Townsend: Solutions for school bathroom problem

By Wayne Townsend

I am against allowing any male or female child going into opposite bathroom or locker rooms within our schools and in public places. 

We build and finance our schools to educate our children, not to push personal ideologies onto our children and confuse  them of what gender or sex they are. It’s a known fact that when children are born, they are given a birth certificate of their gender. I think we need to let our children be children up until they’re 18. Then they can decide for themselves who they are. It would be simple if our schools would hold the gender indicated on their birth certificate. 

As to which bathroom or locker room they should use – the male bathroom has both urinals and stalls. So male children thinking they are other than male could use a stall if they didn’t want to stand up to pee. 

I think we could put together some simple legislation protecting parental rights to have a say in what is taught to their children, and also making this issue at hand simpler. We all know that we have to live in the communities together with people that think and act differently than we do. That is not an issue. But when it affects the safety of our children we will not stand for it.

The author is a Randolph resident and Republican candidate for the Orange-Washington-Addison House district. 

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  1. Thank you, Wayne Townsend, for the breath of fresh air and common sense you bring to this situation. I’m sure the majority of Vermont parents agree.

  2. “Solutions for school bathroom problem” So how come we have a problem with school bathrooms all of a sudden ? Who (what’s) the problem ? We never had one before wokeism. Yet another example of the old truism “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”!

  3. While nothing Mr. Townsend states is untrue – the issue at hand is FAR more sinister than how public restrooms are typically apportioned. Sadly, this gender-bender fiasco has nothing to do with urinals or stalls, for if it were – the matter could be settled with relative ease. In much of Asia, as just an example, female restrooms are equipped with urinals specifically designed for females so that girls/women do indeed “pee standing up” (as referenced above.) Such are found in the states as well, but with much less frequency. In the military too, many stations/facilities have been retrofitted to provide unisex urinals so both sexes can use them interchangeably. In locales in many European nations, public bathrooms have always been unisex & both genders utilize them with apparent comfort within those cultures. But none of this is about restrooms per se.

    What we have here are children being used as pawns by adults in varied walks of life who inevitably achieve some semblance of twisted sexual gratification within a society/culture that has largely abandoned mores. We witness now adult males performing obscene, oversexualized dance routines in front of children whilst labelling what they are doing as “story hours” at public libraries. We have once “trusted” adults in public schools instructing kids that they can somehow defy DNA and “choose” their own gender, thereby indirectly enabling them to then engage in voyeurism against classmates by entering spaces they were not previously permitted such as school locker rooms. We have teachers instructing students as young as five or six about the “enjoyment” and “normality” of performing same-sex oral and anal sex on each other – all with the aid of veritable instruction manuals replete with pictures being marketed as children’s reading materials.

    Don’t underestimate the deviousness that denying reality and science shall “engender” (so to speak) and how this is being undertaken to further very deliberately create mass confusion, obliterate moral ethics, extinguish religion and faith and usher in the new “liberal world order” which Joe Biden prematurely spoke of at the U.N. in late June of this year. Just two days ago on a podcast, Whoopi Goldberg referred to a fetus as a “toxic thing” inside a woman’s womb, and recently a physician testified in front of Congress that “men can become pregnant, though it’s currently “rare”. We are dealing with a sickness that has pervaded our culture and requires emergent vanquishing.

  4. A former OSSU superintendent once repeated a common phrase to me, “Charlie”, he said: “you can’t legislate morality” – now we are finding out that we can legislate immorality. I’m voting for Wayne Townsend

  5. There are valid reasons that societies have traditionally segregated certain activities and venues by sex, and the criteria has always been anatomical. Most of us “western” cultures are perfectly ok with segregating most sports, changing facilities and bathrooms, and our prison system, and this is mostly done for the protection of women. Now that we are supposed to regard “gender” as a social construct and a matter of personal psychology, that shouldn’t change the anatomical standard for those venues. It’s not complicated.

  6. Couldn’t agree more. We should be teaching the harm of “the pecking order” way more so. Nature sets the path (albeit I question the harms to our genetics our current environment imparts) and puberty really should be realized as the tumultuous time that it is and maybe even broadened upon – it’s apparent the ideals currently in place are in many ways short sighted and easily forgotten/looked over. Mindfulness is a very big and helpful ideal.

    • The permeation of combined, toxic, ideals of promoting of impulse buying and the customer is always right are two things we might want to start reconsidering. Everything that shouldn’t be moving too fast unfortunately does – due to our own impatience.

  7. The problem is in determining what we are ‘supposed to’ regard, or ‘supposed to’ teach, or ‘supposed to’ do, or ‘supposed to’ think. This entire issue would resolve itself if parents were allowed to choose the education process that best meets the needs of their own children. With that choice, parents could abide by some form of governance, or their chosen culture or faith, or one of infinite other social orders that may come to mind. But the fact that I, for example, agree with you, shouldn’t give either of us the right to force any ideology on someone else or some other group – UNLESS of course the actions of one, or one group, breaches the constitutional rights of others.

    As it is, the public-school monopoly breaches our constitutional rights in virtually every way possible by its mere existence.

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