Confirmed: Brattleboro first-grader vaccinated against parents’ will

Superintendent says it was mistake, apologizes

“A student whose parents did not consent to vaccination was mistaken for a student whose parents did consent.”

– Supt. Mark Speno

by Guy Page

A first-grade student at the Academy School in Brattleboro was vaccinated for Covid-19 against the expressed will of his parents, Windham Southeast Supervisory Union Superintendent Speno said in a letter to parents yesterday, November 23.

The story first surfaced two days ago, November 22, in the New Hampshire news website Granite Grok. A lightly edited version of the news story appears below. The father of a first grader claimed his son at the elementary school had been vaccinated for Covid-19 despite his objections, which were shared by his wife.

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked Gov. Phil Scott yesterday at his press conference, “There’s a news report that a first-grader in the Academy School in Brattleboro was vaccinated against the expressed wishes of his parents. Have you or anyone in your administration heard of this, and if so what steps are you taking to prevent it from happening again?”

Scott said he hadn’t heard about it, but Secretary of Education Secretary Dan French said, “The New Hampshire Commissioner of Education called me to discuss this issue. He just wanted to alert me that he had heard a rumor about this.”

The accuracy of the “rumor” was confirmed in a letter from Interim Supt. Mark Speno to supervisory union parents yesterday, and shared on the Academy School Facebook page by Principal Kelly Dias. Speno said: “The school district has recently hosted three vaccination clinics with the Vermont Dept. of Health for ages five and up, one being at Academy School. Unfortunately, in the course of vaccinating students at this clinic, a mistake was made. A student whose parents did not consent to vaccination was mistaken for a student whose parents did consent. We are deeply sorry that this mistake happened, and have worked internally to improve our screening procedures.”

“The Health Department has worked to evaluate its procedures to ensure that this does not happen again,” Speno said. “Thankfully, we are not aware of any harm to the student because of this mistake.”

Speno’s letter repeats several times that the incident was a mistake, and highlights the role of the Vermont Department of Health. A screenshot of the Facebook message from Principal Dias, republishing Speno’s letter, appears below:

As of this writing, there has been no coverage of this story in the local or weekly newspapers covering Windham County. The Granite Grok story is republished below, with permission and light edits.


Here is the story from a rather (and rightfully so!) irate Dad who previously told the school that he did not want his son vaccinated and was not giving the Administration at Academy School in Brattleboro, VT permission to do so.

Our son in question is 6 years old and goes to the Academy School and is in the first grade. The first week of November, my wife and I found the school was going to have a Vaccine clinic on the 12th of November. I took my son to school the next morning and on seeing the Vice Principal I explained to him that I was leery and did not want to have our son inoculated yet (if ever). My wife was in agreement.

He (Vice Principal) did not seem happy with what I was saying. On the morning of the 12th, my wife was a little hesitant to send our son to school, trusting what the Vice Principal said. My wife drove our son to school.

Picking our son up in the afternoon, our son announced he got the shot and showed my wife his vaccine card that had the name <redacted  -Skip> for the first name, but a wrong last name. To say we were upset would be a gross understatement.

We knew we would have to wait till Monday to do anything. I got two calls on my cell phone the next day: one from Vermont Department of Health telling me of the mix up and an apologizing for the mix up. Then the school Principal called and she was very apologetic. She told me she would find out what went wrong an get back to me.

We have not heard a thing yet. Also as to the Vice Principal who I had spoke to on the matter:  we have not heard from him at all.

Yep, once again we see another instance of the Education-Industrial Complex deciding that THEIR “responsibility” for the students placed into their limited care isn’t all that limited at all and certainly outweighs that of, ahem, those students’ Parents.

And yes, I have saved off the page.  Not only that, our source, via the family has supplied us with the VAX card, front and back, and this as well (first name redacted, the fake last name mostly redacted but is included to show we have the real thing:

Student Name Tag Brattleboro Academy School

The VAX card (again, similar redacting treatment of the name):

Academy School VAX Card front
Academy School VAX Card Back

So, just from a legal standpoint, I’m thinking the school and the Administration are in deep sneakers over this. Apologies from Principal Kelly Dias, from a legal standpoint, demonstrate that a wrong has actually happened AGAINST THE PARENTS’ wishes.

