David vs. Goliath, dressed as a girl

by Aaron Warner

The Mid-Vermont Christian School (MVCS) varsity girls’ basketball team courageously decided to forfeit their playoff game against the Long Trail School (LTS) after discovering one of the LTS players is a biological male.  Rose Johnson is the name of the player in question.  Rose also happens to be the tallest player on the team. 

LTS is situated in Dorset, VT, a small town just east of the New York border about midway down the state.  Some 2,133 people reside in Dorset, compared to just 656 in Quechee, and the school size and facility differences are similarly unequal.  LTS has more than twice as many students in their sixth thru twelfth grade school as does MVCS who have just over 100 children K thru twelfth. 

LTS started out as a start up school back in 1975 with a mere 14 students learning in the Dorset Sportmen’s Club building.  Today it is one of the premier private schools in western Vermont owning in part to being an International Baccalaureate school.  LTS draws students from 38 Vermont towns, New York and 20 countries around the world.  Perfect graduation and high 90% college acceptance rates ensure prospective families their money will be well spent at LTS. 

MVCS offers a classic Christian education which, given Vermont’s politics, makes it much more difficult to recruit students to their modest but bucolic campus in Quechee.  MVCS can make a similar claim to nearly perfect graduation and high college acceptance rates however they operate on a much smaller budget, with a much smaller staff and do so annually by faith and the help of a few key faithful donors. 

Known less for their athletic program as more for their education model, MVCS offers but a few school sports (four) compared to LTS (ten).  The diminutive Eagles from MVCS made it all the way to the state championship in 2020. However, due to COVID restrictions they were unable to play the game but took home a share of the state championship by default. 

I reached out to MVCS head coach Chris Goodwin for comment and was told the school would be discussing it with the board before issuing a statement.  The sentiment being they don’t want to pick a fight. However, they feel compelled to take a stand for the sake of the integrity of girl’s athletics, which is both compassionate and courageous given the context. 

MVCS Head Master Vicky Fogg sent me the following: 

“We withdrew from the tournament because we believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players. Allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports sets a bad precedent for the future of women’s sports in general.”

LTS staff did not respond to my request for comment to questions. 

As a professional coach and strength and fitness expert I happen to understand this situation better than most. The field of exercise science, as much as biology, is where the discussion about trans-athletes should begin and end.  The current “woke” argument claims biology exists on a spectrum and that a person’s feelings about their identity trump their biological fingerprints.  

To be clear, there is no spectrum.  There are no mutli-chromosomal pairings in humans, or any other mammals for that reason, so the pseudo-scientific claims made by the pretend scientists are Lysenkoism in drag.  If you go to the animal kingdom you will not find male lions, hyenas, elephants, porpoises, dogs or monkeys manufacturing feminine hybrids.  Humans are mammals and, like our inferior creatures, the biology is stark.  One need only look at a mammal for a few seconds to know which sex they are.  

Consistent with the very clear external organ difference is the more important difference that translates to why human males have an unfair advantage over human females.  Bone mass, lean mass, cardiac output, strength capacity, work capacity and kinesiological potential all heavily advantage males.  This is why men’s competition records (i.e. sprinting, jumping, weight lifting) dwarf women’s.  

Men are bigger, faster, stronger and, most importantly when considering athlete safety, less likely to get injured.  Despite the number of male athletes outpacing the number of females, the number one injury among all athletes is the female soccer knee decelerating in rotation. Why?  Because women have wider hips which creates a more steep angle to the knee known as the Q angle.  This creates an imbalance between the gluteus medius and its antagonist adductor muscles creating less activity in the vastus medialis (superior and medial to the patella or kneecap), which makes the female knee less stable and more susceptible to injury.  

Add to this fact that men are larger, faster and stronger than women and the potential for males injuring girls increases dramatically in competition. 

In the case of Rose Johnson of LTS this is certainly true.  I watched the little bit of video I could find of Johnson playing, and it was painfully obvious to me they are a biological male in how he moves, runs, jumps and produces force.  

LTS’ road game against recent state champions Proctor illustrated why Johnson should not be allowed to play on the girl’s team.  At several key moments in the second half Johnson’s physical ability made a noticeable difference in the outcome.  LTS won the game. The girls from Proctor were scrappy but they couldn’t overcome the larger opponent. 

