Utility asks members to conserve electricity, don’t charge cars in evening

  • All new car sales must be electric by 2035
  • Pricetag of Vermont grid electrification: $79 million/year for 28 years

By Guy Page

The Vermont Electric Co-op, Vermont’s second largest electricity utility, last week asked its members to not charge electric cars at the peak hours of 5-10 pm Wednesday July 20 and and Thursday July 21, due to the heat wave-related high demand for power.

The July 19 request by the Johnson-based member-owned utility was part of a larger ask for energy conservation. It reads:

Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) is encouraging members to conserve electricity tomorrow evening (Wednesday) and Thursday evening as demand for electricity across New England is expected to spike because of high temperatures. Specifically, VEC asks members to conserve electricity both evenings from 5-10 pm.

“When VEC can reduce the cost to buy and transmit electricity during these ‘peak’ periods, it helps control electricity rates for all co-op members over the long term,” said Jake Brown, VEC Energy Services Planner. 

Members can help “beat the peak” by:

  • Delaying the use of major appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, pool pumps etc., until the peak period has passed
  • Reducing the use of air conditioning as much as safely possible (Consider pre-cooling your home before the peak period) 
  • Turning off lights and powering down other devices that are not in use
  • Members who have electric vehicles can have a large impact by not charging during these hours, too [Italics added]. 

VEC officials this morning promised to address Vermont Daily Chronicle questions about the effectiveness of the voluntary conservation, the possibility of brownouts, and the longterm plan for accommodating electrified transportation. 

The EV-charging conservation request raised eyebrows around Vermont because the State of Vermont is committed by legislation to follow California emissions regulations, which recently were upgraded to ban all sales of virtually all new gas or diesel powered vehicles by 2035. Aftermarket purchases will still be permitted. 

“If the charging needs of 5000 EVs [now registered in Vermont] can overwhelm the electric grid during a week of July weather, what do these people think 42,000 of such vehicles will do?,” asked Ethan Allen Institute board member Rob Roper in an op-ed. “Even on a nice fall day? And then, 170,000 of them? Plus at the same time they’re pushing us to change out our oil and gas furnaces for electric heat pumps, etc. and so on?”

Vermont utility officials have a plan to improve Vermont’s energy grid to accommodate an expected huge demand for electricity as society uses less fossil fuels for heat and transportation. Under questioning by Sen. Russ Ingalls (R-Orleans), utility officials this January said the upgrade would cost $2.2 billion over 28 years. That’s $79 million/year, minus interest and cost overruns. 

Meanwhile, the State of Vermont is spending millions on the EV transition. Governor Phil Scott announced today that the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has awarded $1 million in grant funds to subsidize the cost of purchasing and installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at multiunit properties to provide residents with at-home charging access.

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  1. Keep stripping back on the infrastructure and wait and see what a wonderful dark world we all will have.
    You would hope that in the vision for the future we would make an orderly transition from one technology to something that would bridge us to that bright future. Wholesale abandonment will lead to significant gaps. The result will be predictably be the haves will continue to have and the have nots will be on the wrong end of this not so bright future. Nothing knew here . We are on the cusp of that reality.
    Bridge it , don’t burn it!

  2. Gee Whiz. Let us express our surprise. The slow undermining of America, right before our very eyes. Are we awakening from our slumber yet? Have we had enough, or shall we indulge with a little more tightening of the screws?

  3. Yup, yet another good reason not to buy an E.V. So far, no body’s telling me when I can and can not fuel my F150

  4. Sure, but should I still cook my Bat Soup during peak hours? Or grill the bat 1st them make soup after the peak hours? I’m confused! It takes a long time to prepare properly, using the Wuhan Method & Fried Fauci Funded seasoning.

  5. So, help me get this straight. How much of the “grant money” to construct more EV charging stations that the majority of us won’t be comes from our tax dollars, either directly or indirectly? Also, is there a charge for the use of the EV charging stations, as well as a tax that goes toward highway maintenance? I hate to sound naive, but I think it is important for us “nonusers'”, but tax payers to be informed.

    • There certainly should be a charge that goes towards highway maintenance, equal to amount per gallon of gas.

  6. It should be illegal to charge an EV with anything but wind or solar! If you’re giving up on fossil fuels, then give it up!

  7. Meanwhile Biden just shipped about 1/2 a billion taxpayer dollars worth of US oil reserves, overseas….don’t forget the 10% for the big guy.

    • Biden doesn’t understand the “strategic” part of strategic oil reserves. Too complicated for him!

  8. Perhaps if they put on their tin foil hat and sat on the roof of their car during a thunderstorm they could charge up the car without putting pressure on the grid?

  9. my my peak hours have changed…expanded! so who’s paying for the charges with all these new stations ??? maybe you insert your debit card?? oh and 79 million a year is a pittance to Vermont Gov officiator’s…and dont forget how that electricity gets to those stations…….this is all crazy making at a time when we all need a break from this crapola!!

  10. Considering the EV bus in CT catching fire after their Governor wants all State vehicles converted – other EV vehicles catching on fire, car fire on top of Mt. Washington – not sure if EV related, the toxicity of lithium battery fires, 15K to replace a battery… seems their plan is bursting into flames everywhere – all glory to God – the gates of Hell will not prevail

  11. Not one comment in support of climate change solutions. Shame on you. Could all you people be right? The solution is the Bil Gates equation that one of the numbers needs to approach zero. That number happens to be people. Cull people and all the problems go away without having to do a thing. A bioweapon vaccine would be ideal. Too bad that’s illegal as well as sociopathic. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

  12. Why isn’t Biden touting the latest breakthrough technology in cold fusion announced yesterday. This corporation now can mass produce cold fusion boilers that produce 2.7 times the energy that is required to run them. It’s a game changer that solves all the worlds energy and pollution problems. The only biproduct is a little helium. Tell the oil producers to pound salt. Actually diesel is still needed for transportation vehicles and food production until this new technology can be made mobile. Well Done our worries are over. Unless the gov regulates them to death. Still what can we do about those pesky people?

  13. What I don’t GET is why NO E/V’s have Solar Cells on their roofs, hoods, & trunks to CHARGE in the P–Lots while they SIT in the SUN? And if ALL these Lib’s are SO worried about OUR “Carbon Footprints” then WHY allow 30 Million Illegals to STAY here & another Million/Yr. crossing NOW? It should be called “Carbon butt-print” as HOW MUCH to drive your butt around, to keep your butt warm/cool, etc.? Don- I have a clip from “Barney Miller” (1979 TV Series) where a “scientist” was busted for RANTING & RAVING about the “coming Ice Age” & also I’ve heard about “Cold Fusion” forever w/NO REAL results. I actually worked for General Atomics Fusion Reactor in the early 80’s (US-DOE Grant $) & they had it up to about 70 Million Degrees for a few seconds, went NOWHERE, but sure wasted a LOT of money! Others have claimed there ARE “Alternative Energy” sources (Tesla’s “discoveries”?) stifled as it was “too cheap to meter”..Tesla claimed there was enough “energy” to power the world & when he died the FBI sent an MIT professor to examine his papers. The professors name? John Trump, Donald’s uncle. Look it up..

  14. As a reminder: Biden reentered the Paris Climate Accord which fails to provide incentives and/or exact penalties, cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, halted leasing operations in ANWAR, directed federal agencies to eliminate all support for fossil fuels and imposed new regulations on oil, gas and methane emissions; basically overnight. It’s beyond criminal…

  15. Sorry my link to show you the LENR technology that solves global warming is not allowed to be shared by my post. Censored again.

  16. You’ll have to search the uncensored website to find the LENR technology announcement. Lets try that.

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