Vermont Climate Council lone cheerleader for floundering TCI

By David Flemming, Ethan Allen Institute

The Vermont Climate Council is poised to recommend that Vermont join the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) as a partial funding source for their Climate Action Plan, due in December. TCI is a hypothetical “cap and trade” scheme for motor fuels that several states would have to sign onto to make viable. The Council pursued this policy avenue despite repeated warning signs that TCI was not popular within the New England/Mid-Atlantic region, did not have the support of a majority of state governments, and did not look likely to ever become enacted.

That unlikelihood became a certainty last week when the only three governors committed to TCI, Ned Lamont of Connecticut, Daniel McKee of Rhode Island, and Charlie Baker of Massachusetts all officially dropped their support for TCI, effectively killing the idea for good.

As Ned Lamont, remarked “Look, I couldn’t get that through when gas prices were at an historic low, so I think the legislature has been pretty clear that it’s going to be a pretty tough rock to push when gas prices are so high, so no.”

Press secretary for Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker Terry MacCormack proclaimed, “The Baker-Polito Administration always maintained the Commonwealth would only move forward with TCI if multiple states committed, and, as that does not exist, the transportation climate initiative is no longer the best solution for the Commonwealth’s transportation and environmental needs.”

What this means for Vermont is that a foundational component of the Climate Action Plan, which never should have been there in the first place, has been pulled out from under, calling into question both the overall viability of the plan and the judgment of the people putting it together.

TCI was a bad concept with unlikely prospect since its inception. Now we can officially add it to the long list of things in the Climate Action Plan not at all based on reality.

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  1. Beyond the VermontDailyChronicle, TrueNorthReports and the Vermont Biz, what other Vermont news organizations have covered this story?

    The Vermont Climate Council is reported to be going to rely on TCI for funding while the TCI is collapsing as states abandon it should be headline for every news outlet in Vermont……This is huge!…….Why so little coverage?

    Where is the VTDigger, SevenDays, VPR, WCAX, The Rutland Herald and every other news outlets that produce reams of headlines if Vermont gets more than an inch of rain, reminding us of the extreme dangers of climate change.

    Looks like David Flemming is on to a block buster story as the Vermont Climate Council is having one of its much needed and “required rivers of funding” drying up on it……..Yet so little interest by the Vermont media.

    Does a story have to fit the media’s agenda or political philosophy before it becomes a NEWS STORY?…….The lack of coverage of this story certainly makes one wonder.

    • Advertisers and Underwriters certainly indirectly guide story decisions. All of these news outlets, regardless of non-profit status need to make money. What these organizations choose to publish is a direct result of attempting to increasing readership and consequently revenue.

  2. Marxist Media Productions is alive and well in Vermont, that’s why no other “News” outlet is broadcasting any Truth or Valuable News Stories.

    Journalism no longer is independent, as they all are mockingbirds for pre-written scripts that are sent out daily to all their members. They can only read what is put out by their puppet masters.

    People must leave the Marxist News Outlets in droves in order to stop the flood of lies.

  3. ” calling into question both the overall viability of the plan and the judgment of the people putting it together” Really ? Other than those who have green, not gray matter between their ears, who saw this as any more than another attempt to keep”We the People”, down ?

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