Confirmed by the silence from Vice Principal Jon Sessions. And if the clinic was run by the VT Department of Health, what were THEIR safeguards that should have prevented this from happening?

The first name was correct – the last name was “made up”. The Dad said “NO!”. The Mom said “NO!”.

The school said, “Yes?  You BETCHA”. After all, Schools “know” better, right?

Even here in NH, there is a battle of who gets to determine if a kid gets Jabbed or not.  What kind of permission sheet must be offered and then signed?  Or just an announcement that a clinic is happening and LINE UP THOSE SYRINGES!  Having a Parent present, especially for a young child, for the procedure?

Some Districts are saying not needed – at the School Board level. These are the people you want representing YOU for the care of your children?

Sure, the Government has voted that such vaxes are “safe”. Safe – but for what time period?  During the shot, a few days after the shot?

What about years down the line, especially as evidence is mounting that Government DOESN’T know what the longer-term issues may be.

And if adverse reactions DO show up for these little ones (a year or two down the line? What about Puberty or afterward)? The Medicos have no answers – it seems to come down to “Trust us, we’re the experts!”.

Yeah, just as expert as Kelly Dias and Jon Sessions in what seems to be a “sneak him into that Vax line” move?  If something happens, are THEY going to be on the hook for medical and legal bills?   Yes, legal assistance is being assembled from what I understand.

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  1. Sue them for every penny you can. Hopefully your son will be ok but if not, at least you will be able to afford the medical care he needs.

  2. You are all fired and we will see you in court….. Wow, this should have never happened; what incompetence ?

  3. Accident, Mistake, Intentional act- whatever term one chooses to use, this was (and is) an illegal act on the part of the School District. Vaccination for SARS-CoV-2 is not required under Title 18 VSA. Failure to obtain consent might be considered an error of omission, were the child vaccinated with a standard FDA approved vaccine. The use of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines available in the United States is under an Emergency Use Order. The resulting consequence to any child’s health is unknown, however the liability for any consequence rest with the parents that consented on behalf of the child. For this particular child – liability for payment of any medical treatments over this child’s entire lifetime that even could be remotely attributable to the “vaccine” now rests firmly upon the School District and The State of Vermont. Any illness. Because knowledge of the short and long term effect of the “Vaccine” is unknown- and the FDA will not release the study data entirely for 55 years- The State of Vermont owns the costs of any such testing, treatment and loss this child has. For this child’s lifetime. What was done cannot be undone.
    Interesting that this occurred in Windham County.
    The Legislative leadership along with the Governor now need to formulate a response for this illegal action AND need to seriously consider more than current government edict and dogma surrounding the vaccination program. It is becoming more evident that the dogma is faulty and not with public health and safety as it’s priority.
    Without knowing nor considering this child’s health, as it is not relevant to the issue-
    Following the DATA provided by the Vermont Dept. of Health, the “vaccine” administered is of greater risk to this and any other healthy child than infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus will pose.
    I’ll write it again. The risk of death for the age group 0-19 from SARS-CoV-2 in Vermont is Zero.
    The risk of health effects to the same age group from the “vaccine” is unknown.

  4. Why are school districts allowed to vaccinate without a parent present…. On top of that, they make it like no injury occurred. Studies show that the aftermath for this technology results in mostly auto immune diseases and cancer. They have no idea the sterilization that they’re causing. My understanding is that the spike protein is settling in many different organs, particularly the ovaries. Someone needs to start a go fund me page to help with the lawsuit.

  5. Thorougnly investigate. Terminate employment of any person(s) who should be held responsible, whetrher by advertent action, omission, or negligence, up to and including the superintendent and school board.

  6. Further….questions for investigation:

    What procedures, if any, were in place to assure that a student’s identity could not be mistaken? If procedures were in place, were they adequate? Who wibly good as responsible for devising these procedures? Who was responsible for assuring that they were 100% correctly implemented, and was this done and documented? Regardless of what the superintendent or principal claim as to their culpability or lack thereof, what is a reasonable expectation of them, and did they meet this (in other words were they not just “due diligent”, but did they go above and beyond due diligence?

