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Vermont doctor to join vax mandate roundtable at Dartmouth

Vermont physician Horace “Sandy” Reider will participate in a high-level roundtable  Wednesday, April 26 at Dartmouth College. 

Concerned Alumni of Dartmouth College (CADC) will facilitate a robust, nuanced, data-based discussion of Covid-19 policies with a focus on college Covid-19 vaccination mandates.

Fellow panelists include Dr. Martin Kulldorf, Harvard Medical School professor co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration,  and Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson.

“My particular contribution will be around medical ethics, which are, and have been, in serious trouble from the perspective of an old fashioned doc who believes in Nuremberg and UNESCO’s version of informed consent,” Reider told VDC today.

For this purpose, alumni have assembled a panel of thought-leaders in epidemiology, medicine, civil liberties, and clinical data acquisition and analysis for an in-depth look at the risks and benefits of college Covid-19 vaccine mandates that persist at Dartmouth and at nearly 1,000 campuses in the US.

After the roundtable educational event to be held at the Hanover Inn, there will be a fundraiser dinner with keynote speaker Aaron Siri and special guest, Robert F Kennedy Jr..

This event will be live-streamed on CHD.TV.

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