‘Children not for sale’ movie receipts near $100 million

by Frank Mazur

I went to see the movie Sound of Freedom yesterday. The movie isn’t advertised nor shown on the marquis. It has little or no advertising budget and is shunned by the Hollywood elite. So far it has grossed close to $100M in a few weeks and word of mouth brings in the public to learn about the sexual exploitation of children.   

God’s children are not for sale was the hidden theme to the movie. Acting was superb and story a true reflection to the sexual exploitation of children from Latin American countries. To those not familiar with the issue, it’s a shocker and the drama in the movie certainly captivates your attention.  

There were some similarities with Jeffrey Epstein and his sex island that many famous people visited like Bill Gates, President Clinton and Prince Andrew. The island in the movie was used to free many young sex slaves. Angel Productions produced and distributed the movie. It really was filmed 5 years ago but producers couldn’t find a distribution source till now.

At the end there was a special message from the principal actor talking about the exploitation today in the world, the greatest pedophile population in the US and the main supply of illegal young kids from south of our border. He hopes that the movie will make people aware of the issue and help eradicate this horrible trade.

The author is a Shelburne resident and former legislator representing South Burlington.

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  1. “greatest pedophile population in the US”

    Hmmmm… on a per capita basis, I’d wager a half dozen European countries are far higher. And I see headlines every day about Mexican migrants getting handsy with 11 year old girls, although I doubt Mexico keeps these stats for their precious diaspora.

  2. Film done with excellence, no graphic grotesque scenes, but tension well developed & atrocities well understood. Everyone should see this movie!! Interviews w/ the director describe scenes done with children on set were without pornographic inuendos or bad language.

  3. The best thing about this movie is the fact that certain media types, movie studios, celebrities, government officials, and members of the public are doing every thing they can to surpress and invalidate the subject matter. Those are the ones now exposed as creeps and sickos who support and defend such evil activity. The enemy is drawn out of their hidey holes and now we know who defends children and who wishes to destroy them.

  4. Matthew 18:6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Jesus takes it seriously when one of His little ones is led into sin. “Little ones” does not only mean children, but those who humble themselves as children in the manner Jesus described. It is a wicked thing to sin, and it is a far greater evil to lead others into sin. But leading one of Jesus’ little ones into sin is far worse, because you then initiate someone into an instance or a pattern of sin that corrupts whatever innocence they had.

    Woe be to those who are the sex traffickers, those who oppose the right to life, and those who purposefully and willingly lead others into sin…