Johnson’s nickname is also Rose “Not in This House” Johnson for his prowess in blocking shots.  In one game he had seven blocked shots.  That means seven shots, typically closer to the basket so much more likely to go in, were blocked by the guy who is taller than every other girl on the floor, can jump higher and likely is significantly stronger.  In what world is this even remotely fair to other Vermont Division IV girls? 

Physical advantages aside there is the psychological advantage over other teams who don’t have a male player.  We already know, thanks to a recent CDC report, over half of American girls struggle with depression and feelings of hopelessness.  It doesn’t take a biologist to figure out why.  By allowing men to co-opt and bastardize womanhood to suit their own inadequacies those who participate in this charade are telling girls your identity and safety don’t matter.  These girls look into a world of supposed adults now openly declaring they don’t even know what a woman is.  This is the how you demoralize a generation. 

However, the bantam Davids at MVCS are not to be demoralized.  A story about standing up to giants reminds them who they ultimately serve.  Rather than participate and enable both delusion and danger they do what Christians do best.  They took a knee, said no thank you.  Not in the house of the Lord.

The author is a fitness expert living in Hartford.

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  1. It’s disgusting that makes are allowed to play female sports say nothing about taking woman’s rights away. I’m glad they didn’t go absolute BS

    • I am deeply offended by the views expressed in this opinion piece . What Christians do best is love, respect and serve a God who made ALL persons . Im pretty sure I saw no evidence of this here. Spend some time on your knees about that .

      • Try this from God instead: Genesis 5:2 “Male and Female He created them….”

        Do you know what else God created? Science and the laws of science which incorporate many branches including but not limited to biology.

        So, I’m offended by your disrespectful and intentional manipulation of precisely what God dictated and expects from the men & the women He created. As Christians and disciples, all those of faith are expressly expected to call out when others defame God, the world He created, and take part in blasphemies – especially those that inflict harm on innocents such as babies and children. Abortion is murder. Telling a child that they can alter their sex is nonsensical at best.

        Ephesians: “take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness. But instead expose them”.
        Timothy: “As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear”.

        Maybe before kneeling, all should first attempt to understand that which God has extolled and “anything goes” is not one of them.

        Tough love hurts. It also saves lives.

      • You, shallow and NOT Christian person, how dare you pass judgement on a group of “girls” who politely declined being physically beaten up by a man. Shame on you…

      • What Christians do best is obey God. Love may be the “most excellent way” (1 Corinthians 12:31) and the same God who tells us He “is love” (1 John 4:8) also tells us:

        A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this. (Deuteronomy 22:5)

        Lest you think He has differing opinions from the Old Testament to New (He doesn’t) He reiterates the cost of disobeying this by saying:

        Or know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor EFFEMINATE, nor abusers of themselves with men, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.(1 Corinthians 6:9)

        Confronting someone when they are participating in evil, intentionally or not, IS LOVING THEM. (James 5:19) because we WANT them to inherit eternal life with God.

        Wounds from a brother can be trusted but an enemy multiplies kisses. (Proverbs 27:6)

        Which are you?

  2. Congrats for taking this stand. Until more schools just say no then this craziness will continue. Is “Rose” being allowed to change in the girls locker room with the team mates too?

  3. Good for the GIRLS at Mid Vermont Christian School!!! ACTUAL girls! That is (for those unbelievably still confused): people possessing mammary glands, external and internal genitalia, cognitive/behavioral brain differences, hormonal distinctions, and other long-recognized and medically documented general bodily characteristics and functions.

    Girls at MVCS – You keep on playing and excelling at your sport, and like true sportsmen, you knew precisely when to responsibly bow out when sportsmanship became unfair and unjust.

    You are each wise beyond your biological ages. So many adults applaud you and commend you. Remain true all your lives to your soul, spirit, body, and ultimately to your God who formed you. Continue to pick up your sword to defend the integrity, decency, and the moral principals He bequeathed us.

    May the best team be victorious – and that was yours! Great going!!!

  4. Well said. And I’m glad the girl’s team decided to forfeit the game rather than play against a male masquerading as a female. It’s sick and pathetic that he is aided and abetted in doing this. Sad to see what’s happening to girls and women’s sports which are being overrun by males who somehow get a kick out of being able to win over smaller weaker females. These dudes are clearly sick but it’s definitely not fair to the gals! If something isn’t done soon we won’t have any women’s sports.

