Toborg: Not just one way to vote pro-life

To the editor: James Sexton (“Pro-life leader explains support for Nolan,” July 29) seems to think that there is only one way for conscientious pro-life people to vote in the upcoming primary election. But is that really true?

The most important issue that has ever faced pro-lifers in Vermont is on the ballot in November – whether to enshrine unlimited, unregulated abortion in our Vermont constitution. If Article 22 passes, not only will it prevent the Legislature from ever protecting even a single unborn child from abortion, it will open the door to forcing doctors and nurses to participate in abortions or lose their licenses, minors being able to make all sorts of “reproductive” decisions without parental knowledge and consent, and crisis pregnancy centers being put out of business if they won’t make abortion referrals.

So the question becomes, what is the best strategy to defeat this amendment in November? There are many pro-life people who believe that Christina Nolan winning the Senate primary will provide a better chance to defeat Prop 5/Article 22 in November. Why? Because her candidacy would focus attention on late-term abortion, and make it clear that pro-choice people can and do oppose Prop 5/Article 22. That is where the public discussion needs to be focused in the coming months. It is going to take the votes of both pro-life and pro-choice people to defeat this constitutional amendment.

A senate candidate who cheered the overturn of Roe v. Wade, saying the issue should be decided by the states, who then flipped and said he would support legislation at the federal level to outlaw abortion, cannot keep the focus where it needs to be if Prop 5/Article 22 is to be defeated. A candidate who says he has a “no exceptions” position on abortion (not even for the life of the mother?) will reinforce the talking points of the abortion lobby, and make it more difficult to attract the votes needed to defeat Prop 5/Article 22. I’m sure the abortion lobby would be thrilled to see Christina Nolan defeated in the primary.

This, of course, is not the first time in the history of the movement that sincere pro-life people have disagreed about the best strategy to pursue to achieve our pro-life goals. Perhaps in his limited experience with the pro-life movement, Mr. Sexton has not encountered such disagreements before. Instead of recognizing that sometimes pro-life people come to different conclusions about the best course of action, Mr. Sexton has chosen to publicly denigrate and vilify those who do not agree with him. That is not the way to advance the pro-life cause and defeat Prop 5/Article 22 in November.

-While I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Vermont Right to Life Committee, the opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the organization. Sharon Toborg, Barre

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  1. Thank you for continuing the discussion Mrs. Toborg.
    First, can I ask how you know anything about my ” limited experience with the Pro Life movement ”
    past or present ?
    While you’re at it, feel free to tell us all how you know my personal history with the loss of unborn lives.
    Feel free to tell us how I Publicly denigrated anyone. Does not God require us to fight for the most innocent ?
    Feel free to tell us all how the person that stands up for every unborn life will make it more likely that Article 22 will pass.
    Is it because you fear to stand against this evil with every fiber of your being ?
    I’m not being judgmental towards you Mrs. Toborg, I just want to know at what point do you decide to give in to those who choose to murder the most innocent at any stage.
    But more importantly, at what point do you think your opinion of how to fight for the most innocent is better than someone else’s choice of how to fight for them ?
    Feel free to explain how Ms. Nolan will be the Warrior we need to fight Prop 5 / Article 22, when she openly admits over 99% of the unborn aren’t worth fighting for.

    I have no idea if the abortion lobby will be will be thrilled to see Ms. Nolan defeated or not, but I will be. Because she is not the person to represent Real VT Republicans. She has proven that multiple times by not adhering to the VTGOP Platform with her positions.
    I have encountered such disagreements before, from those who justify abortion in the first trimester by saying it isn’t ” That bad. ”
    And then I ask them, Is it OK to kill a Baby at 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months ?
    You can’t be Pro Life part time.

    I am not the face of Vermont Right to Life, Mary Beerworth is. Not only has she chosen to support Ms. Nolan, she told others on her social media page that she did, and then she suggested that others support and endorse Ms. Nolan.
    I did not denigrate Ms. Nolan, I informed others what Ms. Nolan stated during the VPR Senatorial debate. She supports abortion thru the 2nd trimester, which takes the life of over 99% of the unborn. She also stated she would work to codify Roe V Wade if elected.
    Both of which are absolute evil and against everything Pro Lifer’s should stand for, not endorse.

    Oh, while your accusation of me having ” limited experience with the Pro Life movement ” may not have intentionally meant to be denigrating, it most certainly appears to be a shot at me personally.
    You also questioned whether Mr. Malloy would never agree to abortion, in your words, ( even for the life of the Mother ? )
    The definition of denigrating in both cases.
    But instead of licking my wounds, I will continue to fight for every unborn life. Because I will never justify not fighting for 99% of them.

  2. Sharon Toborg says Christina Nolan’s “candidacy would focus attention on late-term abortion, and make it clear that pro-choice people can and do oppose Prop 5/Article 22.”

