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‘Threats’ against Prog Barre politician? Evidence says no

By Guy Page

Two days after Barre resident Brian Judd and a handful of volunteers raised a big American flag over Barre City Hall Park City Park on 9/11 without permission from the Progressive-led City Council, flag critic and Ward One Councilor Emel Cambel told the Barre Police Department ‘threats’ had been made against her in connection with the event. 

However, documents and phone recordings produced by Barre police show the Progressive councilor’s claim is untrue. Cambel did receive a bevy of citizen complaints for calling the 30’ x20’ U.S. flag “intimidating,” among her other eye-raising statements, at a Sept. 7 City Council meeting. 

Cambel was told by investigating officer Deputy Chief Larry Eastman none of the complaints were threatening. 

Below, see the Sept. 15 police report compiled by Deputy Chief Eastman:

Here’s the audio file of the actual phone call:

After media exposure to her comments, Cambel also received several emails to her official city email address, which is published at the city website. Last names are withheld at Vermont Daily Chronicle discretion, because the emails were produced by BPD following a Freedom of Information Act public records request. Here’s a short note from Dennis:

“Ashamed to fly the American flag? Another weak-knee pansy Vermont liberal.”

Scott, a retired Army sergeant, took offense at her implied insult to those who have served in the military:

“I cannot believe your thought process on displaying the flag. I am appalled anyone needs to ask permission to fly the American flag that so many service members died for to give you the rights you have today. I am a combat veteran and you basically slapped me in the face. I hope you step down from your position. You are not worthy of it. I hope all the media jumps all over this situation.”

The following excerpts from a lengthy letter came from Rich, leader of a Barre civic group and self-described Democrat:

“I’m deeply troubled, bothered, hurt, frustrated, angered and disgusted…..Not being able to take the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 as a separate event and honor it by hanging a flag to show support for the nearly 3000 innocent victims of that day is honestly appalling. The flag was used as a unifying symbol on 9/11 and moving forward from it, people in this country rallied behind it and put aside any differences in color, race, gender and politics to show support and rally to those that were lost. I feel as though you are overlooking what the flag meant to so many people during that time. 

“Also, Councilor Campbell, your use of the term “hostage” when describing how you felt is an absolute slap in the face to the three planes full of people who were literally held hostage and lost their lives because of the events of that day. I would hope in the days since you have had time to reflect on that term and will issue an apology to the families and loved ones who lost people from those plane crashes.” 

Robert from South Burlington called Cambel out as a “coward” who is “unfit for public office,” in part because she fears the U.S. flag but insists Barre fly the Black Lives Matter pennant.  

“I am writing to express my profound gratitude to Brian Judd for defying you and the other Barre city councilors who could not muster the civility to approve his more than reasonable request to raise our flag on September 11.  There comes a time when “government” becomes so corrupt that civil disobedience such as this is the only alternative.  To think one must disobey his government in order to raise the American flag is incomprehensible.  Shame on you and the other cowards whose silence spoke so loudly.

“If you are indeed intimidated by a large American flag, that may be well worth looking into.  I rue that people unfit for public office are the same people most keenly interested in occupying such offices.

“I note that you are a proponent of flying the Black Lives Matter flag.  To use your position to promote that flag while simultaneously denying a permit to fly the US flag is authoritarian, and unacceptable. I look forward to hearing of your resignation, or sound defeat in the next election.”

At least one writer resorted to crude language:

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Please resign and move out of the greatest country ever. Communist liberals is what made me leave Vermont. F–k off.” 

James, a longtime Barre resident, wrote: 

“I’m a Barre resident since 1971. I have served our nation for 34 years. Your comments at the City Council meeting about our nation’s Flag and the denial of a 9/11…..are not worthy of dialogue or any discourse. You do need to resign from your position and  please leave our city alone. It’s a shame that people like you are in any position of leadership.”

 There are a few more letters. All take Cambel to task for her statements and inaction, and none are threatening – unless what she considers ‘threatening’ are calls for her resignation or getting tossed out of office by the voters “threatening.”

Cambel was elected to her Ward One seat this March, replacing Republican John Steinmann, who chose not to run. She defeated Republican Timothy Boltin. 

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  1. Guess what? These false claims by politicos of receiving threats from the constituency & then reporting them to the police (the very agency they want to “defund”) was used by VT legislators back last November when their constituents wrote to them & called them regarding their concerns over the fraudulent election and possible voter fraud in VT.

    They essentially labelled all the concerns as “threats” inasmuch as Vermonters were essentially supporting President Trump (a sitting U.S. President!) & questioning the government – and all their/our names were turned into the POLICE as well. Like this case – none were deemed whatsoever threatening, but…….

    **What they are attempting to do here obviously is use the police against the public as in the ol’ USSR, and get people afraid to resist the government – as our Constitution of course allows and actually calls for us to do!

    Hey CAMBEL: I wrote you too! And am STILL writing here: hope you see it! You are a Marxist pathetic coward who should be ashamed of her actions and who most consider a traitor! Need a one way ticket to China? I’m buying! Make sure to turn this into the cops you so loathe too.