  5. The observations concerning the overall demoralization of women in our culture are profound, notwithstanding that they are obvious. The Emperor is walking the street naked.
    Btw, Woke and its blatant fascism are also invading the psychiatric survivors movement.

  6. Title IX, for the first time, gave female athletes the opportunity to receive financial help comparable to opportunities offered to males.
    I competed as a team mate and coach for several world class coed teams that won national titles and placed members on Olympic teams.
    There in no excuse to deny competitors a fair competition. No one should unfairly win a competition which they could not win against their biological peers.
    Where are the adults in the room to protect the women athletes?

    • The equal treatment of REAL women used to be considered a civil rights issue and warranted the addition of Title IX to the US Civil Rights Code. We have done a complete 180 on this now, and it is a slap in the face to all those who worked so hard toward the passage of Title IX.

  7. The physical differences noted in the article are spot on. However, the lines can be bent when girls compete in predominantly boys sports. Just recently in Maine a girl won a state championship against a boy in wrestling. There have been reports over the years about girls playing on boys football teams.

    To justify the exceptions to the norm look at the physical differences and how they impact the sport in question. Also a consider how non-contact sports are reported. An example is the Boston Mariathon, where the runners are co-ed, but the results are reported by sex.

    • Title 9 granted girls the ability and the right to play on a boy’s athletic team under particular circumstances such as when an equivalent sport for girls at an educational institution in question does not exist. In other words, if a school has a boy’s swim team, but not one for girls – a female student may try out for and if she so qualifies – may be offered a spot on that team. It does NOT allow or decree the girl access to the boy’s restrooms, changing facilities, etc. It was designed specifically to offer females the SAME rights & privileges that males had enjoyed & benefitted from in sports for generations. It has NOTHING to do with denying science or long-determined medical realities. It didn’t claim that womanhood no longer existed. It didn’t claim that girls could somehow “transform” into boys.

      There is no manner of conflating Title 9 to these biological males on girl’s teams or their use of girl’s aforementioned facilities, or denying that there are innate, inherent differences between the two sexes. Title 9 justifiably demanded that females be given equivalent opportunities in athletics that males have long enjoyed. That is all and it was a sensible and much needed piece of legislation that advanced fairness and impartiality for girls in sports.

    • Remember as well – girls reach their physical peak & typically their ultimate adult height at approximately 16 or so years of age. Males reach these milestones generally several years later. This is why it is feasible when dealing with younger children in elementary grades & into especially the earlier years in high school – that athletically inclined girls may indeed meet or even surpass a male peer’s ability within certain sports.

      Insofar as cases as you mention such as the wrestling team and/or football team “issues” you bring up above? Resolve to create & maintain a girl’s wrestling team or football team at that school. Problem solved should the boys believe that there is one. That is what Title 9 requires.

    • She probably got as far as she did wrestling boys at least in part because boys are going to go easy when wrestling a girl. No guy wants to be the one that hurts a girl wrestling by using too much force. Not saying she isn’t skilled. Just that there is likely a chivalrous factor there.

  8. Good for them. Sadly their decision will be demonized because they are Christians. This will likely be falsely labeled as dangerous white Christian nationalism by news outlets like VPR, VT Digger, WCAX, etc. Control the language, control the narrative.

  9. The destruction of Women’s ( and Girls ) Rights brought to you by those who were screaming the loudest they were not being treated fairly.
    The liberals are so quick to scream about prejudice they are willing to prove they don’t actually care about Women’s Rights. Agenda above all.
    So they must prove their point. Let us know when you tell you Daughter she will never succeed in Sports because genetic Males are competing against them.
    Tell them you will scream bloody murder to protect them, just not when a genetic Male is in their bathroom or locker room.
    Tell your Daughter, or Wife that she doesn’t matter. Your agenda does.

    Since Phil Scott can’t define what a Woman is, make sure he stands outside the Bathroom when a 6’4″ 300 lb male goes in with his Daughter.
    He put the Girls at Randolph High School at risk, despite the Girls telling the School administrators they felt unsafe.

    Genetic Males don’t belong in Women’s sports, locker or bathrooms. It has nothing to do with some kind of phobia, it has everything to do with actually protecting females and giving them a fair chance.

