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UVM to build new dorms for 540 undergrads near DoubleTree

The University of Vermont will build undergraduate housing on the east side of its main campus, near I-89.

“Catamount Woods” will accommodate about 540 undergraduate students in apartments near the southern edge of Centennial Woods. UVM already leases the property to AAM 15, owners of the neighboring DoubleTree Hotel, for use as a parking lot.

“Building new housing is a top priority for the university,” UVM President Suresh Garimella said. “Catamount Woods will provide another attractive residential option for hundreds of our upper-level undergraduate students, offering them an opportunity to live on campus and enhancing the vibrancy of our community.”

UVM’s Board of Trustees approved Monday a resolution to authorize a partnership with AAM 15. The details of the agreement are still being finalized, but the project is expected to cost approximately $100 million. The university’s investment would represent roughly a quarter of the total project cost.

Barring any delays, the parties hope to begin the permitting process immediately with the goal of breaking ground in early 2024. The goal is to have the building ready for occupancy in time for the Fall 2025 semester.

This project is a continuation of the university’s effort to providing more housing for its students, faculty, and staff to help address the housing shortage in the area and the state. A housing complex for UVM graduate students and employees is already under construction in South Burlington as part of the university’s partnership with Snyder-Braverman, with initial occupancy expected in Summer 2024.

More information about UVM’s commitment to cooperative solutions in our community is at

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  1. …and like it has for the last 50 years, the cycle continues. Burlington officials and community activists complain that UVM students are using all the off-campus rental housing resulting in exorbitant rents and low vacancies…UVM builds more student housing to keep them on campus…UVM increases it’s enrollment…UVM students use up all the off-campus rental housing…

  2. I went to UVM. Suresh please explain what you mean by “upper-level” undergraduate students. This housing is based on GPA?

    Had the same thought as Rich too- without a class size announcement, this means nothing.

  3. Upper level just means juniors and seniors. These are traditionally the students who do not live on campus

  4. Building new housing is a top priority for the university,” UVM President Suresh Garimella said.
    I sure wish our legislators felt that way about us regular ole Vermonters.
    Wondering do our tax dollars contribute to this new housing project?