Vermont Liberty Network launched Sunday

Vermont Liberty Network founder John Klar announces organization of new organization yesterday

The Vermont Liberty Network, a new Vermont educational non-profit group, announced its formation Sunday on the Vermont State House steps.

Founder John Klar said the Vermont Liberty Network celebrates free speech, the U.S. Constitution and traditional values of Vermont Liberty. “Nothing’s Sweeter than Vermont Liberty” is the slogan of the new network, which Klar hopes to bring together diverse groups including pro-Second Amendment, anti-compulsory vaccination, freedom of religion, property rights, and pro-life organizations. He also said he welcomes dialogue with other groups, such as Black Lives Matters.

For more information, see this two-minute segment aired by WCAX last night. Shot by WCAX reporter Erin Brown, it accurately and succinctly describes the values, people and goals of this new organization.

Klar is a lawyer, farmer. pastor and 2020 Republican candidate for governor.


  1. Remarkably interesting. Just got a public comment from Burlington Republican Chairman Christopher Arron-Felker, who said: “Ericka Redic is still a…

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  1. Hurrah for John Klar to be forming a coalition of so many groups, aiming for only the government which is necessary, not a government of every “good idea” has ever come up. Can we send him some $upport?

    Seems the small L Libertarians could also be attracted to such a group of “leave us alone to be free and
    Prosper” causes

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