    One further point…..the supderintendent and principal are compensated way above $100,000 annually, with an understanding that stuff like this just DOESN”T HAPPEN. Explanation and excuse making does not suffice. They take their compensation and responsibility, in exchange for an underdtanding that the buck stops with them. There should be an incredibly good explanation of what happened, not just “oops we’re sorry and the health department is going to cgange its satuff so this dopesn;’t happen again”. It is NEVER enough to simply rely on or blame the health department, ot the “state” Superintendent Speno.This is sleight of hand administrators have used liberally for decades. When its convenient and necessary, blame Montpelier. No, YOU ARE TO BLAME.

  7. Why is a school administering a vaccine that has not been approved by the FDA. Supposedly the FDA only approved a vaccine that was not yet available under another name. This is still an experimental drug! It is not the responsibility of the school to administer these vaccines. Major law suit!! Shut the school down and fire all responsible for administering these experimental inoculations to kids. What are parents thinking? Kids don’t get this virus with serious side effects unless there is an underlying condition. As for adults, why would any gov’t entity stop the successful use of medical protocol and endanger all?? The protocol works people!! You have been brainwashed!

  8. You CAN’T fix this! The school incompetents have seriously injured this child and should immediately be fired, and the “nurse” who injected the child needs to go to jail. The school board who allowed these “clinics” must be fired as well. And our governor should spend time in gitmo for allowing such abuses to happen in Vermont. Please get your kids out of Vermont’s crap schools before they kill your child.

  9. I can remember when we had to have parental permission to participate in the school vitamin program. What is going on with our state government? There should be dire consequences for the administrators who allowed this to happen.

  10. Why isn’t this national news? No VPR coverage….hhhmmm. The mrna code will trick the child’s previously healthy immune system into producing unnatural, abrasive, thrombosis causing, cytotoxic spike proteins. The harm is yet to come. Everyone involved in this must be held accountable.

  11. I think the person who actually gave the jab should also be held responsible. “Following orders” just doesn’t cut it with the vaccination stuff.

  12. Ever notice how the liberal concept just keeps escalating with more and more control? This is a classic example of the trend that has to be stopped dead in it’s tracks. I agree with another writer here, a lawsuit is DEFINITELY needed to be filed, because these writings alone in venues such as this will not stop these D/P-Tards. This is a must, or we endure more of the same and very likely worse than this. I will gladly contribute to getting competent legal folks started on this needed action.

  13. Parent had a conversation before hand. To ensure their child would not be vaccinated. This is not just a simple oops mistake, this is serious business, this is a crime of all crimes. I’m in another part of VT but you can bet your arses I will be calling my child’s school Monday to ensure they never Ooops it was a make a mistake’ because I would not be held responsible if an experiment is injected into my child and i instantly develop Mama bear syndrome! I’m very outraged over this, as a parent of a child not vaccinated. This is a nightmare.

  14. I would be madder than you know’s time to take all of these criminals down with very serious law suits, including Department of (whose) Health.
    Nuremberg trials are in process now…time to get on board.
    There is absolutely NO excuse for this to have happened..pure negligence!

  15. this is why the schools are supposed to be for learning ONLY!

    all shots need to be done at a doctor’s office with parents present!

    i look forward to the lawsuit that covers a stay on all jabs at schools. who had the very STUPID blankedy blank idea for jabbing children at school. Monsters!

  16. Fortunately, the vaccination can be reversed. The vaccine is magnetic. Applying the positive and negative poles of a super-magnet to the child’s feet will cause the vaccine to pool there, from whence it can be easily drained out. (Dr. Marcus Leavenworth, British Journal of Applied Necromancy, July 2021).

  17. Sue every ignorant, evil, socialist, lib, Dem, terrorist voter; good, free, productive people should not pay for their ignorance and evil.

  18. Sue every evil, ignorant, socialist, lib, Dem, terrorist voter; good, free, productive Vermonters should not pay for their evil and ignorance.

  19. Absolutely horrendous! If this were to happen to one of my grandkids there would be ___to pay.
    I believe this was purposely done… not an accident.
    The evil agenda to harm our precious children and their perfect immune systems… there is absolutely no reason to be giving these children a covid shot. And how much money are these schools receiving per student to sell their health!!!! I will not even call it a vaccine because it isn’t. This is gene therapy and more.

    Parents.. wake up!!!! I implore you.. wake up!!!!
    Educate yourselves to what is really going on.

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