Anti-fossil fuel Clean Heat Standard passes House

“The Clean Heat Standard would cost hundreds of Vermonters their jobs. And it could leave thousands of Vermonters scrambling to find a new heating fuel provider if they could find one at all.” – Rep. Sally Achey

By Guy Page

The Clean Heat Standard passed the House yesterday by a 96-44 vote. The bill forces Vermont fossil-fuel dealers to either install non-fossil-fuel heating systems or pay others to do it. 

H715 would create ‘clean heat credits.’ Each credit would represent a specific amount of clean energy. Each fossil-fuel dealer would be assigned a set amount of credits to retire. To do so, fuel dealers would be required to either install low-carbon heating systems, or else pay the value of the credits. These payments would then fund low-carbon heat installation by others.

The Clean Heat Standard is the Legislature’s effort to transition traditional fossil-fuel heat in homes and businesses to lower-carbon heat, including wood pellets, weatherization, and electric heat pumps. 

Earlier this year, some fuel dealers told the House Energy and Technology Committee the Clean Heat Standard would put them out of business. Others said it could double homeowners’ cost of propane. The Clean Heat Standard program would be administered through the Public Utility Commission (PUC), the State of Vermont’s appointed ‘energy court.’

“Roughly 80% of these fuels sold in Vermont are bought through wholesalers in other states or Canada, and we have no authority or ability to force them to buy Vermont credits,” Rep. Sally Achey said in a VT Digger commentary explaining her opposition. “The only alternative was to stick a whole bunch of local mom-and-pop fuel dealerships with the mandate to buy credits. We heard testimony that these requirements would drive many of them out of business. It also makes administering an already unwieldy system even more complicated. The Clean Heat Standard would cost hundreds of Vermonters their jobs. And it could leave thousands of Vermonters scrambling to find a new heating fuel provider if they could find one at all.”

Before voting yes, the House yesterday rejected 44-96 an amendment by Rep. James Harrison (R-Mendon) to wait until first seeing the results from a March 15, 2023 report on projected costs and benefits of the Clean Heat Standard. 