  2. Obviously Ms. Cambel feels threatened by things others accept as mere comment and criticism.
    However, as an elected politician she ought have thicker skin- or she is gaslighting for attention and future votes. If she chooses to be a politician, such is the result of her comments and actions.
    It is baffling how one could be intimidated by the Stars and Stripes, and for what this flag represented on September 11 2001 and September 11 2021. On those two days, more than any other in our lifetimes- The Stars and Stripes represent the Unity, Resolve and Bond we have as citizens of the USA. It represented the lives of over three thousand people that perished that day in 2001 as well as the many thousands that gave their lives after- in military service or as responders to the events of that day. A simple and important reminder to honor those that gave all.
    Perhaps for Barre’s ward one, it’d be best if she were replaced next election.

  3. Dear Emel Cambel,

    Will you please explain why you choose to live in a Country that you hate?

    Also, why do choose to hold a position in the Government of the Country you live in and hate?

    Did you lie to the people you are supposed to represent and serve when you took an Oath to Support and Defend the State and Federal Constitutions?

    Are you an insurrectionist trying to overthrow the United States Constitutional Republic?

    You are accountable to THE PEOPLE. It’s their job to hold you accountable.

    We would like to have your answers our questions.

    Thank you.

  4. Just try and remember that the default position of leftist/liberal/ progressives like Ms. Cambel is that of being a victim. It should come as no shock that she claimed to be a victim . . . it is the default go to. In fact, her initial claim was feeling victimized and/or intimidated by the display of the U.S. flag. Good grief . . .

  5. I’m no “flag waver”. I have my own ideas about it.
    That being said, we have rights to disagree with each other and not appease particular sensitivities. I won’t salute the flag. That doesn’t mean that no one else has a right so to do!

    • Flying the United States Flag and/or saying the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t mean we are a perfect Country with no flaws or mistakes. It speaks to what we aim for and can Believe in together; the Principles of Equal Freedom and Equal Justice for All.

  6. What do you suppose would have been the reaction on December 7th 1961 if on the 20th anniversary of Pearl Harbor some chicken s___, anti American had of stated that they did not feel comfortable with flying a large American flag ? I think that the Greatest Generation may have had something to say about it. Our generation ? God help us …….

  7. Cambel is unfit for any office in America. Since she hates America, she can take a one-way ticket to China and live under that Flag. She should be ashamed of herself.

    We The People are the engine of American Society. We will Not stand for Communism, Marxism or any other kind of “ism”. We are the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” Time for Peaceful Civil Disobedience. Go On Strike, Walk Out, Boycott, Get Fired, Stand Up and have Courage. No Weaklings. Time is Now.

    The TRUTH Will Prevail.

    Wave the American Flag High and Proud on your land and in your Town!

    Liberty is from God not men.

  8. All of Vermont will be like burlington before too long with all these gutless progressive woke moonbats gaining political power from a mindless group of lazy cradle to grave seeking populace.

  9. Typical dumbocrat/progressive left wing radical if the response doesn’t meet their agenda they cry racism or just down right lie.

    Love it when they get caught in their own puke

  10. Yes, and all this. So what about the rest of the council? Barre city’s history of old democratic hacks only now they call themselves progressives. This whole council should resign in shame, but progressives are incapable of shame. It’s the only victim adjective they don’t use in their never ending state of being triggered by anything truly American. The city clerk is one of the most unfriendly of the Barre group think. The whole state is full of this trash. They came here, they took over our institutions, our schools and our governments. It’s now past time to throw them all out of their positions. Some of these people are just miserable and want to pass it on to you and yours. I ask anyone, what have they done to make this state better and what have they done to make Barre better? We either turn this around or surrender to the madness. Thank you for raising the flag against these evil progressive hacks. God Bless America!

  11. Thank you to all that took the time to express their love for our flag. We certainly need more people willing to stand up for the flag and what it stands for. Those who don’t have no right to be representing the good people in this great country.

  12. Ms. Cambel has a profound misunderstanding of our First Amendment. I hope Barre voters note that she views any speech she doesn’t like as a “threat.” Come on Barre. You’re better than electing activist losers like this.

  13. The comrads on the Barre City Council are using a script handed down to radical left circles around the USA. A council person in Washington State used the exact same words regarding displaying the American flag – offensive and intimidating. They are incapable of original thought. They are incapable of formulating or engaging in fact based debates without invoking or displaying emotional hysteria. They are pathetically insecure and use bully tactics (gaslighting and projection) to get their way every time. They are woefully incompetent and lack essential skills to govern or lead anyone or anything. This war will not end well for them. They will be thrown to the wolves when their usefullness ceases.

    • Melissa, nailed it! I also believe some of these clowns are following script, including school boards equity/CRT scripts which are out of the NEA/BLM playbook. Problem is, there doesn’t seem to be many brave conservative (or at least non-progressive) souls tossing their hats into local elections and if they do they could likely find themselves losing by a few votes, as what happened to Mr. Judd. So Kudos, bow and scrape 🙂 to the brave ones that are considering.. Time to take out the trash.

  14. Remember:
    This is one example of one Vermont Elected Official’s position and point of view. Observe and evaluate the behaviors and positions of those holding the highest state offices, positions in the legislature and town governments.

    If you do, you’ll see that many, many more in our state hold this same elitist, power-hungry, tyrannical mindset. Freedom loving Vermonters need to work together to VOTE THEM OUT!!

  15. Poor Baby ! She felt intimidated by a flag. Calls herself a Progressive because she is too dishonest to say what she really is, a COMMUNIST.

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