Vermont Strong license plate #2 coming soon

by Guy Page
Quick hits from the Scott administration’s flood recovery press conference this morning….. 

From 2-8 pm today, Vermont can expect 2-3 inches of rain, high winds, and some flash flooding.

State employees may volunteer up to eight hours a week on flood relief, while receiving full pay.

Redesigned Vermont Strong license plates will be available soon, with proceeds going to flood recovery. 

Flood damage reported:

  • Buildings in six school districts have sustained major flood damage, 12 minor damage.
  • Three wastewater facilities have been damaged. Use caution entering state waters, even as flood waters have subsided.
  • As of yesterday morning, 2317 homes on 794 properties are reported damaged, with the number growing daily.

It’s crucial to report property damage to 2-1-1, Gov. Phil Scott and administration officials said. The more damage incidents Vermonters report, the more federal $$ to “build back better than ever,” Public Safety Commissioner Jen Morrison said. The 2-1-1 backlog has been reduced by adding more workers and computer services. 

Orange and Caledonia counties are now eligible for federal disaster relief.

Flood resource centers will soon open in Rutland and Waterbury, joining centers in Barre and other communities. 

The State will advance 40 of the hardest flood-hit communities a total of $11 million in scheduled state payments to local government. 

Several state tax deadlines scheduled for July and September have been extended to November 15.

Agency of Agriculture Secretary Anson Tebbetts reported that the federal government has approved a statewide natural disaster for the May hard frost. A statewide ag emergency is in the works for the 9000 acres have been reported flooded this month.

Barre Auditorium and Northern Vermont University – Johnson residential shelters remain open and in use. Other unused shelters are not closed but are on standby. 

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  1. “State employees may volunteer up to eight hours a week on flood relief, while receiving full pay.” So State employees will receive full pay to volunteer? And here I thought a volunteer was a person who freely offers to take part in a task. Apparently different definitions apply for State employees . . .

    • Many private companies allow employees to volunteer while still getting paid. With the worst flooding since the 1920s I don’t know why you think rebuilding our communities is a bad thing. Maybe you should spend more time volunteering instead of criticizing others.

  2. The pride and folly for Vermont will clearly be on display for all to see…

    Vermont Strong.

    Are we? Is our government our God? How about our Egos? How about our wisdom? Where do we get our wisdom?

    Are we building our homes on sand or rock?
    Are we repeating the same things as happened last time?

    For those who play the lottery, if you have ever won $4 or the smallest prize, those odds are 1 in a 100, the same odds of you house being flooded once again if you are in the 1% flood plain, formerly known as the 100-year flood plain. You have the same odds next year. This has nothing to do with global warming. These are regular everyday floods, that’s why they have been designated flood plains for over 50 years.

    We have epic housing issue in general, which is all self-imposed. We could solve our housing problem, our flooding problems in 2 years easy. How many hundreds of millions did with pilfer from our school system with TIFF funding for building and rebuilding huge public works….IN THE FLOOD PLAIN!!!!! That is waste x3! We choose not to change our direction. More precisely, those in government lead us down the wrong path.

    Vermont has an epic affordability problem and spiritual issue.

    We need to change our direction.

    The grifters will be out in mass, claiming climate change and demanding we given them all our money so they can fix the problem. A typical marxist rant.

    We need to change our leadership.

    • Flood plains aren’t static and change over time for a multitude of reasons. Pretending we can solve our housing and flood issues in 2 years is ridiculous unless you’re still living in 1900 when milk cost $0.10 a gallon.

      For years we’ve been able to see the data of increasing precipitation. You can choose to believe climate change doesn’t exist, but the data doesn’t care about your feelings or support you. Climate change is happening, precipitation has increased considerably over the past decades, Vermont will continue to see the impacts of that precipitation, and we need to mitigate and adapt.

      • We are to believe climate change on planet earth began in the late 1960’s because of humans and human activity. Prior to this, climate change was not considered when wealthy tycoons such as Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbuilt, Getty, et al, determined to build up and build all over the United States coast to coast. Oddly, those same names are now funding and supporting initiatives to poison us, bankrupt us, and hopefully, kill a majority of us. It is the generational family business after all (without sacrificing one iota of their carbon footprint) for over 100 years. Wealthy privelege exempts them from any rules or laws. Therefore, the self-absorbed zealots owning the most assets in the world demand depopulation (culling and sterilization of humans) and all activity will be under their direction and approval. Meanwhile, the earth will remain turbulent and unpredictible as it has for thousands upon thousands of years. No man can or will ever control the universe – although they claim they can and will. Try to cope and enjoy the ride, we are only here for a blip of time. Life is too short to be miserable, fearful and deceived by elites who only wish to destroy the human species.

      • Vermont wouldn’t see any of what you’re trying to force on rational people if it paid attention to the state’s infrastructure instead of wasting money on social engineering. The flooded ares are located in valleys and low lying areas that have seen flooding since time began after the glaciers melted ions ago. Continuing to rebuild in these areas without structural change is worthless and cause for it to happen again.

        I suppose you believe that there was no flooding in these areas before man walked the earth. All the predicted environmental disasters over the last thirty or more years supposedly caused by climate change formerly known as global warming or the next ice age have not happened.

        Computer models are dependent upon the information fed into the models by environmentalists looking to gain government grants to continue the climate hoax. This is the base for the green energy industry where certain connected people in the industry get the grants for solar panel fields and monoliths built on ridge lines and and fields, even in the oceans. All of these structures are disrupting nature and wildlife and account for less than 3% of the worlds energy needs.

        The stupid is deep for those who believe that man can control the weather or change it. More people die of cold than warm climates. However, the so called warming of the planet hasn’t seen a temperature rise of more than 1 degree in the last 100 or more years. The temperature monitoring has only been done for a short time. Extended temperature evidence in recent times does not exist and is only speculation.

        Diversity, equity and inclusion will not change the flood zones in this or any other state. Only reasonable geoengineering and infrastructure planning will ease the future disasters caused by Mother Nature. Pontificating about man made climate change based on faulty computer models and the climate change cult will change nothing to stop flooding in valleys and low lying areas. New government leadership is where this state needs to go before anything constructive to deal with flooding will happen.

      • I am confused, if the data shows Vermont has been seeing increased precipitation due to climate change over the years as you stated, how is it, less than a year ago at least 18% of the state was in a moderate drought with the rest of the state abnormally dry, which was also claimed to be due to climate change?

  3. What about asking someone from the Netherlands to help with water. They have lived with water forever with success

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