  10. Vermont Republicans should be proud, rejoicing of the bills their legislators are advancing, which they indirectly voted for by running candidates that stood for something. Instead of being resentful, they should happily accept the new taxes, the new gun laws, and the further deterioration of their schools. At least we stood for something and now we stand on the steps of the Capitol peering in through the windows.

  11. The reason we have contact sports segregated by gender is the same reason we have Special Olympics and the Paralympics…to give those with a built-in disadvantage a fair chance at competing, and doing so safely. In the interest of political correctness, should we eliminate these as well and have those with physical and cognitive disabilities compete against the best athletes? I hope the author of this article does not hold any public service job or any job for that matter, or he had better be prepared for the wrath and threats of the rainbow mafia, just like “controversial” Northfield Police Chief Helfant. Just like another commenter suggested, the media drives the narrative and “controversial” is his official news descriptor because he dared to challenge the progressive worldview in his PRIVATE opinions.

  12. Feminism has really backed itself into a corner on this one. Good thing none of it has to make sense. How’s everyone feeling? Bad? OK, but only the feelings of the person lowest on the intersectional list count… so… suck it up, ladies. Trans guy wins, and you’re all just big fat bigots. Go Team Womyxn! 😄

    • And I contend that NONE of the supporters of this abject insanity are feminists. Genuine feminists fought for and won the basic and intrinsic rights that ALL persons, of both sexes, are bestowed with by God.

      These people are instead ignorant, Godless, and radical political party adherents who don’t possess one iota the degree of courage or personal fortitude that these young girls from MVCS demonstrated by essentially forfeiting the game due to blatant “inequity”.

      Insofar as referring to women as “fat” regardless of the reality that both men and women who are enabling this garbage are indeed dead wrong, I’m not sure how that is relevant either way.

      • No, it’s exactly feminism, and it keeps on going just like this until life gets hard again, which is pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy every time it crops up. And the fat thing wasn’t actually calling women fat. It was making fun of how childish that intersectionalism, leftists, and feminists can be. You know, like when kids say “big, fat liar,” they don’t mean you’re actually fat, they mean that your lie is big… and more descriptively, so big that it is actually fat. And I’m not sure that the Bible is really a great source on the subject of gender equity, but if it is for you, then it’s all good. ❤️

  13. Great article, scientific data is hard to dispute by all except for the trans mob. Perhaps for the next game MVCS should take the boy’s team and profess for the game against LTS that they identify as ” females ” that day………….

  14. The New Testament is a great source actually for the subject of the intrinsic rights and value of and the equality of the sexes who God created. Jesus directed BOTH genders always to be sexually moral in literally dozens of passages – as opposed to the manmade dictums of the popular “double standard” which renders males conveniently innocent. He chose both genders as His followers including many female apostles such as the great Mary Magdeline whom the Catholic church deems as an “Apostle amongst Apostles”. Two women were the first to witness and attest to His resurrected body after the crucifixion. He outwardly loved, respected, and ultimately very much venerated His own mother, Mary. He protected prostitutes of that time (who genuinely were engaging in such an aberrant act in order to survive) by testifying to their value to Him, to humanity, & to His mission – whilst adjudicating the sins of the men who were in turn judging her, etc. etc. This, all within an era, wherein the rights of women as asserted by men – were mostly non-existent. Today, within specific faiths & sects, as well as within the entirety of this society and ashamedly numerous others around the world who treat women/girls atrociously – this cannot be construed mistakenly to have been put in place by God. In fact, it is this fallen world and its’ people’s lust for power, dominance, and sin we all witness as each of us castigate, dehumanize, and oppress others amongst us.

    But further, as a woman myself (born and raised just to clarify) I might best understand exactly what it is to live as a female, to know what feminism is and ought to be, and to fight against whatever obstacles present themselves against the true knowledge that women are equals of men and that to profess or to act otherwise is indeed a sin against all of humanity and of righteousness.

    • Feminism isn’t called Equalism for a reason. It’s a supremacist ideology, and it’s successful. Until it ruins civilization, like it’s presently doing. And then, women need men to make life comfortable again, seemingly oblivious to how much things like pouring asphalt on a 90 degree Summer day to support your family sucks. I’m not arguing that women are inferior, I’m arguing that they’re presently superior in terms of social power, and in places like Vermont, political power as well. And most of them place feelings over facts, along with a much smaller number of men like Phyllis Baruth. Take a look at the names of the sponsors of practically any ridiculous bill in the Statehouse now. It’s pretty obvious that much as Adam discovered, listening to Eve comes with potential consequences.

