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  1. Know what the Ruling Party keeps forgetting?

    The millions of pounds of C02 not generated from the recycling we all do.

    Know what this party of Ignorance doesnt mention , EVER?


    Dear legislators , I hope that you’re reading this because : You don’t answer my emails

    • Do we REALLY RECYCLE in Vermont?? Investigate and see. Where do the items go that we say we are RECYCLING??

      • Since China stopped taking our trash… that is a great question…where is all that going?

        No one seems to know where it goes when they leave the facility.

        I’m thinking…the ocean. Out of sight, out of mind.

      • The most important part of earth worship to the Marxists/Progressives is that they ALL FEEL GOOD.

        They don’t really WANT TO KNOW where the recyclables go or if they are truly recycled. They don’t really WANT TO KNOW the truths about the viability of solar panels, windmills or electric cars.

        They just want to FEEL GOOD about these “woke inventions” that they FEEL don’t harm the earth they worship.

  2. Clean heat standard ? Should the SOV be held to the same standard as it’s citizens ? If you happen to be going through Mount Peculiar (and I’d be willing to bet Wawabury) when the heat plant is running a clean out burn, it would make a reasonable person question just how environmentally friendly wood chip plants in fact are. Of course they only perform these at night.

  3. Has anyone noticed how this subject is always addressed as a foregone conclusion? We have been hearing about this religious worship of the earth for many, many years. Their mantra is their belief in the destruction of the earth and its environment due to humans.

    Those who have cried the loudest on this subject live in opposition to what they supposedly believe. Example: Obama said the seas were rising and would swallow up the land. He then bought a seaside mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. Biden who stops America from using our fossil resources while he fully supports China, Russia and other countries in using theirs.

    Let’s call them out on this subject and demand they show us FACTS and SCIENCE to prove their conclusions. Then we’ll know the REAL TRUTH. Their earth worship is just more mindless pap and a ruse in their quest for more power, control and money.

  4. And we’re ALL (living things) creatures of carbon, and need carbon to live.
    Go figure…in focus to be eradicated…one of our main building blocks for life.

  5. The Clean Heat Standard is so misguided and will achieve nothing measurable for Vermont, other than the added cost and reliability problems.

    The Earth’s recent warming the last two centuries is almost entirely (97%) natural with CO2 levels fully saturated and incapable of adding any further warming. We actually need more CO2 to feed a hungry planet by way of enhanced plant growth. We ARE a carbon based life here on Earth. Life dies below 150 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere.

    There is no crisis. The Earth in the past has been hotter and colder than at present. Mankind adapted and survived! We have to break the media’s blind following of the alarmists and those that misread the IPCC reports to create falsehoods that are now clearly refuted by latest actual science.

    We need more nuclear power as THE #1 alternate to fossil fuels.

  6. Some 11,500 years ago the last Ice Age ended, polar caps melted, & sea levels rose SO high land bridges vanished real quick like. All THAT melting MUST have been from the Cave Men (& women) burning fossil fuels for 250 years, it’s settled science! It was anthropologic! What ELSE could it have been? Sunspots/cycles? It MUST have been HUMANS! Luckily we now have a “climate saviour” Scandanavian teen with Downs Syndrome to lead the way & pound home the guilt.

    • Yes …… Let’s not forget the part played by the World Economic Forum.

      The teen savior of the earth was trained and brain-washed by Klaus Schwab one of the “great elitist examples” of the religion of earth worshiping.

      Human beings have no value in his depraved mind, so we need to KILL THE HUMANS and SAVE THE EARTH!!

  7. This clean heat bill will / would be the single most stupid and damaging piece of public policy enacted in Vermont history.

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