Vax hesitant Vermonters most concerned about side-effects

Coronavirus cases are rising and a new variant has quickly spread across the country. Still, millions of Americans remain unvaccinated and say they have no plans to change that. Online insurance broker QuoteWizard looked at the latest data on vaccine hesitancy.

In Vermont, concern about side effects leads the way with 54%, followed by 36% waiting until they think it’s safe. 26% don’t trust the vaccines.

They found that concerns over side effects, government mistrust and indifference are the main reasons why people aren’t getting vaccinated. In Vermont, the reasons follow a similar pattern to the national data: 54% are worried about side effects; 36% are waiting to see if it’s safe. 28% don’t trust the government. 26% don’t trust COVID-19 vaccines. 11% don’t think it’s a big threat.

Nationwide Key findings:

  • 55% of people say concerns over side effects are keeping them from getting vaccinated
  • 47% of people say they don’t trust the vaccine, up from 45% in October
  • 25% of unvaccinated people don’t believe COVID-19 is a threat, up from 21% in October
  • 0.5% of people said they experienced side effects after their first dose.

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  1. It’s not a vaccine. It never has been a vaccine. It is experimental technology never before mess tested on humans and it skipped animal testing.

    Oh…and all the ferrets died.

  2. Until our politicians have a forum and debate with the respected doctors who have not had their concerns addressed there is no safety or no trust/

  3. On January 6, 2021 Vermont had 120 reported Covid cases with only a small portion of the population vaccinated. Today, one year later, Vermont reports 2,188 cases with 96% of the eligible population having received at least one dose. And yet “the vaccines are working”? Not unless you live in a parallel universe.

  4. The “vaccines” which aren’t a true vaccine, at least for all the ones available in the US are neither safe nor effective. Even with an inadequate VAERS system we know that the number of deaths and adverse effects associated with them is unprecedented; any other vaccine or medication would have been pulled long ago.

    Our government and public health agencies have been lying to us all along. Forcing an experimental use vax on people is a violation of the Nuremberg Laws.

    Preventing people from obtaining early treatment is such a profound violation of medical ethics; watching country after country do this has been astounding.

    I will NEVER trust our government, it’s agencies or public health system again. Their lies are unconscionable.

  5. As well, they just plain don’t work. Data coming from heavily vaxed countries such as Denmark are showing negative efficacy for the vax now; the more vaxes one had, the likelier they are to get Omicron. So why on earth would any sane person want to take an experimental vax with serious and even fatal side effects that won’t even prevent the illness it’s supposed to be for?

  6. The frequent use of “hesitancy” and “mistrust” in the public narrative is infuriating. A key response option was missing: “Not getting it because I see through the propaganda BS.”

  7. “Vaccine” “hesitant” “misinformation” “refusal” are all propaganda words.
    This is NOT a vaccine. It does not vaccinate. It does not prevent future infection and it does not prevent the treated from spreading the disease.
    “Hesitant” suggests those who are willing but fearful of th shots. Many are not willing. And they are correct.
    The shot does not protect yourself or others from infection
    The shot does not protect against mutations
    Those who already received the shot are harboring mutated COVID viruses. i
    mammals In the wild are being infected with COVID and with mutations
    Those who have not taken the shots are harboring both COVID 19 and the mutations.

    If you have a plan to vaccinate every cat dog, deer, mouse, raccoon, rat squirrel and every other mammal in Vermont with a real vaccine then, maybe, just maybe, those with a thinking brain may consider taking it.

    Until then, please put away the Goebbels handbook of propaganda and give it up.

  8. Fluvoxamine works. Look up the data. Take it as soon as you start to feel sick. Dont wait for diagnosis. It cant hurt, so if youre negative just stop and save it for when you are positive. No hospitalization. No death. No long covid. If your dr. wont subscribe it, say your ocd and cant stop washing your hands. Its an antidepressant that when prescribed off label for covid works almost 100%. Look it up. Worked for my fam.

  9. “aren’t intelligent enough to research an experimental drug before allowing someone to inject it into your body” – And you are – great! I just need to know the resources you use for your research. Which lab, using whose basic and translational research and where you have published the results of your research? Simple question.

    • Uh we got a Darwin award winner here folks. Make sure you get your booster of the Rothschild Cull Shot and wear that face diaper!

      • All I did was ask the source of the research conducted – I even admitted that I was not smart enough to conduct virological and epidemiological research at the same level as the original poster. I merely asked that they share their sources. It has to be kept secret from us poor ignorant folks? C’mon help a neighbor, and tell me how I might drink from your fountain of enlightenment.

      • Hee…hee…fountain of enlightment. You’re a clever one aren’t ya!

        CNNs on somewhere. Go fetch!

  10. This is after US FDA claimed all were “Safe and Effective”. Hoping for the day when all are suspended for 110 and under.
    Taiwan suspends 2nd Pfizer vaccine for 12-17
    Sweden suspends Moderna for under 30
    Finland suspends Moderna for under 30
    Denmark suspends Moderna for under 18
    Norway suspends Moderna for under 18
    France suspends Moderna for under 30
    Germany suspends Moderna for under 30


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