Bills introduced this year, last year eliminate vax religious exemption for minors

by Flora Scott

The Vermont legislature is considering a bill, H 148, that would eliminate the religious belief exemption to vaccination. Spearheaded by Representative George W. Till ( D- Jericho), a practicing physician in Burlington, who has been troubled by the increase in people claiming religious exemption after Vermont became the first state in the nation to remove its “philosophical exemption.”

The bill was introduced last January and has been in the House Judiciary Committee since. Its language specifically references requiring vaccination before entering school.  

Meanwhile, Sen. Brian Campion (D-Bennington) sponsored S153 earlier this week. It is similar to H148.

A philosophical exemption allowed parents’ personal beliefs, moral objections or safety concerns to decide whether to vaccinate their children. It was the most commonly used exemption in Vermont. At the time, 4 percent of Vermonters used philosophical exemption according to the Vermont Department of Health. In the two years after the policy change, the rate of religious exemption claims jumped from 0.5 percent to 3.7 percent. 

Historically, Vermont had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the nation. Vaccinated kindergartens entering school in 2014-15 were below the 95 percent mark identified by the medical community as creating “herd immunity” against vaccination-preventable diseases.

Till believes the pandemic has opened the eyes of Vermonters to just how important vaccinations can be. He told Seven Days in its 1/22/21 issue that, ”The truth of it is that there are very few religions that actually have an objection to vaccines”. He believes, ”People are really, truthfully just misusing the religious exemption.” 

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  1. How about that mind reading capability to know whether people’s consciences are truthful or not? WTH? Since when does an elected official get to tell his electors what they’re thinking is for their children? What an arrogant person. How about you focus on keeping your floundering city safe and leave the rest of the state to do as they please doc…

  2. Since when does/did the state take the responsibility from the parents to raise their own children….These cretins under the golden dome has BALLS…

  3. It’s funny all the sudden dr till is into “protecting kids” as he otherwise delights in tearing them limb by limb.

  4. Rep. Dr. George Till is dangerous to Vermont. Dangerous to your freedoms as guaranteed by Vermont’s Constitution. He apparently ignored the part of his state oath of office to:”You do solemnly swear (or affirm) that as a member of this Assembly, you will not propose, or assent to, any bill, vote or resolution, which shall appear to you injurious to the people, nor do or consent to any act or thing whatever, that shall have a tendency to lessen or abridge their rights and privileges, as declared by the Constitution of this State; but will, in all things, conduct yourself as a faithful, honest Representative and guardian of the people, according to the best of your judgment and ability. So help you God. (Or in the case of an affirmation) Under the pains and penalties of perjury.” Should he have taken an oath as a medical doctor- “first do no harm” he appears to ignore that as well.
    Chapter 1 Article 3 of the Vermont Constitution is fairly explicit concerning religious freedoms.
    That Rep. Dr. George Till seeks to impugn the explicit promises of the constitution seems a display of arrogance and hubris the like of which we see in people like anthony fauci, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer.
    Rep. Dr. George Till’s bill, H148 removes any religious exemption from the vaccination debate for children at schools and Day Care facilities. Period. As Vermont grapples with the current “vaccine” debate for SARS-CoV-2, parents may have to make some difficult choices- School and Day Care for their children OR forced injection of a mRNA “vaccine” of decreasing efficacy, with known and unknown risk to “prevent” a virus with a 0% fatality rate for those under 19 in Vermont.
    I guess it makes perfect sense to a liberal or socialist. That “we” must protect the collective at any cost is a socialist/communist construct- that “we” must trample and disregard anything that gets in the way of the collective has become a common theme for legislation under the Golden Dome of late.
    To allow legislation such as this, or any other mandate to become law- brings Vermont closer to
    the nirvana sought by Bernie Sanders- A socialist nightmare very closely resembling Manor Farm in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

  5. we need to start not complying with anything our government orders, it’s no longer government by the people it’s become dictitorial.

  6. The Pope aside, many Christians do NOT adhere to injections containing aborted babies. Dr Till is turning everything on its head in hopes of normalizing untold acts while shaming those who have well-formed consciences.

    • Till, a real embarrassment to Jericho residents, and in my opinion even a greater embarrassment to the medical field. Question for all Vermonters who have read and understand the U.S. Constitution. Does the 1st Amendment apply to only adults, or are Children protected by that Amendment as well. It’s a rhetorical question ! You would think a medical professional with Dr degree would understand the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Personal note : I became a believer in God and the accuracy of the Bible when I was 10 years old. At age 10 – 17 (still considered a minor) I was quite aware of the inconsistencies of the world that contradicted my religious beliefs. Till’s reckless bill supercedes the Constitutional rights of Children.

  7. In the midst of the largest failed medical experiment in human history, Representatives Till and Campion are trying to make sure there are no exits for our kids from this mass psychosis phenomena that is pushing a completely ineffective at stopping the spread and now knowingly dangerous “vaccine” that is not a vaccine.

    How can they be so dangerously blind?

    How can they possibly want to force a parent to vaccinate their children with a failed vaccine that is known to cause proportionately more negative side effects (including deaths) than any “vaccine” in history?

    What kind of hubris powers men like this?

    Hands off of other’s children, Mr. Till and Campion.

    If there is Nuremberg type trials that some day holds those who forced others into a medical experiment without informed consent responsible for there deeds (under the Nuremberg Code that is now being trampled on), I hope Till and Campion can attend and have a front row seat.

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