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Williston cop’s drug search of NY car gets him decertified

Officer Travis Trybulski in 2020 Williston Fire Dept. Facebook photo

By Guy Page

On September 13, The Vermont Criminal Justice Council permanently decertified former Vermont law enforcement officer Travis Trybulski for “conduct in violation of Williston Police Department policies including Fair and Impartial Policing and Investigative Motor Vehicle Stops, during the course of his duty on February 4, 2021.”

According to a legal agreement between Trybulski and the State of Vermont, the incident involved his decision to stop and search for drugs (with the owner’s approval) a car with New York license plates. 

The decertification vote, which bars Trybulski from working as a cop in Vermont, was nearly unanimous, a VCJC statement said. Trybulski had been a certified Vermont cop since 2009 but left the Williston PD sometime after the February 4 incident. The September 13 vote followed an agreement by Trybulski to not challenge the Council’s jurisdiction in the case.

The public paper trail against Trybulski begins with a March 9 “Giglio” letter sent to Williston PD Chief Patrick Foley by Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George, declaring she would no longer call him as a witness: “The incidents highlighted in the investigation show violations of the Fair and Impartial Policing policy through a clear pattern of profiling and bias. Therefore, I am unwilling to call him as a witness and will not accept any criminal cases from him going forward.”

The September 13 decertification will be sent to several national police databases, including the National Decertification Index, a national registry of police officers whose law enforcement credentials have been revoked due to misconduct.

There is a baffling lack of public information about what Trybulski reportedly did to earn the decertification. However, an online source contains a “stipulation and consent order” between Trybulski and the State of Vermont that outlines some of the details.

On February 4, 2021, Williston Police Officer Trybulski conducted a motor vehicle stop of a Dodge Charger with New York license plates, allegedly coming from a Terrace Avenue home where someone had been repeatedly knocking on the door. He made the stop even though another officer said the driver didn’t match the description of the person knocking on the door, the consent order said. 

Trybulski then searched the car (with the owner’s consent) despite having no reason to believe there were illegal drugs in the car, the report said. 

In the stipulation and consent order, Trybulski admits no wrong-doing, nor even the accuracy of the facts presented, but agrees to give the Council jurisdiction “to resolve this matter without further time, expense and uncertainty.”

Nothing in the known public record shows any previous black marks against Trybulski. A 2018 photo in the Williston Observer shows him being recognized for 10 years of service. 

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  1. The tiniest of infractions eliminates an officer, the largest of infractions is never enough to incarcerate a criminal. Project the math into the future.

  2. Hmmm….sounds like a race card being played. What a shame to lose good officers to nonsense politics. It’s not like we don’t need them….right Burlington.

    Watch out folks….this is what the Great Purge looks like.

  3. “There is a baffling lack of public information about what Trybulski reportedly did to earn the decertification”.
    Enough said?
    Guess we’ll never know if drugs were found, eh?
    Ahem, and BTW – the word is out to avoid New Orleans, LA.
    Ya might not want to call the city PD as it appears you might not get through.
    If you are fortunate enough to speak with a ‘human’ voice – nothing racist meant here – the arrival time for an officer at the scene is as much as 2 hours.
    How many officers is Burlington down to now?

    • I think we have a right to know if drugs were found and if so then who had them…..there is more to this story than meets the eye……

  4. Okay, so the only details we get is that this guy is a convicted Racist. Forgive me for not immediately believing such charges these days. I’d love to see the evidence myself.

  5. Sarah George is why Mubarak is dead. She jumped through every hoop to keep Abdiaziz from being locked up EVERY SINGLE TIME he committed violence in this community.

  6. Not enough info but I’d guess white cop stopped and searched (with permission) car of blacks from NY for drugs and a complaint was filed. Cop now deemed “racist “ and had to go. I’m assuming he had a reason to want to search the car but no matter. The US staff at the US/Canadian border did a thorough search of my car once, plus all of our handbags etc and we’re all white; they were quite nasty about it too but given that we were all white I guess I couldn’t get them fired!

    • And the small fact that you consented to the search the moment you entered the Port of Entry- hence the signs and all, but let’s not get hung up on that stuff…

      • And you consent to having your vehicle searched when you get a license. Stop changing the subject.

  7. Take a look at who sits on this unelected and illegitimate council:
    https://vcjc.vermont.gov/council/members – Xusana Davis is one. All of these unelected councils dictate to Vermont taxpayers how we will be made to live in this State. Our taxpayer money used to push their anti-American agendas – this is not freedom – this is straight up facism!

  8. This (decertification based on policy) should be beyond the council’s authority. They should only be concerned with the basic and annual training.

  9. Sounds like Sarah George is a little bias herself. As a Chittenden Country AG to declare “I will not call him as a witness”. Problem – you bet ! But don’t worry, I am confident George will let a few more (REAL) criminals free before she is replaced.

  10. Sad end to a career.

    Cops are guilty and repeat criminals are all innocent

    Another victime of Sarah George,”Prosecutor”
    Cops presumed guilty, and criminals to be coddled and ‘reformed’

  11. I have experienced abuse of my rights throughout my life. By police and others. Because I was not a recognized minority, nothing has been done.
    The search was voluntary.

    • Where is it stated that the search was voluntary ? As a conservative i support the Fourth Amendment which forbids arbitrary search and siezure.