H715 now proceeds to the Senate. Here’s the roll call

Achey of Middletown Springs Nay

Ancel of Calais Yea

Anthony of Barre City Yea

Arrison of Weathersfield Yea

Austin of Colchester Yea

Bartholomew of Hartland Yea

Beck of St. Johnsbury Nay

Birong of Vergennes Yea

Black of Essex Yea

Bluemle of Burlington Yea

Bock of Chester Yea

Bongartz of Manchester Yea

Bos-Lun of Westminster Yea

Brady of Williston Yea

Brennan of Colchester Nay

Briglin of Thetford Yea

Brown of Richmond Yea

Brownell of Pownal Absent

Brumsted of Shelburne Yea

Burditt of West Rutland Nay

Burke of Brattleboro Yea

Burrows of West Windsor Yea

Campbell of St. Johnsbury Yea

Canfield of Fair Haven Nay

Chase of Colchester Yea

Christie of Hartford Yea

Cina of Burlington Yea

Coffey of Guilford Yea

Colburn of Burlington Yea

Colston of Winooski Absent

Conlon of Cornwall Yea

Copeland Hanzas of Bradford Yea

Corcoran of Bennington Yea

Cordes of Lincoln Yea*

Cupoli of Rutland City Nay

Dickinson of St. Albans Town Nay

Dolan of Essex Yea

Dolan of Waitsfield Yea

Donahue of Northfield Nay

Donnally of Hyde Park Yea

Durfee of Shaftsbury Yea

Elder of Starksboro Yea

Emmons of Springfield Yea

Fagan of Rutland City Nay

Feltus of Lyndon Nay

Gannon of Wilmington Yea

Garofano of Essex Yea

Goldman of Rockingham Yea

Goslant of Northfield Nay

Grad of Moretown Yea

Graham of Williamstown Absent

Gregoire of Fairfield Nay

Hango of Berkshire Nay

Harrison of Chittenden Nay

Helm of Fair Haven Nay

Higley of Lowell Absent

Hooper of Burlington Yea

Hooper of Montpelier Yea

Hooper of Randolph Yea

Houghton of Essex Yea

Howard of Rutland City Yea

James of Manchester Yea

Jerome of Brandon Yea

Jessup of Middlesex Yea

Kascenska of Burke Nay

Killacky of South Burlington Yea

Kimbell of Woodstock Yea

Kitzmiller of Montpelier Absent

Kornheiser of Brattleboro Yea

Krowinski of Burlington Not Voting

Labor of Morgan Absent

LaClair of Barre Town Nay

LaLonde of South Burlington Yea

Lanpher of Vergennes Yea

Laroche of Franklin Nay

Lefebvre of Newark Yea

Lefebvre of Orange Nay

Leffler of Enosburgh Nay

Lippert of Hinesburg Yea

Long of Newfane Yea*

Marcotte of Coventry Nay

Martel of Waterford Nay

Masland of Thetford Yea

Mattos of Milton Nay

McCarthy of St. Albans City Yea

McCormack of Burlington Yea

McCoy of Poultney Nay

McCullough of Williston Yea

McFaun of Barre Town Nay

Morgan of Milton Nay

Morgan of Milton Nay

Morris of Springfield Yea

Morrissey of Bennington Nay

Mrowicki of Putney Yea

Mulvaney-Stanak of Burlington Yea

Murphy of Fairfax Nay

Nicoll of Ludlow Yea

Nigro of Bennington Yea

Norris of Sheldon Nay

Norris of Shoreham Nay

Notte of Rutland City Yea

Noyes of Wolcott Yea

O’Brien of Tunbridge Yea

Ode of Burlington Yea

Page of Newport City Nay

Pajala of Londonderry Yea

Palasik of Milton Absent

Parsons of Newbury Nay

Partridge of Windham Yea

Patt of Worcester Yea

Pearl of Danville Yea

Peterson of Clarendon Nay

Pugh of South Burlington Yea

Rachelson of Burlington Yea

Rogers of Waterville Yea*

Rosenquist of Georgia Nay

Satcowitz of Randolph Yea

Scheu of Middlebury Yea

Scheuermann of Stowe Nay

Shaw of Pittsford Nay

Sheldon of Middlebury Yea

Sibilia of Dover Yea

Sims of Craftsbury Yea

Small of Winooski Yea

Smith of Derby Nay

Smith of New Haven Nay

Squirrell of Underhill Yea

Stebbins of Burlington Yea*

Stevens of Waterbury Yea

Strong of Albany Nay

Sullivan of Dorset Absent

Surprenant of Barnard Yea

Taylor of Colchester Yea

Terenzini of Rutland Town Nay

Till of Jericho Yea

Toleno of Brattleboro Yea

Toof of St. Albans Town Nay

Townsend of South Burlington Yea

Troiano of Stannard Yea

Vyhovsky of Essex Yea

Walker of Swanton Nay

Walz of Barre City Yea

Webb of Shelburne Yea

White of Bethel Absent

White of Hartford Yea

Whitman of Bennington Yea

Williams of Granby Nay

Wood of Waterbury Yea

Yacovone of Morristown Yea

Yantachka of Charlotte Yea

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    • These folks voting yes are insane and completely out of touch with the working man and woman

  1. Ugh.
    More burdens for Vermonters to shoulder so the virtue signalling to the NWO can continue under the Golden Dome – which of course has become a simple for Vermont Tyranny for the past two years.
    Nothing is changing.

  2. WOW did i get lucky with this. 3yrs ago bought an automatic pellet boiler for our house. Not because we were going to save the world but because we liked it and i guess in the back of my mind i felt something stupid like this was going to come along

  3. Anyone READ this monstrosity? There was a good summation in 7Days on March 3rd & it looks like a Soviet-Era make-work program on steroids, all for a 2 degree temp. rise in 120 years? “Professional utility regulators & energy analysts” are “authorized to hire consultants” to “manage public outreach” for 6 meetings & 2 workshops from “groups” & an “equity committee” for a mere $1.2 Million. Then Dealers buy/generate “clean heat credits” per year, then they MIGHT offset 5% of sales the next year & they “could meet these requirements” several ways, maybe “bio-diesel (from crops using A/N made from nat.’l gas & STILL pump out CO2), weatherizing, heat pumps, or modern wood stoves. Similar to biodiesel is “renewable natural gas” dumping the SAME CO2 but it FEELS better! BUT–The fuel dealers can “bank credits” retroactive to Jan. 2022 to “ease the transition”! Companies that don’t play along MUST pay the STATE an “increasing fee every year”, getting credits from companies that DO “earn them”..How many & how much? “To be determined”! This Duval fellow from the Climate Council says this scheme “will be disruptive to business models..regardless of the social consequences”..REALLY? Not to worry though, there’s PLENTY of Soviet-Style jobs to be had here for hacks, favors, campaign donations & political favors for “consultants, professional regulators, & analysts”! Those that still FEAR Covid can & will “work from home” I’m sure..THIS is pure insanity..

