How Vermont was born, in three paragraphs

Vermont State Seal, based on original designed by Ira Allen

Editor’s note: our grateful thanks for this extraordinarily brief yet illuminating account of how Vermont became independent are extended to Martha Hafner of Randolph Center, a retired schoolteacher who must know something about limited attention spans for the subject of history.

Prior to 1777, New Hampshire had been selling plots of land to families coming to this region, though some of this real estate also was sold by New Yorkers, causing disputes as to who actually owned the land.

King George III addressed this problem in 1764 by declaring the New York deeds legal. This left the people of the ‘Grants’ region (Vermont) distressed as some faced loss of everything. This lead to the rise of Ethan Allen, who gathered up those facing huge losses. There was political unrest as some favored New York and others New Hampshire.

The Constitutional Congress encouraged independence so on Jan. 15, 1777, Vermont declared independence from New York, New Hampshire, and Great Britain. Since they were not part of the 13 colonies, it was an independent republic that fought alongside the original 13. New York refused to accept Vermont’s independence until in 1791 they reached agreement. Then Vermont became a part of the union.

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  1. Hopefully the Republic of Vermont will arise again from the ashes that are being created by the flames being fanned by the urban refugees under the “Golden Dumb”.

  2. New York refused to accept Vermont’s independence until in 1791 they reached agreement. Then Vermont became a part of the Soviet Union.

    • Actually, Vermont has become a petri dish for the World Trade Organization/World Economic Forum, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Keep in mind that former Governor Madeline Kunin, born in Switzerland, and former U.S. Ambassador to same, opened the doors to these folks.

      The WTO/WEF’s notorious leaders include the likes of Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab (of course), Prince Andrew (who just bought off his Jeffrey Epstein victim), Carlos Ghosn, Borge Brende, and roughly 3000 other major international players, almost 700 of whom are from the U.S.

      Warren Buffett, curiously, is a holdout who disagrees with the WTO/WEF social tenants. And, of course, Donald Trump is the primary fly in the WTO/WEF ointment as well. Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney (representing her father’s interests), and the other RINOs are bit players in the WTO/WEF as well. Not to mention puppets Obama, Clinton, and Biden.

      Make no mistake – this is the most powerful conglomerate the world has ever known, much more powerful than Russia (the former Soviet Union) ever could become. And since China was admitted into the group in 2001, the totalitarian writing has been on the world’s wall, so to speak, for everyone to see.

      Everything we see in a global context is managed by the WTO/WEF. And the only thing standing in front of their totalitarian scheme is a shrinking group of individualist located primarily in the U.S. and Canada, where, as you can see, they/we are being systematically vilified, attacked, and disenfranchised by our corrupt socio-economic institutions – not the least of which being our public education monopoly.

      The November mid-term elections could be the last stand for our ‘American Dream’. If the mid-term elections aren’t won in the so-called ‘red wave’, it’s over for us. And even if the mid-terms let us live to fight another day, a continued fight is inevitable.


    Oh, wait. We are just standing by waiting for the END,
    Obliviously enjoying the last half of American’s
    prosperity and freedom.

    Comrade Bernie