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Traffic stop neck grab gets Springfield cop permanent ban

By Guy Page

For the second time in less than two months, the Vermont Criminal Justice Council voted to permanently de-certify a Vermont law enforcement officer’s certification. Both de-certifications occurred as a result of actions during a traffic stop. De-certification prevents a cop from working for any Vermont law enforcement agency. 

Former Springfield Police Department  officer, Anthony Moriglioni had his law enforcement certification permanently revoked without the option of re-certification. Moriglioni resigned from the Springfield Police Department in January of 2022 and is no longer working  in law enforcement.

Council documents say that on October 6, 2018, Officer Moriglioni, suspecting the driver of a traffic stop was hiding evidence in his mouth, grabbed the man by the neck in an effort to prevent him from swallowing it:

Officer [Ryan] Prince returned to where Mr. [Michael] Geiger and Officer Moriglioni were standing, and apparently noticed Mr. Geiger may have had something in his mouth, as Officer  Prince asked Mr. Geiger whether he was sucking on a mint. 

Mr. Geiger indicated that he was not. Officer Prince then asked what was in Mr.  Geiger’s mouth, to which Mr. Geiger responded that it was his tongue. 

Officer Prince then asked Mr. Geiger to open his mouth, which Mr. Geiger did but apparently only partially, as Officer Prince then asked Mr. Geiger to open his mouth wider. Officer Moriglioni then grabbed Mr. Geiger’s throat with his right hand and placed his left hand  behind Mr. Geiger’s neck. 

Officer Moriglioni stated that “I’m going to squeeze your throat so you can’t swallow.” While using harsh and profane language, Officer Moriglioni pressed down  on Mr. Geiger’s throat applying pressure and directed Mr. Geiger to spit out into Mr. Geiger’s  hand whatever was in his mouth. 

After roughly 25 seconds of Officer Moriglioni squeezing Mr. Geiger’s throat, Mr. Geiger spit out what appeared to be a small plastic bag. Mr. Geiger was then placed under arrest. 

The report does not specify what, if anything, the bag contained. According to his Facebook page, Moriglioni served with the Springfield PD for 20 years, as a patrol officer, detective, and firearms instructor. He resigned on January 6, 2022, writing that day:

“For those that weren’t aware, I resigned, effective today. I am now officially a civilian again. I will greatly miss being out and about and seeing the great citizens of Springfield, helping when I can. I have learned about many of you, your families and friends, your ups and downs. I have seen many young faces grow up into aspiring young adults. I will miss the conversations around the plaza and various businesses with so many characters, sometimes laughing with and at the change in perspectives between generational gaps. I will miss being on foot patrol and the endless waives in my directions and the soft banter with cars in traffic. I hope to see most of ya, if you recognize me. I must thank my exquisite and understanding wife and our beautiful family. I couldn’t have done it without them. To most of my coworkers, i will miss you. You have no idea how much.”

On September 13, The Vermont Criminal Justice Council permanently decertified former Vermont law enforcement officer Travis Trybulski for “conduct in violation of Williston Police Department policies including Fair and Impartial Policing and Investigative Motor Vehicle Stops, during the course of his duty on February 4, 2021.

On February 4, 2021, Williston Police Officer Trybulski conducted a motor vehicle stop of a Dodge Charger with New York license plates, allegedly coming from a Terrace Avenue home where someone had been repeatedly knocking on the door. He made the stop even though another officer said the driver didn’t match the description of the person knocking on the door, a stipulation and consent order between Trybulski and the State of Vermont said. 

Trybulski then searched the car (with the owner’s consent) despite having no reason to believe there were illegal drugs in the car, the report said.

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  1. What a joke this council is – ruining courageous officer’s lives & imperiling the citizens of VT with less police on the streets – what is YOUR expertise may I inquire? Were you police officers or ex: military – or did you just graduate from UVM or Boston U or Middlebury with a degree in “Cluelessness”?

    THANK YOU Officer Moriglioni for your service to and protection of the people of Vermont.

    THANKS for NOTHING to the “Vermont Criminal Justice Council”.

  2. Thank you officer Modigliani for your service. The state of Vermont- what a joke! Lived in Vermont for 70 years and I am ready to get out. Thanks again Tony and to all of the other officers in Vermont – your job sure is not easy!

  3. Just another Orwellian Ministry in the State of Vermont doing what it does (canceling, banishing, removing people and processes to conform to their own rule) . At some point Vermonters will notice this steady descent into cultural Marxism and authoritative rule where your livelihood, your personal property and your safety are all in jeopardy. However, it’ll probably too late. Good luck.

  4. Soon there will be NOBODY who wants to be an officer in Vermont. Maybe that’s the plan so they can hire illegals as officers like that confused Middlebury chief wanted to do.

  5. No the plan is to force average citizens to defend themselves, then call it the wild west so they can infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. Wake up people!! The rich can afford to hire security, can you ????

    • If it was a bag of fentanyl laced heroin, which it probably was, the choice to choke a dirt bag and get the bag off the street, or let it kill a potential number of people instead seems like an easy one to me. Best for the greater good even.
      Do you really think our prosecutors were gonna sign a warrant to chain him to a hospital bed for two days until he passed it anyway? Nope.
      This officer maybe even saved that man’s life.

    • Yes, the dirty little secret according to a forensic pathologist who testified at the trial and witnesses who observed St. George Floyd ingest drugs, he died of an overdose.
      When a police officer tries to prevent that, can we not give him/her the benefit of the doubt that they are not just trying to prevent the concealing of evidence but are instead trying to save the dirtbag’s life from overdosing? They do take an oath to uphold the Constitution, which most of us ordinary citizens are not required to do. As for the use of “harsh and profane language”, so what? That is common parlance among many in the criminal world and in general. Sometimes the police have to convey the seriousness of the situation when dealing with such miscreants.

  6. Yes, the State found a work-around to defunding police. They appoint unelected puppets to take out career police officers. The weilding of fake power and authority not approved by the People. The incoming boomerang exposes who is tied to the drugs and the money. Many all ready know – it is going to blow the lid off this State.

  7. I regularly chew plastic bags in my car, I do however, make sure they are not labeled “choking hazard, keep away from infants and small children” all the other plastic is ok.

    Maybe this was a left over tide pod and he didn’t get he message…??

    Everybody is chewing plastic bags in Vermont, it’s to save the environment, haven’t you seen this on face book?

    What I can’t figure out is why he didn’t just tell the officer, “oh, yeah, I’m chewing this plastic bag to save the environment.” He would have let him go, it’s not illegal to chew plastic after all.

    • trying to save a man’s life, perhaps because he thought he might overdose on his home made tide pod, filled with?????

      Oh, yeah, I forgot, everybody is chewing plastic bags and fearing arrest for being found out……….how silly of my to forget the abject fear of being arrested for chewing and swallowing plastic bags, knowing full well the penalty for being caught doing this 15-20 years in prison.

  8. Suppose Moriglioni did not prevent him from swallowing the bag, and the perp suffocates on said bag… they would accuse him of not saving his life. Moriglioni is better off where he is.

  9. Meanwhile the marxists who run the State of Vermont these days formulate more policies to reduce police protection while at the same time putting more restrictions on the ability of the citizenry to access basic tools of self defense…insidious. We vote for this. It defies explanation.

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