Vermont Daily: Monday, October 19 edition

NRA endorses a few Dems, mostly Republicans for Vermont Senate

But Dem incumbents Sears, Nitka, Starr get “A” grade, endorsement from Second Amendment advocates

By Guy Page

Several Democratic incumbents are among the Vermont state senators, including Sen. Richard Sears (Bennington) and Sen. Alice Nitka (Windsor) receiving endorsements and “A” grades from the National Rifle Association (NRA). However, Republicans received the majority of top grades and endorsements. MORE……

Heating fuel delivery denied to ‘red tagged’ tank owners

Vermonters wondered how and why a Legislature could pass a fuel tank inspection law that would literally leave homeowners in the cold and expose them to the public embarassment of being named on an Agency of Natural Resources online database.

The State of Vermont is showing some flexibility by extending the inspection deadline for some types of fuel tanks. However, the no-delivery rule for inspected-and-failed fuel tanks is still in force. As confirmed in the statement from the Vermont Fuel Dealers printed below, homeowners who haven’t had their heating oil fuel tanks inspected now have until May. An uninspected tank that doesn’t pose a “significant threat” may still be filled. MORE….

Middlebury asked to allow marijuana sales

by Sun Community News

At a Middlebury Selectboard meeting held on Oct. 13, board members knew local resident David Silberman wasn’t blowing smoke when he noted that the Vermont Act 64 law, pertaining to the regulation of marijuana in Vermont, was recently signed into law.

Silberman said that a section of the act requires voter approval, by means of Australian ballot at an annual or special town meeting, to authorize cannabis retailers to operate within a municipality, and he requested that the Selectboard consider adding that question to the 2021 Town Meeting warning. MORE……

Drug addiction, Darwinism lurk behind “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

For Halloween season, Northfield author reviews horror classics

Editor’s note: for the Halloween season, author Peter Fernandez of Northfield has authored thoughtful reviews of two horror classics: Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and (in an upcoming issue) Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”

You may assume familiarity with Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” if you’ve seen one of its countless film adaptations. But, like so many other classic novels, or in this case, novella, movie producers often surgically dislodge the original literary organs, and transplant them with standard theatrical invention. 

After the publication of Stevenson’s 1886 Victorian classic, popular American actor Richard Mansfield bought the rights to the 13,500 word fiction, and hired Boston writer Thomas A. Sullivan to adapt the story for the stage. MORE…..

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