    Sharon Toborg’s support for Christina Nolan demonstrates stunningly poor judgment and an abject betrayal of core Right to Life principles and render her unfit for any position of VRLC leadership. She should immediately resign from the Board.

  3. I’m really surprised and saddened to hear this position coming from a Board Member of the Vermont Right to Life. Is the new goal and vision of the Vermont Right to Life, ” We’ll lower the standard and hope to get something?”

    I believe Christina Nolan’s Candidacy has revealed who is REALLY genuinely Pro-life and who isn’t. REAL Pro-lifers don’t waver, because they DO TRULY BELIEVE a human life and soul begins at conception. REAL Pro-lifers stand firm even when it means disagreement with a family member or someone they love.

    Which one of us has not had to disagree respectfully with a friend, family member or child on a matter of personal belief or conviction? It seems the whole of the Right to Life Leadership has betrayed those of us who have trusted them and worked with them over the years. They have caved and morphed their beliefs in order to support Christina Nolan, because they don’t have the courage to oppose her candidacy for her position on abortion.

    What is Christina Nolan going to do for protecting the lives of human babies if she is elected? She believes in open and unrestricted abortion through the second trimester! As Jim Sexton has stated, that’s the majority of abortions!

    I’m really sad for those of you in the Vermont Right to Life Leadership and for the Organization as a whole. It’s inevitable that your newly revealed and diluted position on the protection of human life, will reap the many negative consequences it sows.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking and believing that Vermont Right to Life would always Stand Strong for Life First.

  4. I thank Sharon Toberg for what she has shared, and Mary Beerworth for her steadfast work for so many years defending life with absolute commitment and skill. I — along with a small number of others — have been a steadfast voice for prolife issues in the legislature over many years and am being opposed for reelection on that basis. I agree with them that the single most important issue this year is to prevent Article 22 from passing. It enshrines ALL abortion into our constitution. All prolifers should oppose it as their highest priority. But in addition, because “all abortion” includes third trimester, which many pro-choice voters oppose, making them aware of that is the key to gaining a majority to defeat the amendment. It is being successfully sold to the public as a measure to protect the rights created in Roe v Wade, which is false advertising. People have a right to know what they are voting on. That awareness is critical. Helping create that awareness in no way is turning one’s back on all fundamental life values. It is, to the contrary, supporting the hoped-for end result, which in this case, should be what “pro-choice” wants as well, even if for different reasons.

    • Ms. Donahue,

      You haven’t answered the main questions of this debate. Since late term abortion is already legal in Vermont up to the moment a baby is born, why is the Vermont Right to Life Campaign messaging about late term abortion?

      In reality shouldn’t the messaging to defeat Article 22 in Vermont be: “Unrestricted abortion up to the time of birth is already legal in Vermont through Act 47 passed in 2019. Don’t enshrine unrestricted abortion into the Vermont Constitution?”

      Also, why is Vermont Right to Life supporting Candidate, Christina Nolan when she is for abortion through the second trimester? The first and second trimesters encompass the highest percentage of abortions overall.

      Specifically, what will Christina Nolan do for unborn Lives if she is elected in the Primary and on the Ballot in November?

      Specifically, how will Christina Nolan’s position on abortion through the second trimester help to defeat Article 22?

      We would ALL appreciate answers to these questions.

    • I am so incredibly saddened by those who want us to completely ignore the fact that Ms. Nolan is an enemy of the unborn and a champion for those who want abortion codified in the Constitution.

      At what point will those who are supposed to defend life from the moment of conception actually step up and fight the good fight instead of making nonsensical insinuations that ” Ms. Nolan will be the Warrior we must have to defeat Article 22 ” ?

      Knowing your enemy is one thing.
      Watching people that are supposed to be defenders of the unborn continue to make excuses for a liberal in Republican clothing is heartbreaking.

      I have been fighting against those who voted for and support Prop 5 / Article 22. Governor Scott has a 100% rating rating from planned parenthood and says he will vote for it. Senator Benning voted for it twice in the legislature as a State Senator and in Rockingham a few weeks ago said he vote for it in November. State Representatives Beck, Leffler, Sheueurmann, Walker and Martin all voted for it. I call them out every chance I get. But VTGOP Chairman Dame and Rules Committee Chair Koch have defended them and continue to do so.
      Christina Nolan won’t fight them.
      I fight for them all day everyday. Just like I have been doing for years.
      Article 22 must be defeated, and you are banking on someone who said over 99% of the unborn don’t matter.

    • Please check out Gerald Malloy, I have been working with him from the beginning of his campaign. 100% Pro Life and 100% Constitutional. A Real Republican who says what he believes and stands behind his words.
      Proud to work with him, more proud to call him and Stacey our friends.

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