  4. Here are the two things that bother me the most; 1. many of these elected officials look only at the one side of a law they are passing without looking at the potential pitfalls and slippery sloe they are entering upon. 2. the elitist attitude that they know better than the people of Vermont and, even worse, when they vote the party line at the cost of the people of Vermont.

    • You’re exactly right that they think they know better than the people they’re supposed to represent.

  5. I would very much like our lawmakers……alll of them to give each of us access to the votes they took each week and why……….and i am calling out to Donnally and Noyes………just lost my vote and will be sharing prolifically ………..

    • Please do spread the word to everyone paying $5 a gallon to heat their homes and to fuel out cars to get to work!! Make sure they know progressives destroyed burlington and will destroy Vermont only if we let them!!

  6. Bills like this just confirms my plans to move out of Vermont as soon as possible!!!!

  7. Yet these progressive socialists continue to be elected?? Don’t complain when heating oil is $6 a gallon and your paying $5 a gallon at the pump. These Vermont politicians as well as welch, sanders need to go…and we DO NOT need molly gray in DC either!!

  8. I’ll be getting my fuel in MA and NH, and working faster to get my house ready to sell so I can move to America.

    • Beginning to feel like we have a bunch of non thinking people in Montpelier. Scott better Vito this stupid bill or he can go bye bye with the rest of them. If they have no will to help Vermonters they don’t need to be voting for anything. God will take care of earth, has been at it for very very long time, and succeeded very nicely.

  9. Perhaps, Rep. Scot Campbell can tell the citizens of Vermont why he voted for the Clean Heat Standard after previously admitting Vermont cannot cannot stop or even affect climate change……..Remember, Rep. Campbell sat on the House Energy and Technology Committee when all the testimony was presented on the Global Warming Solutions Act……Testimony leading him to believe that Vermont cannot stop or even affect climate change.

    Rob Roper has repeatedly pointed out Rep. Campbell’s comments in his commentaries, which make Vermonters wonder if our legislators have any idea of what they’re doing in pushing more and more mandates that will have no impact on climate change…..Mandates that will have economically crushing consequences on all Vermonter’s.

    Can Rep. Campbell or any other legislator who voted for the Clean Heat Standard any other related legislation can tell us how they will make lives more affordable, life better or mitigate climate change in any measurable way.

    Please will the 96 legislators who voted for the Clean Heat standard speak to the people of Vermont in this space on how this bill will help!

  10. I love this publication, details of issues, and legislative plans and the roll call, with email links.. it makes it easy to understand and speak up. I am..
    Keep it up

  11. Global warming is not something that can be stopped or reversed by the cutting back of fossil fuel use , renewables is a fad and will never provide an alternative to fossil fuels . Continuing this path to eliminate fossil fuels will be the death of us not climate change .

  12. We are a great state but it’s getting impossible to stand on your own two feet. So many special deals, programs, advisory groups and commissions. New taxes and fees and special deals for the certain few. If you aren’t actively searching for the payouts, you are working yourself into a lather to fund those who do.

    With that said, I hate to repeat it, but dogonnit, it bears repeating. A real Democrat that I know. And he’s legit. Called what these people are doing in the statehouse…. Legislative Masterba….. ehh.hem…ahh…I’ll leave it at that. But there is no doubt, those words sums up nicely the progressive pleasuring that these stoned hippies are engaged in. When a democrat notices that you’ve gone too far. You’ve gone too far.

    Will this Democrat now vote Republican? I doubt it, but he’s going to keep getting the narrow visioned, garbage legislation from his progressive party if he can’t see his way over to the place old school Vermonters and adults are hanging out. Action…. Reaction…. IE: Legalize Pot and soft on drug offenses… Increased mental disorders and homelessness. 10,000 dollar grants to new residents who telecommute.. more housing shortages. Free daycare and increased benefits to baby mamas…. no need for a daddy in the picture…. Push solar and wind… increased rates and future brownouts (if California is any indication). The list is endless.

    If you want the legislature to take care of the real business of running a state, there is no other option then to vote in Republican candidates.

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