservatism from mist shrouded ivory towers of arrogant entitlement constructed out of Bolshevik brick and Marxist mortar.

  3. Give me your criminals, your druggies,
    Your violent masses yearning to take full advantage of a weak criminal justice system,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming cities.
    Send these, the anti social miscreants to me,
    I lift my lamp inside the golden dome !

  4. VTrans putting up new signs on I-89 and I-91 border crossings: Welcome to Pervmont! Escape to the Green Mountains as fully endorsed by Alec Baldwin and CNN! All criminal corrupt elements welcome here – better yet – stay and run for office!

    • And we keep electing people those who encourage “criminal corrupt elements”. Our wonderful Green Mountain State is turning into a “Cesspool” thanks to our own citizens at election time. Is this really what you want us to become?

      • Many have come to learn elections are rigged, so many votes were likely cancelled 10x over in the past 20 years thanks to the dirty deeds done dirt cheap. From local, State and Federal – our votes were just an exercise in futility. Condos is stepping down – his services are no longer needed by the CCP.

  5. OK then! Bring on the Whores! Can the COPS! Bring in state more SLAVES for farms, nannies, & house cleaning! While at it, have “safe injection facilities” (shooting galleries) for junkies to deal outside & narcan the OD’s before choking to death on their own Vomit! Remember too that all the (violent?) criminals NEED “no bail” laws as they are ALL just “UVM’s”, Underprivileged, Vulnerable, & Marginalized”! They just can’t HELP them selves! Imagine if A/A decided to skip the “sobriety” & just shove BOOZE at alcoholics? After all it’s ONLY “harm-reduction” after all! These days booze is probably cheaper than coffee! Insanity…

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