Vaccine passport ban introduced

photo credit CDC.gov

by Guy Page

A bill to ban vaccine passports has been introduced into the Vermont House of Representatives.

H452 would “prohibit the use of COVID-19 passports, which require individuals to disclose their vaccination status, by businesses and to attend public events.” The lead sponsor is Rep. Vicki Strong (R-Albany). Co-sponsors are Reps. Lynn Batchelor (R-Derby Line), Mark Higley (R-Lowell), and Robert LaClair (R-Barre Town).

The bill was referred to the Health Care Committee. No action on H452 is expected this year. The Vermont Legislature is expected to adjourn this week or next.

H452 joins several other bills related to immunization that have gone nowhere this year:

H148, eliminating the religious objection to immunization, sponsored by Rep. Dr. George Till (D-Underhill);

H322, exemption to immunizations required for attendance at school and child care facilities on the basis of conscientious and personal beliefs, sponsored by Strong, Higley, Batchelor, LaClair, and Reps. Warren Kitzmiller (D-Montpelier) and Paul Lefebvre (I-Island Pond).

H323, reporting on adverse reactions to immunizations, sponsored by Strong, Higley, LaClair, Batchelor, Lefebvre, and Rep. Jim Masland (D-Thetford).

All of these bills will be eligible for action next year, in the second half of the 2021-22 biennium.

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  1. That’s right, No Vaccine Passports! We also need to keep religious exemptions! The current Vermont government is anti-Constitution, just take a look at what’s been signed by the Governor. Look at the S15 Universal Mail Ballot Bill – it is unlawful – read Article 8 of the VT Constitution. Our elected officials are sworn to uphold the VT Constitution – Are They? They need to be held accountable. Our Liberty comes from God not men.

  2. So, in all their wisdom, during the proclaimed “state of emergency” our House reps opt to do nothing with regard to timely issues surrounding the issues involved. Nice!!

    The only positive thing of them not doing anything is they did not make matters worse, which is typical of these liberal leaders.

  3. violation of hippa laws by disclosing med. status is a huge federation fine, violation of Americans with disabilities laws by asking your health status is $75,000 each occurance!

  4. violation of hippa laws by disclosing medical info is huge federal fine, violation of Americans with disabilities act by asking about medical status is $75,000 each occurance.

  5. My medical history is my business. That includes my vaccination record. NO vaccine passports! No exceptions!

    • Thank you Dublin! This information is exactly what the people of Vermont should be hearing. All the bogus Covid19 Briefings that the VT governor and his commie administration puts out twice a week contains so many lies. All we hear is the Left/Commie Agenda rhetoric to get the vaccines – which are NOT vaccines, they are experimental shots. Wake Up People, who’ve been had, who’ve been lied too and are continued to being lied too. Where are all the REAL JOURNALISTS – WHERE ARE THE REAL QUESTIONS?! There are consequences for their lies, it is unlawful in so many ways what this administration is doing.

  6. Hello silly people. This has nothing to do with Hippa Laws. This is pure grandstanding for the sake of grandstanding. As someone who grew up in Orleans County and lived for a time in Barre, I recognize the nonsense these legislators are slinging. Look around, are they doing anything to bring your state into the 21st century? Stimulate the economy? Create any jobs at all? But you, my fellow Vermonters reward them by being incredibly ignorant and wanting to believe that the Governor is a “commie”.

  7. Swans Tour of New England out of Burlington is requiring vaccine cards and masks. Saying it’s required by federal/state law.