Vermont girls’ hoop team stand against transgender sports goes viral on Twitter

Influencer Jordan Peterson says, “it’s about time”

by Aaron Warner

Twitter may not be for everyone.  At its core it is a platform made for short tempers, short ideas using short language.  On a good day it is full of tribalism with black and white narratives and political pontificating.  At its worst it is a morass of human cesspool level dialogue and videos exposing people at their lowest.  Like a theme park full of real time car accidents the ride is made for gawking at wreckage.  In order to get in you don’t have to be tall enough, it prefers you remain short.

Which is why the story of the Mid-Vermont Christian School (MVCS) Girls basketball team taking a principled stand against enabling insanity (David Vs. Goliath, Dressed As a Girl, Feb. 24) going viral on Twitter was so uniquely special.  The social media app, despite its rhetorical flaws, is a measuring stick of cultural opinions for the latest controversies.  

Thanks to Twitter the MVCS girl’s story was shared by an account titled “”, which is followed by world famous psychologist, NY Times best-selling author and culture commentator Dr. Jordan Peterson. Known more for verbosity Dr. Peterson re-tweeted the story to his 3.7 million followers stating simply “It’s about time” and within 24 hours the story reached over 1 million views. The tiny school in Quechee was being lauded around the globe as fast as it spun on its axis.

As the attention grew and the comments rolled in the support was overwhelmingly in favor of the Eagle’s stand for girls/women’s sports to remain free from male athletes identifying as girls/women participating at the expense of the fairer sex’s safety. Here are a few: 

 Solveig283 @solveig283 “Brave. Especially in New England.”

Gary Cook @orak100 “Finally. People brave enough to say no.  I salute you.” 

Abbie M @AbbieM16 “This is the way! All teams should follow suit to protect their girls.”

Bighats @bighats61 “Well done, we’ve got to stand up to these woke bully’s.  Good luck!”

As of this morning the tweet has 1.2 million views, 7,941 likes, 1,325 re-tweets and 220 comments. Our Vermont Daily Chronicle article, which broke the story, also shared by, has been seen 18.3K times, liked by 277 accounts and re-tweed 32 times.  

A call to help out the small school with donations to bless their courage has been made by many if you’d care to throw your weight behind these big-time little women. 

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  1. Have to wonder if the old regime at Twitter would have allowed this comment which goes against the narrative of the liberal trans mob?

  2. Go GIRLS!!!! Actual girls. Real girls. You rock. God rocks. You are the true youngsters with courage.

    You are the young adults who will lead the next generation – hopefully back into the realm of reality.

    • Mid Vermont Christian school’s website is – There doesn’t appear to be a link to donate specifically to this issue, though there is one for other purposes. It has been a great school for many young people I know.

  3. Thank you girls that is so much appreciated by many of us. I would like to see the transgender boys step away from the girls. This is not right in any sport and should be banned in every sport that girls play. Girls should be playing girls and boys should be playing boys.

  4. The youth are the ones to stand up against the fake authority and fake narratives. The current generation is fed up and rising up. I support them and applaud them!

  5. To be fair, on Twitter the user has the freedom to follow whom ever they want and ignore the rest. I follow scholars and scientists from across the globe as well
    As well as news services that if it wasn’t for Twitter I wouldn’t even know existed and , frankly, are often more reliable and honest than any in MSM media. Even when censorship was in full force on Twitter the information they were trying to suppress remained available because when it comes to the truth no individual is indispensable, is in exclusive possession of it and it is always possible to communicate the essence of it in the form of a civil discourse without objectionable exaggeration, impoliteness, vulgarity, falsehoods and blind partisanship. The people who got banned on Twitter who I was following almost always had provided the means to follow their communications through other means on the internet: email, substacks, blogs, YouTube, Telegram, books available on Amazon and usually at cheap, used books discounts. Rather than characterizing Twitter as a garbage disposal- which it is if that’s what you want from it, it’s wiser to encourage you readers to make the most of it.

  6. This has been and continues to be an attack on women. It’s dangerous, at the very least. Thank you, Elon for breaking the chains of censorship, and thank you Guy, for always supporting free speech!!
    I too support and applaud the generation that has fallen victim to this idiotic mentality. I think through all this chaos, this generation will emerge and produce some of the strongest and fairest Leaders of our time!
    I can’t wait to see how they change this world for the better!