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Update: Independence celebration planned for State House lawn, hours before West African event

by Guy Page

UPDATE to Monday, June 29 post:

Vermont Liberty will hold a traditional Independence Day event Saturday, July 3 from noon-2 pm at the Vermont State House lawn, organizer John Klar announced in a YouTube video. The event will feature patriotic music, speeches and readings. Details are still being determined.

The event was arranged before the City of Montpelier announced it would not hold a traditional fireworks viewing on the State House lawn, due (city officials said) to lack of time to plan such an event during the pandemic. The event is open to the public, all are welcome. It will not “clash” in either timing or temperament with the planned Shidaa observances, which begin at 5 pm.

Yesterday’s post appears below in full:

The traditional watching of Independence Day fireworks from the State House lawn won’t happen this year. In its place, several organizations will offer West African dance and music.

The following is printed verbatim from the Montpelier Alive website:

We have made the extremely difficult decision to once again cancel our regular July 3rd Independence Day Celebration in 2021. 

Though we are encouraged by the notes of optimism from the Governor and others, there is still great uncertainty regarding the pandemic. Events like July 3rd require many months of planning and careful coordination. Unfortunately, there is too much continued uncertainty for us to plan a safe and successful celebration this year. 

Please consider attending the Shidaa Projects July 3rd Celebration on the Statehouse Lawn instead!  Shidaa Projects Inc., a non-profit organization focused on sharing West African Culture through dance, drumming and cultural education, invite you to celebrate Independence Day, as the city of Montpelier returns from the past year of COVID seclusion and inactivity.  

Shidaa will take to the State House Lawn July 3rd from 5-8 pm., with a goal to promote diversity by mobilizing drummers, dancers, and performers across multi-racial lines who share a similar vision to celebrate diversity in our city.  

This evening of music and dancing will include performances by: Stuart Paton and the Burlington Taiko drummers, Akwaaba Dance Ensemble (Manchester, NH), Jeh Kulu Drum and Dance Theater (Burlington), Karl Miller and his group Z-Jaz team (Montpelier) and Other Local Solo performers, including: Sara Grace (Montpelier), Julia Rose Riback (Rutland) and Jason Mallery (Montpelier).   

Photo of Jeh Kelu African music and dance group

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  1. GO John!!!! THANK YOU and I hope you will be running for VT Governor again with the full & complete backing of the VT GOP in EVERY respect!!

    All conservatives need to be vocal re: spreading our “mission” here & stopping the very dangerous & detrimental social engineering going on here that is ruining the state & our nation.

    George Soros: I hope you love hot temps. You’ll be spending eternity in it — believe it or not!

  2. They didn’t have time because of the “Pandemic” to arrange for fireworks but plenty of time for virtue signaling and planning an elaborate event celebrating West-African culture…Sure…..gotcha!

    • You will note that many smaller towns organized Independence Day events including Fireworks, Parades, Band Concerts, Speakers, Flag Presentations, Family and Children’s activities and entertainment, Family picnics, Clowns, Decorating Contests, Competitions, VT Symphony, even a Horse Pulling Contest. All this sponsored by the citizens, businesses and those particularly interested in honoring our Founding Fathers. Everyone was invited, no admissions charged. All this was organized by, directed by and presented by local folks….. for the enjoyment and appreciation of the occasion by all Vermonters and our visitors. Nothing extravagant, no artificial drama, just sincere efforts by everyone for everyone!

  3. Ridiculous. There wasn’t enough time to plan both? Scary what our state/country is coming to

  4. Don’t let the deranged left annoy you. Be proactive and be “We The People”. Go to the NEK for July 4th Island Pond VT is PATRIOTIC and has the BEST firework show in the whole state of Vermont!

  5. Please join us in Montpelier on July 3rd, 2022, where we’ll have our annual reading of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Montpelier’s brave new goal is that by 7/3/23 our high school seniors will be able to recite passages from Mr. Marx’s book from memory. Please let’s all unite to achieve that goal.

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