Roper: Don’t use the cars we’re forcing you to buy!

Teslas wait in line for a charge

by Rob Roper

Vermont is preparing to sign onto the California Clean Cars II program, which will phase out and ultimately ban internal combustion engine vehicle sales by 2035, requiring that 100% of new cars sold be Zero Emission Vehicles. And Vermont electric utilities last week asked Vermonters not to charge their electric cars so as not to overload our electrical grid during the current heatwave. (VBM)

There are only about 5000 electric vehicles on Vermont roads today, and the grid can’t handle charging them all during a week of high but not unprecedented summer heat.

The Climate Action Plan put forward by the Climate Council under the Global Warming Solutions Act passed by the legislature calls for increasing the number of EVs on Vermont roads from that 5000 to 42,000 by 2025 – that’s just three years away – and to 170,000 by 2030.

Does anyone else see a problem here?

If the charging needs of 5000 EVs can overwhelm the electric grid during a week of July weather, what do these people think 42,000 of such vehicles will do? Even on a nice fall day? And then, 170,000 of them? Plus at the same time they’re pushing us to change out our oil and gas furnaces for electric heat pumps, etc. and so on?

Is there a plan in place to increase energy production and build up the grid by 2025 to accommodate the explosion of electricity demand they are orchestrating? No. There is not.  

I don’t want to be harsh, but this is unbelievably stupid and callously dangerous.

These people believe that due to climate change we are all going to be facing more extreme temperatures (hotter hots and colder colds) and their “solution” is forcing us to adopt technologies, like EVs, heat pumps, wind and solar electric generation, that either become increasingly unreliable or don’t work at all as weather conditions become more extreme. 

You can’t make this up. 

It’s a self-inflicted policy disaster that is going to get people killed – overheating in summer, freezing in winter, and not being able to escape extreme conditions because you can’t charge the car the government forced you to buy. 

The Vermont Climate Council has scheduled a series of public meetings to discuss these policies. Plan to participate and give them an earful. 

SCHEDULE In-person, 6-8 pm, doors open at 5:30 pm for tabling and food:

Sept. 7 – Manchester Park House

Sept. 8 – Newport Gateway Center

Sept. 14 – Burlington Old North End Community Center

Sept. 15 – Bellows Falls Lower Theatre

Sept. 22 – Barre Alumni Hall

Sept. 23 – Virtual, noon

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  1. “I don’t want to be harsh, but this is unbelievably stupid and callously dangerous.”

    It’s not harsh it’s the truth.

    • “There is nothing more dangerous or more stupid than placing important decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” – Thomas Sowell

      • Thomas Sowell is an intelligent man, and I wish more people listened to him. He speaks with reason and Truth is well spoken, well articulated, and has lived a long life and has been on both sides of the fence.

  2. A person can be wealthy and stupid at the same time. Vermont has many trustafarians. A trustafarian is a wreathy person so despised by their parents that they were given a monthly allotment of cash to never come home, so they came to Vermont. Others who came, sold their ridiculously overpriced houses in some over-populated liberal city, where they voted democrat their whole life, then came here. Most people with money have to show how virtuous they are to be accepted by the others in their liberal woke circles. Common sense or intelligence are not required to be a woke liberal, Two good examples are Joy Behere and Whoopie Goldburg.

    I believe this is how it all got started here in Vermont. In order to be accepted by other liberals, you must be virtuous in appearance. Having solar panels, an EV in the yard with a coexist sticker and a BLM flag, gets you in. Oh, and I almost forgot, you need two jabs and at least one booster and another one scheduled to attend any gatherings of the group. It’s almost like the Flat Earth society because you must also support climate change, even though our climate changes 4 times each year, whatever. You also must, kind of dislike the police but since you hate guns, you are careful with that one in case you need a cop in a hurry.

    These people, not all but many have a hard time changing a light bulb and have to get the latest mercury free gas filled worthless type that says on the package “do not throw away”, that’s stressful and may trigger other bad memories. Anyway, liberal groups stick together and can’t be bothered with the dirty people who actually work and make things. We have numerous towns in Vermont inhabited by these people. Even though an N95 surgical mask is supposed to be changed every 20 minutes because they retain bacteria, woke liberals wear them all day, alone in their cars, walking in the fresh air and even riding bicycles. As a Vermonter born and raised, I’ve been trying to figure these people out.

    This is just the beginning of my research, but I think I’m on to something here. Invasive species usually destroy their new environment, like Pythons in the Everglades. The invasive woke Vermont (transplanted) liberal is destroying their new environment. We may have to use an antidote to lessen their impact. The treatment available to us normal people is to vote Republican this fall. Do your own research and look at the sky, I don’t see a planet in trouble, but we are in trouble if we allow this progressive cult like voter to win.

    • You can’t just tell people to vote Republican because most of the state thinks that they our voting Republican when they vote for Phil Scott but that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Same with Joe Benning and a handful of others.

      • Brian, I was making a point. Who would you have me tell them to vote for? If you have read any of my comments, you would know that i don’t consider RINOs republicans. So, vote Conservative. Is that better?

      • I was merely fine-tuning your point. Conservative would be much better in my opinion.

    • A big reason people have guns is for self-defense. They know the cops won’t show up on time…if they ever do. To think otherwise is just plain stupid. And you can’t fix stupid.

  3. The left/right paradigm is an illusion created by the Masters. More accrurate is globalist versus humanity. The global criminal synidicate seems to believe they can control all humanity and rid the planet of God – defy the creator and his existence. With that, it should be clear these policies built upon lies is the work of evil. The Devil is a lie. Those who still think this battle, this war, can be won at a polling station, a mail box, or a public meeting is fooling themselves. The globalists are gator rolling with a death grip on the USA – it the last Stand here. Pray without ceasing. Defy and mock these evil demons at ever turn.

  4. Another method for control. I’m sure the long term Vermont politicians feeding at the Montpelier trough will always put themselves first in line for electricity – they’re important.

  5. Says right there in my copy of the Constitution – I have the right to freely travel between states. But if I can’t charge my electric car because there isn’t enough electricity, then I really can’t freely travel, can I?

    What we are witnessing is a rollout of all the things a government would need to do to cripple a society of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 1) Lockdowns. Arrest anyone moving about, especially those who disagree with “the system”. And what about “My body, my choice?” 2) Starve you out. Restrict the food supply or make it so expensive people can’t afford to eat as they should. 3) Freeze you out. Raise the price of heating your house to where you have to decide between food and warmth. 4) Raise the price of gasoline and-or your car. Restrict your movements. An immobile population is an easier to control population. How far is it an electric car goes again? 5) Force-vaccinate you. Make the population sterile until we end up with lower-thinking illegals in the majority. Easier to control. 6) Push insects as food. Because there’s “climate change” and a “lack of fertilizer”. 7) Lower wages (or raise prices… same thing). Either way, you end up having to make choices that, oh, I don’t know, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren never give a second thought to. All the while even more goes to support Ukraine. Do you support that? I don’t. I feel for the Ukranian people, but Ukraine is plain and simple the elites’ money laundering place of choice, as well as the US biolab capital of the world. For that reason alone, I support Putin cleaning the place out.

    And the list could go on and on and on. I won’t even get into the fact that it costs more to build and recycle a battery than fossil fuels cost or how “going green” is the latest scam. Not to mention the grand finale, the last card to play… alien invasion… as Wernher Von Braun revealed on his deathbed.

  6. And they want all of us to drive EV’s by 2030 when we won’t be able to drive in summer heat and anyone on dirt roads can’t drive in mud season with their low to the ground designs. Now, what will they do if we face a lithium shortage?

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