University of Irasburg returns with pop-up campus after two-year hiatus

by Daniel Duric, Newport Dispatch

IRASBURG — The University of Irasburg is set to return this April after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

The month-long pop-up university, which draws faculty from Irasburg residents and students from around the world, aims to promote learning and community engagement.

The school’s Latin motto, “proximis docens vicini,” translates to “neighbors teaching neighbors,” reflecting the university’s emphasis on bringing together the local community.

The curriculum for this year’s event is still being developed, but will include classes such as “How to Bone a Chicken” and “The Total Solar Eclipse of 2024.”

The university also plans to add a science camp for children in collaboration with Irasburg’s Leach Public Library.

Registration for the University of Irasburg is free, and anyone from around the world is welcome to attend.

Irasburg residents interested in teaching a class are encouraged to contact Assistant Deputy Provost Judith Jackson at (802) 673-5533 or

The pop-up university will take place at various locations around the historic Irasburg common, including the Leach Public Library, the red barn at 4752 Route 14, and the common photo studio.

The semester will conclude with a commencement dinner held in the barn.

For a full list of classes and registration information, visit

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