      • Intriguing, as it’s none other than the males, according to decades-long crime data stats collected by the FBI/DOJ, who commit over approximately (every year is slightly different) 95% of all violent crimes including, but not limited to: murder, sexual assaults, assaults against minors & all others, robberies, burglaries and auto theft, etc. – it’s interesting to note how you construe that it is instead women who are and who have “ruined civilization”. Further, since it has been nearly exclusively MEN over the course of successive generations since the beginning of recorded history who have been the “leaders” of government & of all supposedly “civilized societies” such as Greece, Rome, this very nation, etc. – it’s nothing less than just amusing, but oft typical, that you, as one of the aforementioned males, again make a fantastical correlation that it is but women who are the cause for the fall of these empires & governments, i.e.: the oppressed as opposed to the oppressors. Since you aren’t apparently a history buff, you might want to utilize this internet to research precisely how men largely went wrong over the eras causing empires & “mighty” nations to collapse. And if you ever happen (though hopefully you shan’t) find yourself in the center of some judicial matter, feel equally as self-righteous, being a said male, to verbalize the same mindset in your own defense, but rather than “the devil made me do it”, you can contend that “the women made me do it”. Lot’s o’ luck.

      • & S Lowry

        Interesting that you note that so many women seem to be ruled by feelings and emotions rather than critical thinking. I’ve said that myself and see the results in the long list of our female legislators that seem to jump on every issue by responding emotionally and thus voting that way. And I’m a woman so no cries of misogyny please!

      • OK, well now you’re just getting emotional, but you might want to look into who is raising at least 90% of the violent criminals currently in jail. Or why, for example, birthrates in Rome fell, just as Rome itself was falling, and laws were passed penalizing the unmarried and childless. It is a cyclical pattern, even here, going from the libertine Roaring 20’s and into two world wars, the Great Depression, and the social reset of the 50’s, interrupted largely by the invention of The Pill, freeing women from the consequences of, well, the previous two hundred million years of evolution. And I never said men were not to blame for any ills. Though that accusation would perfectly exemplify feminism’s general tendency to gaslight, project, and play the helpless victim… I think you are indeed, perfectly strong and empowered.

      • @VTIndependent It’s an issue we honestly need to be able to discuss. In the natural world of human history, there was a need for women to be more communitarian and neurotic (in the psychological sense of simply more risk-averse,) and for men to be more meritocratic, and more willing to take risks, in part because of their lesser individual relative value to the survival of the tribe. Men want freedom, women want security. The best outcomes for collective groups of humans came out of a tension between these polarizing needs, and this is a real basis for culture. Our culture is entirely unbalanced now because men in harder circumstances have a very strong veto power… of simply removing their provision & protection. The State has replaced this function, and it is the main cause of, for example, all the single mothers and crazy gender issues, which have a tendency to show up as societies crash. And they do; lather, rinse, repeat.

      • @. S Lowry

        And as I’ve noted to Kathleen (if that comment shows up) I’d say that a large factor in the violent behavior seen in young men these days is that many are being raised by single mothers and not by men who can teach them to control their testosterone fueled behavior.

      • And I find it interesting that you completely ignore the absolute facts and realities which I cited herein, contained right within the Good Book and then again via the statistics long kept by the FBI and the DOJ….but then again, unless one is a progressive, how does one refute FACTS and REALITIES?

        Yet, if anyone is acting upon one’s emotions and feelings, it is most likely only those who bring forth into these forums their own personal, highly personal testimonies with regard to matters such as these, for it is nothing less than prejudicial.

        And this alone is how hatred and animus against women generally begins; case in point. “I was once “wronged” – and here & now I enact my vengeance against random women.

        Here’s the next reality: We’ve ALL been “wronged”. Every man. Every woman. Every child. Guess life might not be so “easy” for any of us.

      • @Kathleen. I’m not a Christian, though I understand that it’s the basis for much of Western Civilization. I also think America was better off with it than without. But it’s not for me and I don’t take the Bible literally in any sense. I also know that despite greater male violence, women kill more children, for example. And yet, men are ten times more likely to die or get injured on the job than women are, usually to provide for said women and children. (And before you say it, more men die just by being truck drivers than women who die in childbirth.) So perhaps we can view the good and ill of men and women much like the bell curves of intelligence, with women averaging slightly higher and clustered in the center, but with greater male variability creating more male dimwits, along with more male geniuses. Men do many good, kind, noble, and sacrificial things, mostly because we really just want your simple appreciation, truth be told.

  15. And by the by – as ANY group of people who have been oppressed, repressed, discriminated against, objectified, etc. within this culture or any/all others can easily tell you – Yes, LIFE is indeed “HARD” – particularly when you are the one struggling and attempting to persevere through those types of cultural or societal injustices that a subvariant of a “caste system” has forced upon you. Should you doubt that, attempt navigating life with a burka hijab on your body and not freely being allowed anywhere without an “escort” who is deemed your “superior”. You’re right. Life is hard. For women. And for the multitudes of other groups whose God given rights have been impinged upon by others or even annihilated altogether.

    • @ Kathleen

      I think that it is fair to say that many women are ruled by their emotions while many men are ruled by testosterone. Much of the violence by men of which you speak is likely due to lack of control over anger etc fueled by testosterone. These days with so many boys being raised by single mothers, boys aren’t being taught how to control their anger and channel it appropriately; they need mature men who have mastered this to teach them how. Both sexes would do well to get themselves under control and respond and act more by logic and use of critical thinking skills.

  16. I feel sad for young girls today. I went to high school from 1980-1984. During that time, there was no girl cross-country team in my very large highschool. As one of three female runners, I had to complete in the boys JV race. The girls were always last. We finally attracted enough girls to start a girl’s team. The highschool cross-country team were the Greaer Boston League champs for six years. These girls are being robbed.

  17. And by the by yet again – Try not to totally fabricate the notion that it’s solely women pushing these insane, ludicrous ideologies upon the entire world (as this is not limited to the USA by any means) but a plethora of BOTH genders who are propelled, I would presume as a Christian, by forces unseen which inhabit souls to the detriment of humankind. NOT “feminists”. Again, since it appears that even very recent history appears to elude you, try an internet search where you shall easily find thousands upon thousands of BOTH men and women who are espousing such lunacy.

    And as a woman myself, I can attest that any GENUINE feminist would fight this battle tooth & nail and never succumb to its twisted philosophy.

    And when you do find these man and women spouting untruths, remember that in continuously denigrating and demeaning ONLY women who comprise a majority at just over 51% of the populace, you might want to attempt to embrace the idea of including women in this noble quest. This, as by proclaiming that females are somehow the “scourge of the planet”, you are not merely seeming foolish to those who read or hear such preposterousness, but you are most importantly alienating the one single group whom any other group requires to battle this enemy and win ANY election.

    • “ And most of them place feelings over facts, along with a much smaller number of men like Phyllis Baruth…”

      I don’t believe this to be absolutist language, though I’ll apologize for the cheap shot at Baruth. 🤣 You can look into the increasing gender divide on the left / right paradigm though, because it’s very real. In general, women lean left and men lean right, and not by a little bit. It’s a big divide.

      • And yet here I am as so MANY women are as you can often discern by their names, yet you vigorously argue with me because I adamantly refuse to “admit” that “women” are the cause of the world’s problems. Laughable. But only in light of the facts & realities I previously provided.

        And while I cite my sources to bring forth the facts: The New Testament, the FBI, the CIA, Rome, Greece, & the USA histories to include but a few of the world governments largely led by men who deconstructed – what are your sources which evidence your assertion that the VAST (as in the “big” divide you describe) number of females vote/voted for “progressive” or socialist/Communism candidates and the men voted conservatively? And please be specific to trans-sexuality – whatever that is.

        In reality, it is the YOUNGER segment of the population who vote for socialism & socialist programs are most largely aligned with the democrat party. But then again, I need to apologize, as that’s just yet another fact which can again be easily affirmed via pollster organizations via the internet.

      • I’m attempting so hard to recall the name of the woman who signed a Presidential Executive Order about two years which demanded that any public school (at least those which accepts federal funding for ANY program including the school lunch program) allow “transgender” students to freely use the restroom and the locker room they most “align” with as opposed to their biological designation made at birth by a medical professional.

        Oh WAIT! I just remembered: It was President Joseph Biden!

        I knew I’d remember her name if I kept at it………..

  18. I thought either one of you might have instead brought up Taylor Small at the Vermont Legislature. Interestingly, you didn’t. Must not quite fit the “narrative” I ‘spose.

  19. If males who imagine themselves to be female are allowed to play in women’s sports, this is an argument against having separate men and women’s teams. For example, why have two ice hockey teams, male and female. Rather just have one team open to both sexes – err, genders. Just think of the budget savings that would result for Vermont schools!

  20. VTINDEPENDENT: Your argument might hold water except for two lil’ reasons:

    1.) WHERE are the “dads”? Surely women who are weaker & smaller & possess less muscle mass than men do cannot physically prevent these great fathers from playing pivotal roles in their children’s lives, correct? Huh….wait…..perhaps if so many of them weren’t confined to prison or too busy in the drug trade to care…..I wonder.

    2.) The FBI/DOJ crime stats go back MANY decades as I inferred when I first wrote of it on here: Males have been the group guilty of committing the vast majority of violent crimes since the turn of the 20th century according to this data. You know, back when good “daddies” stuck around after “mating” to provide that parental love & guidance so necessary for BOTH male & female offspring to help ensure stable futures?

    And remember: NOT every man can be as good of a father as Hunter Biden, the deadbeat daddy of the Century who resided within the confines of a Malibu mansion and claims he cannot “afford” to pay the court ordered child support for his daughter.

    • @ Kathleen

      The men aren’t sticking around for several reasons; our government decided to offer significant financial benefits to single mothers which they won’t get if the dad sticks around. For many women I think they decided they’d do better that way- didn’t think about how the kids would do. And sadly too many men were now exempted from responsibility for the children they created which worked fine for them- not so good for the children.

      And yes, men have always been the warriors, adventurers, and yes committed the most serious crimes. It’s probably inherent in their biological makeup. But until recent decades I do think there was more of an expectation that men would act a certain way to women, in public etc and that’s mostly gone now.

  21. Great job mvcs. Wish more schools had the girls interests at heart like you do. It’s a terrible path we are leading them down.
    That said, the player is not “they” he is he and we should not cave to such lunacy to pacify his feelings.

  22. Rose, your community loves you and celebrates you for who you are. We have your back.

    Author, shame on you for calling this CHILD out by her name and endangering her. And VDC, shame on you for publishing it.

    • Regardless of his feelings and who he ‘thinks’ he is, Rose does NOT belong on the girls basketball team and the shame belongs to the policy/decision makers at LTS who allow a biological male to be on the team.

    • That’s: “Him”. And there are but two sexes. And no matter how many artificial hormones one takes OR how many surgeries one elects: you cannot alter your biological sex. SCIENCE. FACT. REALITY.

      And if this boy has genuinely been endangered, may I recommend you contact law enforcement authorities in Dorset immediately. Or did you defund them?

    • Karen –

      If ”Rose” is a child then your supporting their “transition” is even more reprehensible. It’s child abuse. However at 6’4” inches that doesn’t sound like a child but a young man.

      Besides Rose isn’t the one who is the villain in this story at all. I feel sorry for Rose, as most do, who is being guided by delusional adults who would rather score points doing the current thing even though it endangers other people’s daughters and makes a mockery of the mentally ill.

      You’ll notice no young men are playing basketball on college girls teams. It won’t happen. Also, Rugby has yet to see a women challenge the men because rugby has banned it, for reasons that should be common sense to any neurotypical adult.

      Have a look at data. Not even grown Olympic level women can compete with high school boys. You should’ve ashamed for putting a young man on the court with such obvious advantages over the girls.

  23. It is a crying shame that the young women of MVCS were robbed of the opportunity to advance in the division. The fault lies with the ‘woke’ left movement that pushes the “boys can be girls” agenda. Whether LTS allowed a biological male on their team to appease the woke agenda OR more nefariously, in an attempt to gain an advantage in the arena, the policymakers at LTS should be ashamed themselves and in my opinion should be held accountable.

  24. Now everybody go to the Mid Vermont Christian School website and donate money for what they did. We have to support those that stand up for what is right.

  25. I’m amazed by the horrible people here. All other feelings aside, it’s stunning that a newspaper would publish the name of an underage student to a group of people who hate them.